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Addictions UK Solving Social Problems by exploiting Business Opportunities for the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups.

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1 Addictions UK Solving Social Problems by exploiting Business Opportunities for the Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups

2 Addictions UK Established by recovering addicts, alcoholics and carers in 2002 to bring recovery to others, especially by means of home-based treatment

3 Addictions UK Social Enterprise Social Firm Registered Company Clear Vision and Mission Inclusive Partnerships

4 Addictions UK Social Enterprises in the UK Limited Company Charity or Charitable Incorporated Organisation Co-operative Industrial and Provident Society Community Interest Business Partnership Sole Trader

5 Addictions UK Social Firms in the UK Using the social enterprise model to create employment opportunities for people facing barriers in the labour market Social Firms UK Social Firms Europe CEFEC

6 Addictions UK 2002 – 2004 Research, Development and Pilot Programmes 2003 Grant from UnLtd – Institute of Social Entrepreneurs 2004 Incorporated as a Company 2004 ANE – Our sister Charity Registered and Incorporated 2005 AUK Website launched 2005 Launch of Therapy Services only 2007 Medical and Nursing Team established – Home Detox Service launched 2008 Accreditation achieved for key staff members 2009 Addictions India incorporated 2011 Development of Wellbeing Talking Therapies 2012 Current version of manual of Policies and Practices agreed 2012 Current Library of Resources revised for training and coaching 2014 Learning Journeys to India commence

7 Addictions UK Case Work Directorate Medical + Therapists, Coaching staff, Trainers + Nursing Staff Development Directorate Social Media + Writers R+D Staff Admin + Finance Two Business Teams All staff contracted – promoting Self-employment and Enterprise Successful Partnerships Networking, Virtual Communities and Personal Recommendation Worldwide Affiliations

8 Addictions UK The Social Need Compulsive Pathological Behaviours Drugs & Alcohol Process Addictions (Gambling, Sex, Pornography, Love, Internet etc.)

9 Addictions UK Concerns Addiction Mental Health Depression Low Self Esteem Lack of Wellbeing Stress and Anxiety Pressures in the Workplace

10 Addictions UK Client Groups People Isolated by Geography or Circumstance Professionals Women Single Parents + Elderly + Housebound LGBT Ethnic Minorities + Religious or Cultural Stigma Loneliness in Cities + Rural Communities International Citizens

11 Addictions UK



14 Recovery through Abstinence

15 Addictions UK Principles Social Enterprise, sharing Strength, Hope and Experience Eclectic Methodology: Person-Lead and Humanistic Approach 12 Step Programme Spiritual Recovery Ethical Procedures

16 Addictions UK Methods Wellbeing Mindfulness Talking Therapy Occupational Health HR Support in the workplace Re-invent the delivery mechanism – not the core disciplines Qualitative rather than Quantitative Analysis

17 Addictions UK Delivery Customised 1-1 Recovery Programmes based on Abstinence Home-based Addictions Treatment and Detox Innovative use of IT for Virtual Rehab Therapies Innovative 24/7 Coaching and Therapy Line Face-to-Face and Telephone Contact Medical Intervention by Addiction Doctors and Nurses Counselling and Psychotherapy Support from Accredited Staff Coaching and Teaching/Training Consultancy in the Workplace

18 Addictions UK Internet and Social Media Extensive Website for Information and Resources Facebook and Twitter Inspirational Thoughts Addictions News and Interest

19 Addictions UK S P O T and Vision

20 Addictions UK Strengths Delivered by Accredited Recovering Addicts and Carers Use of IT Accessibility + Low Overheads Social Enterprise Principles and Approach Person-led not Profit-led

21 Addictions UK Problems Negative Approach and Controlling Attitudes of Statutory Agencies Short-termism among Policy Makers Polarised Visions of Treatment Methods Difficulties in Contracting with Government

22 Addictions UK Opportunities Emerging Technologies for Delivery of Services and Marketing Expansion of Services to other English Speaking Countries including the Indian Subcontinent

23 Addictions UK Threats Internal Danger of lack of focus on Business Plan Inadequate Funding Being too Risk Averse External Unclear and Negative Political Policies Statutory Sector Competition and Control Unfair Competition Agencies making Misleading Arrangements for Payments by Results

24 Addictions UK Vision To become the Leading Provider of Home-based Addictions Treatment in the United Kingdom To Promote and Share Best Practice Through the Application of Ethical Principles and Implementation of the Social Enterprise Model

25 Addictions UK Phone 0300 330 30 40 +44 191 410 9000 PO Box 182, Chester-le-Street, DH2 1ZZ, UK

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