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Assistive Technology – Improving Care and Saving Money.

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1 Assistive Technology – Improving Care and Saving Money

2 The changing face of supported housing Need for change in Herefordshire Our vision – Henffordd Gardens Funding the model Features Questions

3 The changing face of supported housing

4 Need for change in Herefordshire Outcomes of Fletcher Report (2012) identified shortfall in quality sheltered housing Under supply of housing-based provision for people with dementia or learning disability Growth in people suffering with dementia by 2025, an increase of 67.7%

5 Need for change in Herefordshire Older population increasing higher than the national average (48% growth in people over 65 by 2025) Approximately 76.8% growth in people over 85 by 2025 A significant change in the way new developments will need to be funded, which will have a major influence on developing future provision Promoting Lifetime Homes

6 Our vision – Henffordd Gardens Enhanced Living Scheme, utilising assistive technology to – support life skills, reablement, lifetime care and independent living Priorities: Providing care and support under one roof Preventing deterioration of health conditions High quality supported housing Avoiding hospitalisation

7 Our vision – Henffordd Gardens Joint allocations policy with the local authority Single access point for services Accommodation to relieve acute shortage of hospital beds Administrative Hub – for the provision of other HHL services such as reablement and domiciliary care

8 Funding the model Worked with Support Solutions who supported our enhanced rents claim to the Local Authority Service Charges & Enhanced Rents covers concierge (12 hours), communal areas, proportion of team leader role, care and housing management

9 Funding the model Service delivered to individual not to the scheme Self-funders – meet criteria set out by LA and HHL Criteria – Over 55, cognitive impairment, require minimum 10 hours care & support per week

10 Henffordd Gardens - Features A multi-service delivery point for 30 properties with Telecare, Telehealth, on-site GP consultancy facilities, carers, concierge and housing support. Multi-use 3 bed accommodation for both hospital admission prevention and reablement for those being discharged from hospital.

11 Henffordd Gardens - Features Digital inclusion – free communal information kiosk with internet access Community living – digital noticeboards with news stories, scheme events, activities, groups, services, weather, etc. Housing services portal – reporting on calls handled by on-site and off-site services OK button for welfare checks

12 Henffordd Gardens - Features Tunstall’s MyWorld Grouped application for residents in an easy-to-use way for communication (email/messages), scheduling care visits, booking meals, home maintenance, finding out about community events, weather, etc.

13 Henffordd Gardens - Features Health & Social Care access point – facilities available for GP services, district nurse, social worker Concierge – 8am to 8pm, supported by Assistive Technology, intensive housing management, benefit advice, referral to support services, facilities management Café & Bistro – social enterprise eatery

14 Questions? Simon Herdsfield, Head of Customer Services Email: Tel: 01432-384097

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