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ISO Task Controller Lecture 9 Task Controller – Part 3

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1 ISO 11783 Task Controller Lecture 9 Task Controller – Part 3
ISO Part 10 BAE Spring 2009 Instructor: Marvin Stone Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Oklahoma State University April 6, 2009 BAE

2 FMIS to MICS to FMIS communication
FMIS -> MICS communication and back is based on data transfer files XML data transfer files Formatted as XML version 1.0 and coded in UTF-8 Optional binary-coded data files for: gridcell definitions logged process data All files are in the same directory. Coding data and task data stored in the same set of XML files upon transmission from FMIS to the MICS. During processing of tasks by the task controller, these files are likely to be modified and, when tasks are finished, can be transferred back to the FMIS. April 6, 2009 BAE

3 Origination and modification of Task Data
Modified Task Data are added to the Taskdata file by the MICS (Task Controller and transported back to the desktop April 6, 2009 BAE

4 Main XML coded data transfer file
Case sensitive names File Name TASKDATA.XML Root element ISO 11783_TaskData Recommended location in a directory named “TASKDATA” Structure example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ISO11783_TaskData VersionMajor="..." VersionMinor="..." TaskControllerManufacturer="..." TaskControllerVersion="..." ManagementSoftwareManufacturer="..." ManagementSoftwareVersion="...“ xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="… " DataTransferOrigin="..."> </ISO11783_TaskData> April 6, 2009 BAE

5 Prescription transfer FMIS to MICS
April 6, 2009 BAE

6 Log file transfer from MICS to FMIS
CTR = Customer April 6, 2009 BAE

7 XML element types and acronyms
Examples: XML element designator Coding data XML element name AllocationStamp ASP CodedComment X CCT CodedCommentGroup CCG CodedCommentListValue CCL ColourLegend CLD ColourRange CRG CommentAllocation CAN Connection CNN CropType CTP CropVariety CVT CulturalPractice CPC Customer CTR DataLogTrigger DLT DataLogValue DLV April 6, 2009 BAE

8 XML element example (ASP)
The AllocationStamp XML element specifies a recording of an allocation event. Attributes Attribute XML Use Type Length/Range Comment Start A o xs:datetime Max. 19 Time of start. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss Stop B Time of end. Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss Duration C xs:unsignedLong 0..(232-2) Time between start and stop in number of second D r xs:NMTOKEN 1,4 Type of the AllocationStamp, possible values: 1 = Planned 4 = Effective Position xs:element Includes a single XML element Position Example: <ASP A=" T08:10:00" D="4"> <PTN A=" " B=" " D="3"/> </ASP> <ASP A=" T08:10:00" C="3512" D="4"/> PTN = Position April 6, 2009 BAE

9 Task File data structure
Tutorial on ERDs April 6, 2009 BAE

10 Device Description within Task Data
DVC – Device DET – DeviceElement DOR – DeviceObjectReference DPT – DeviceProperty DPD – DeviceProcessData DVP – DeviceValuePresentation April 6, 2009 BAE

11 Relationship among XML elements
April 6, 2009 BAE

12 Relationship among XML elements - Task
April 6, 2009 BAE

13 FMIS to MICS to FMIS communication Features
Define a Task on the desktop (FMIS) Includes both Coding data and Task Data May include spatial prescriptions Encode this information in an standard XML format for use at the Task Controller Will result in a “TASKDATA.XML” File(s) May include associated binary files Insert the “As acquired” Task Data during the task with the mobile system (MICS) Will result in an amended “TASKDATA.XML” File(s) April 6, 2009 BAE

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