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Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMM in-situ Observations Programmes Support Centre Strategic move from Toulouse to Brest JCOMM in-situ Observations.

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Presentation on theme: "Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMM in-situ Observations Programmes Support Centre Strategic move from Toulouse to Brest JCOMM in-situ Observations."— Presentation transcript:

1 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMM in-situ Observations Programmes Support Centre Strategic move from Toulouse to Brest JCOMM in-situ Observations Programmes Support Centre Strategic move from Toulouse to Brest Part I: Objectives (M. Belbeoch) Part II: IOC Decentralized Offices (A. Fischer) TO DO Part III: JCOMMOPS Background (M. Belbeoch) Part IV: Strategy and Timing (M. Belbeoch ) Part V Mutual Benefits Part VI Conclusion & Actions

2 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Part I: Objectives M. Belbeoch, Technical Coordinator, JCOMMOPS

3 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Objectives Clarify – Criteria and pathway for the establishment of IOC decentralized offices – JCOMMOPS actual means, activities and future plans – Strategy to succeed – Practical needs for JCOMMOPS establishment in Brest – Timing of the staff move from Toulouse to Brest – Mutual benefits – Actions required to reach a general agreement JCOMMOPS governance is convinced of the legitimacy of such plan but requests tangible and short term gains for the structure, and optimistic perspectives. Critical milestone JCOMM OCG biennal meeting 5-7/09 Washington DC/NOAA HQ

4 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Part II: IOC/UNESCO decentralized offices A. Fischer, GOOS Director Head Ocean Observations and Services Section

5 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 UNESCO/IOC decentralized offices Program/Project offices: IODE (Ostend/Belgium) ODINAfrica (Nairobi/Kenya) JCOMMOPS (Toulouse/France) JTIC (Jakarta/Indonesia) HAB (Vigo/Spain) Regional offices: Perth/Australia, Rio/Brazil

6 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 IOC Programme/Project Office Minimum criteria for a Member States to host a Programme Office (agreed per Resolution) Establishment + operating

7 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Examples IODE (Oostende) – 1 M€/year Flemish Government – Model for JCOMMOPS establishment Perth – Multipart agreement

8 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMMOPS To become a true UN territory 1st step (JCOMM French partners): Commitments to JCOMM 2nd step (City-Region): Commitments to IOC Executive Secretary 3rd step (France/Member States): Consultation with national commission. Commitments to Member States JCOMMOPS Operational arm of IOC/UNESCO Crucial for GOOS! Success in establishing the office success for France in GOOS!

9 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Part III: JCOMMOPS Background M. Belbeoch

10 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMMOPS International Coordination International Organisations Platform Operators Data systemsResearchIndustry Funding agencies Member States Outreach Programmes managers Global Ocean Observing System

11 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Activities Technical Coordination Expertise Cooperation Harmonization Mediation Synergies Monitoring Network, instruments, data flow Global … regional Performance Planning Transparency Assistance Technical Data exchange/access Support Centre Operations

12 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Key Achievements Unique and recognized essential element of the Global Ocean Observing System Day to day assistance (including industry) Innovative Information System (RT tracking, GIS) and web based services Rigorous metadata control and platform certification Uniform and authoritative status maps Core metrics for networks performance (reports, bulletins publication) Technical expertise on codes, data systems, instrumentation, telecommunication systems

13 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Expertise on international/intergovernmental issues Operating a notification and warning system for floats which might drift in Member States EEZ (IOC Resolutions XX-6 and XLI-4) Development of international cooperation (donor programmes) Operational ship time service, in particular through partnerships with sailing community  Successful pilot projects with partners in Brittany: MOD, VSF, RIEM  Successful missions with SY Lady Amber in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean  Partnership with Prolarge company (Lorient) Key Achievements

14 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Lady Amber  Feasibility of operational efficiency  green, cheap, dedicated opportunity  gaps filled up for the first time  Education and communication  x2 planet circumference  100 units deployed (floats/drifters)  3 Ministers of Environment/Science on board  Tens of schools involved  Huge communication impact (local newspaper, TV shows, etc) Key Achievements

15 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Near Future Migration to Brest New generation of GIS and web interface for a high-performance “monitoring centre” - Ready for inauguration Partnership with ESRI Inc. (and its “Ocean Initiative”) Rational reporting and support services Governance, priorities, deliverables, efficiency, budget clarified Worldwide deployment strategy and services  Varied, creative and integrated ship time solutions in line with requirements Work with Industry (e.g. WOC), manufacturers (float/drifters pilot project), sponsors Expansion to new programs: regional/coastal observing systems (e.g. gliders):  Additional International Technical Coordinator

16 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Infrastructure & Staff Office in Toulouse (1985 - 2001 - 2013) hosted by CLS (CLS-USA) 3 International Technical Coordinators (UN civil servants) with mission budget DBCP/OceanSITES (buoys, moorings, etc), Argo (floats), SOT/GO-SHIP (ships) 1.25 software engineer (System Development/Maintenance) 1-2 occasional students ~800 k$ yearly budget (~600 k€) [IOC – WMO – CLS] Information System (Operational - 4 servers – Oracle, Esri licenses) Backup, 24/7 support for web services (procedures)

17 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 JCOMMOPS Budget (↗) Overall operating budget: ~750 K$/year France: ~30% in kind (CLS), 5% in cash (Ifremer) USA: ~40 % in cash – critical funder – has repeated difficulties to send cash outside (e.g. restrictions on financial transfers to UNESCO) Contributions into JCOMMOPS (used for salaries, mission, infrastructures) (* contribution likely to be increased in 2013) Host contribution (k$ in-kind) Evaluation Host contribution (k$ in-cash) Full JCOMMOPS operating budget/year in k$ ArgoDBCPSOTOcean SITES GO- SHIP JCOMMOPS services and misc. CLSCoriolis Ifremer Total160 20 * (100) 55 (70) 2530*~25040740k$ (~900)

18 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Host: France Why in CLS (satcom industry competition, private entity, etc) ? 2009: France (new) offer selected amongst 15 (NOAA: HQ and NDBC, INCOIS, etc) to host an expanded JCOMMOPS – Ifremer/Coriolis in the loop – Additional means 30 keuros/year Commitments to facilitate its expansion Move to Brest to materialize these commitments

19 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Governance Panels and Steering Teams (Ocean Observing programmes) International organizations – IOC/UNESCO and WMO Secretariats – Member States – Commissions (JCOMM) Host country partners JCOMMOPS coordinators

20 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Infrastructure Infrastructure Visible identity: logos, signage, etc

21 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Infrastructure Infrastructure Office space (x1) (x2) Office Space (today): 22 m² (1 staff + “small meeting room”) 17 m² (2 staff)

22 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Infrastructure office current needs Phone, mail, Internet, office computing Access to meeting/room conference Administrative and secretarial support (limited) Communication support (limited) CNES Cafeteria access Storage (archives, publications)

23 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Part IV: Strategy and Timing M. Belbeoch

24 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Aim Naturally anchor the centre in the French marine pole (for a while …) Increase resources now and gradually Increase visibility Balance MS contributions: France to increase by 20% to reach at least ~50% Guide JCOMMOPS development and allow its “take off”

25 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Timeline: Negotiations 2012 Discussions with Brest partners Coriolis partners Technopole BMO/Region Meeting Brest(11/2012) Technopole/BMO Coriolis Meeting « salon nautique » (12/2012) IOC Exec. Secretary Region President Brest Mayor Vice pdt conseil regional (ocean, coast, europe ) 2013 Migration details finalized: Logistics, funds Oceanopolis/UNESCO agreement (06/2012) Communication Agreement by all parties: Brest partners IOC/UNESCO, WMO, JCOMM JCOMM OCG (Washington/NOAA 09/2013) 2014 Additional support negotiated with France (IOC/UNESCO delegation, ministerial level) « Multipart » agreement France, Bretagne, Ifremer UNESCO,… Resolution adopted by Member States for the establishment of a decentralized office in Brest Ceremony at IOC Assembly plenary Brest mayor (Paris/June) 2015 Inauguration of office in Brest with full staff Communication campaign JCOMMOPS on the rails …

26 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Timeline: Migration 2013 (1 staff) Ifremer Coordinator#1 09/2013 2014 (2 staff) Ifremer Coordinator #1 Coordinator #2 01-06/2014 2015 (5+ staff) Ifremer Coordinator #1 Coordinator #2 Coordinator #3 Soft. Engineer 1-2 students Assistant Management Communication 01/2015

27 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 UNESCO/IOC- Oceanopolis/Brest Partnership being finalized … Generic agreement (1st step) Means and cooperation details TBD 1st international meeting Education (« adopt floats ») to be organized in 2014 Communication can start …

28 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Office Migration Act 1 Recall: Sustained financial support from Ifremer/Coriolis ( 45k€ / year) Office space for a UN office – 5 permanent staff – + 1-2 students – Phone, Internet connection – Access to cafeteria – Space for a monitoring/meeting room – Misc. (signage, help for the move, space for archives, etc) All computing needs (office and server), as well as funding management Or staff employment still contracted to CLS Increased visibility and support (projects, meetings, news, brochures, etc)

29 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Office Migration Act 1 Additional support from city (BMO) and Region Bretagne: Reasonable and minimum Target : 100 k€ / year – Relieve the rent to CLS in Toulouse (~20 k€) – Fund a dedicated staff for the office (~50 k€) (management, communication, administration) in-kind – Funding to complete it (~50 k€) in-cash Requirements for a decentralized office approached France share approaching 50 % A Resolution project can be anticipated …

30 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Office Migration Act 1 Commitments to be sent from Brest partners to IOC Exec. Secretary Letter of intent (copy as appropriate City, Region, etc) Principle to be formally agreed at JCOMM Observations Coordination Group biennial meeting (Washington 4-7 Sept. 2013)

31 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Office Migration Act 2 To seek additional financial support at higher level (French delegation to UNESCO, ministerial level) Staff increase: Coordinator (regional/coastal), Office Director Activity fueling (developments, operations, communication, etc) MoU/Multipart agreement to be prepared: Ifremer, City/Region, Ministerial level, national commission for UNESCO Resolution to be adopted by Member States IOC Assembly June 2014 Formal ceremony with all MS at Assembly plenary. MoU signed by all parties

32 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Inauguration 2015 full staff in Brest Servers stay in the Toulouse cloud (0.25 staff for maintenance) New developments, brochure ready Inauguration (international audience), in conjunction with a major meeting on GOOS ? Argo Steering Team, next JCOMM OCG ? Communication campaign New era starting for JCOMMOPS.

33 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Part IV: Mutual Benefits M. Belbeoch

34 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 For JCOMMOPS – Increased visibility and means – New developement milestone marker – Easier to cooperate with future GOOS initiatives led by France and Europe – Stronger day to day synergies with Coriolis partners (and others: Seadatanet, Esurfmar, etc) – Strategic move to ease Operations (in a port) – Stronger synergies with Industry and blue economy – Stronger synergies with sailing community – Stronger synergies with Education (engineering schools on Science Park, Oceanopolis)

35 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 For Ifremer & Coriolis partners Another key brick in the GOOS implementation Confirm its leadership: Europe … international Day to day access to JCOMMOPS experts (GOOS, I.T., International/intergovernmental, etc) – Why CLS funds the office?: Argos and professional relationship(staff available) Cooperation on developements and services Easier access to JCOMMOPS deliverables Access to ship time Communication

36 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 For Brest/Bretagne/France … – Modest but true participation in city growth (Brest is not Toulouse …) – 5 young/senior dynamic executives (UN civil servants) + family – JCOMMOPS Funding to be spent in Brest area (development, etc) – Anchor a UN office on it’s territory UNESCO (Education Science Culture) and Ocean is a good combination – Communication support – Attract sailing community (calibrate instruments, load floats, etc ) Barcelona World Race (Vendee globe, MultiOne, etc)

37 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 For Brest/Bretagne/France UNESCO/Oceanopolis/Brest partnership Communication opportunity substancial visibility increase Projects and events anticipated Attract international community Museum update on GOOS issues (old content) A unique brick to participate in building an international marine pole in Brest Strengthen linkage with other international organisations Host internships in an international environment and cooperate with university/engineering schools programmes. Participate actively in Brest events on ocean (sailing, maritime festivals, network of maritime innovative territories, etc) Make its expertise and strategic position in the GOOS accessible to local industrial partners (Pole Mer, etc) JCOMMOPS focal point = attracting professionals around (e.g. SailingOne ships in Brest rather than in PACA)

38 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Conclusion Existing support to JCOMMOPS is very modest (CLS and USA critical) Short term requirements are more than reasonables Short term gain are real for Brest partners (partnership, staff) Risk is extremely low or null (considering history, funding, and JCOMMOPS unique role) Perspectives are optimistic

39 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013 Actions Brest partners: to write a letter to IOC with appropriate cc: Quantify support level: in kind (office and staff if any) and in cash Requirements (3 years minimum ?) Perspectives JCOMMOPS to synthetise the way forward Offer to be presented at JCOMM OCG UNESCO/IOC to report and establish link with FR delegation (natural path to ministerial level) All to prepare a project of MoU to be presented to Member States

40 Technopole Brest-IroiseJuin 2013

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