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Implementation Workgroup: Current Activities and Next Steps.

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1 Implementation Workgroup: Current Activities and Next Steps

2 Member List Elizabeth Johnson, Co-Chair, Tenet Healthcare Corp. Cris Ross, Co-Chair, Mayo Clinic Robert Anthony, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Robert Barker, NextGen Healthcare Kevin Brady, NIST Anne Castro, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Simon P. Cohn, Kaiser Permanente Tim Cromwell,Veterans Affairs John Derr, Golden Living, LLC Carol Diamond, Markle Foundation Timothy Gutshall, Iowa HIT Regional Extension Center Joseph Heyman, Whittier IPA David Kates, NAVINET Tim Morris, Emory University Nancy Orvis, Department of Defense Steven Palmer, Texas Health/Human Services Commission Wes Rishel, Gartner, Inc. Kenneth Tarkoff, RelayHealth John Travis, Cerner Micky Tripathi, MA eHealth Collaborative Ex-Officio Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology 2

3 Overview Test Scenario Development 2014 Test Methods Timeline 2014 Test Methods: Public Review and Comment IWG Next Steps 3

4 Unit Based Test Procedures Current Test Procedures employ a unit based testing module where each criteria is tested individually. Testing data nor results are forwarded onto any other tests for that product Development Methodology: Unit Based Testing 4

5 Development Methodology Scenario Based Test Procedures Proposed Test Procedures will employ scenario based testing where results and data is forwarded onto test for that product Development Methodology: Scenario Based Testing 5

6 Development Methodology Scenario Based Test Procedures Scenario Based Test Procedures will be modularly developed so that individual tests can be skipped for products which do not have that capability Development Methodology: Scenario Based Testing 6

7 Test Scenario Development Development Approach –Reflects a typical clinical workflow in multiple care settings –Allows persistence of data elements Provides a model for data threading between different certification criterion and various destinations within an EHR –Maintains testing flexibility (e.g. add/remove “unit test”) Types –Medication Management– Outpatient –Emergency Department– Inpatient 7

8 Test Scenario Development Process –Develop clinically plausible workflow –Current Testing Scenarios based on 2011 Edition Certification Criteria –Reevaluate against 2014 Edition Certification Criteria 8

9 Test Scenario Example PDF of Medication Management Test Scenario Review 9

10 Findings Scenario-based testing can be used to test EHRs Complexities in specific individual tests and testing data will yield difficulty in scenario testing Complexity, and cost-benefit will be evaluated further to determine next steps 10

11 2014 Test Method Timeline OCTNOVAUGSEPTDEC JAN Public Comment Period Technical Workshop (public) 11/13/12 – 11/15/12 8/23/2012 9/711/15 W2 W3 W4 9/7 9/14 9/21 9/28 W5 10/17 W1 9/7 9/21 W2 9/149/28 W3 9/21 10/5 W4 9/28 10/12 W5 10/1710/31 Test Procedures Revised 9/21 11/30 2014 Test Procedures Posted 12/14/2012 LRI 10/31 LRI 10/3111/14 National Coordinator Approval 12/3 12/7 10/5 A1 10/510/19 12/712/14 2014 Scope Expansion for ACBs and ATLs DRAFT Workshop 12/14/2012 2014 Certification Begins 1/2/201 A2 10/31 12/1 10/2/12 – 10/4/12 Technical Workshop (ATL/ACB) Test Scenarios Reviewed/revised 12/7 On-going 2014 Test Method Timeline 11

12 2014 Test Method (TPs, TD, TTs) Public Comment: Wave 1 Release Date: 9/7/2012 (Comment Period: 9/7/12 – 9/21/12) –170.314(a)(1)Computerized provider order entry –170.314(a)(4)Vital signs, body mass index, and growth charts. –170.314(a)(5)Problem List –170.314(a)(6)Medication List –170.314(a)(7)Medication allergy list –170.314(a)(10)Drug formulary checks –170.314(a)(11)Smoking status –170.314(a)(15)Patient-specific education resources –170.314(a)(17)Inpt setting only - advance directives –170.314(d)(5)Automatic log-off –170.314(d)(8)Integrity –170.314(d)(9)Optional-accounting of disclosures –170.314(f)(1)Immunization Information –170.314(f)(2)Transmission to immunization registries –170.314(f)(2)TOOL ONLY - Immunization Registry (IIS) 12

13 2014 Test Method (TPs, TD, TTs) Public Comment: Wave 2 Release Date: 9/14/2012 (Comment Period: 9/14/12 – 9/28/12) –170.314(a)(3)Demographics –170.314(a)(9)Electronic notes –170.314(a)(13)Family health history –170.314(a)(14)Patient list creation –170.314(d)(6)Emergency access –170.314(f)(5)Amb setting only—cancer case information –170.314(f)(6)Amb setting only—transmission to cancer registries –170.314(f)(6)TOOL ONLY - CDA Validation (Cancer Registry) 13

14 IWG Next Steps Test Scenarios –Incorporate 2014 Certification Criteria –Review against 2014 Test Procedures 2014 Test Procedures –Provide input on the draft Test Procedures 14

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