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IT Best Practices for Sage Timberline Office (STO) October 14, 2011.

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1 IT Best Practices for Sage Timberline Office (STO) October 14, 2011

2 Introductions Chris Elekonich Professional Services Manager Rod Hatley Technical Services Manager – Atlantic Division

3 About Aktion Partnering with Customers for Growth and Profitability  Founded in 1979  Over 4,000 Customers in the Midwest, Mid- Atlantic and Southeast  Profitable, Stable Growth  90+ Employees  5 Office Locations – Maumee, OH (HQ), Columbus, OH, Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, IN, Aurora, IL  Complete IT Services Including Network Infrastructure, Custom Applications, Application Hosting

4 Industries of Expertise Architects and Engineers Architects and Engineers Professional Service Businesses and Organizations Professional Service Businesses and Organizations Construction and Real Estate Construction and Real Estate Supply Chain Supply Chain Not for Profit Not for Profit

5 Network Engineering 15 Network Engineers 15 Network Engineers 12 States in the Midwest and Atlantic Coast 12 States in the Midwest and Atlantic Coast Remote Support – 80% Remote Support – 80% Managed Services Managed Services – Hosting – Remote Monitoring and System Admin

6 Network Engineering Network Assessments Network Assessments Security Assessments and Vulnerability Testing Security Assessments and Vulnerability Testing Virtualization Virtualization Disaster Recovery and High Availability Disaster Recovery and High Availability “Break Fix” “Break Fix”

7 Software Engineering Custom Programming Custom Programming Integration to other applications and Excel and Word Integration to other applications and Excel and Word Aktion Authored Applications Aktion Authored Applications – ePayStub, eTimeCard Productivity Enhancing Programs Productivity Enhancing Programs.NET, C#, Java, Python, etc….NET, C#, Java, Python, etc… MS SQL, MySQL MS SQL, MySQL

8 Our Partners

9 Rod Hatley IT Services Manager

10 Agenda Optimizing the STO System and Data Optimizing the Network for STO Remote Access to STO Backup Strategies STO Managing STO day-to-day

11 Optimizing STO System Data Optimization – Move Transactions to History – Fun File Doctor to compress data (run at server) Clear STO log periodically – v9.5 and v9.6 must upgrade to v9.7 to do this – Log can be cleared in v9.7 and higher

12 IT Issues that impact STO Antivirus scanning Internet Name Resolution Network Communications Server disk I/O Server RAM Utilization

13 Antivirus Necessary Evil, we need antivirus solutions Real-Time scanner of antivirus should be reviewed, default is to scan all files Real-Time scanner should NOT be set to scan all files. – Sage recommends excluding many folders in KB116381 – Aktion recommends setting antivirus to scan only specific files types that can have a virus, not all files.

14 Name Resolution Problems STO uses Internet Name Resolution to find your server. DNS problems can have a performance impact on running STO All workstations should use the server’s Active Directory integrated DNS server, not public DNS server.

15 Network Problems 10 Mb network will transfer (Copy / Paste) a files at 1 MB per second. Duplex mismatch issues can seriously degrade the network when the network gets busy. Managed Switches will show CRC Errors or truncated packets in the log. Problems can be address by not using auto settings for duplex on the switch and / or network adapters (typically only done if a problem is found)

16 Disk Queue Problems

17 Sources of Disk Problems Fragmentation. Use standard Windows tool to defragment the drive. Run it periodically after hours when no one is on the system. Out of date disk drivers Physical disk problems Out of date hardware or over utilized system

18 Server RAM Utilization 32 bit OS can only address 4 GB RAM Memory Hogs: – MS Exchange Server – MS SQL Server – STO Document Management

19 Remote Access Must use remote desktop product like – Citrix XenApp Server – Microsoft Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server) Other remote desktop products will probably work (LogMeIn, GoToMyPC), but are not supported by Sage. Running STO over a WAN / VPN WAN is NOT supported when STO server is remote from where the STO client is installed on the workstation

20 Citrix / RDP Server Tweaks Install as you would any application on a Citrix / Terminal Server (via Install Mode) Set the Pervasive Workgroup.SQL Service to use a domain account that has access to STO data Use Pervasive Control Center (PCC) to disable Cache under MicroKernal Router. – Fixes issues with files left open in PVSW when users are done – Will show proper username of connected users in Pervasive Monitor Apply security settings per STO KB244

21 Threats to your data Natural disasters – Fire, Flood, Tornado, Lightning, etc. Intentional damage – Malicious user or hacker deletes, modifies or removes data Unintentional damage – Service disruption, system issues, software upgrade / change issues

22 Backup Routines Daily Full Backup with capacity for multiple restore points over the past several weeks. On the fly backups. STO has a backup tool, but it only backs up data. Need to use 3 rd party backup tool to backup everything. Periodic backup for historical purposes (quarter end / year end)

23 Ten Tape Rotation Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu tapes used each of these respective days. Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Month 1, Month 2, Month 3 used on Friday nights in rotation. – W1, W2, W3, M1 – W1, W2, W3, M2 – W1, W2, W3, M3 – W1, W2, W3, M1

24 Example Schedule For Friday’s Tape DateTapeDateTape April 1 st WEEK 1June 10 th WEEK 3 April 8 th WEEK 2June 17 th MONTH 3 April 15 th WEEK 3June 24 th WEEK 1 April 22 nd MONTH 1July 3 rd WEEK 2 April 29 th WEEK 1July 8 th WEEK3 May 6 th WEEK 2July 15 th MONTH 1 May 13 th WEEK 3July 22 nd WEEK 1 May 20 th MONTH 2July 29 th WEEK 2 May 27 th WEEK 1August 5 th WEEK 3 June 3 rd WEEK2August 12 th MONTH 2

25 STO Backup Goals Full Backup every day Multiple Restore Points Off-Site Storage

26 Managing STO day to day Upgrades and Updates Locked files in Accounting Ghost Users in Estimating License Manager ODBC on 64 bit systems

27 STO Upgrades vs. Updates Upgrade – Physical media which will arrive via UPS (CD/DVD) – Typically has changes to features / capabilities – Takes more time to complete and system requirements may change Updates – Distributed via a download link in email alert from Sage – Patches / changes for your currently installed (CD) version. Commonly these changes are for Payroll or other tax reporting reasons. There can be updates for other reasons. – Quicker to install and typically no system requirement changes Full System Backup before doing Upgrade or Updates Launch full application (not Sage Desktop) and Help -> About to find version.

28 STO Updates Not all updates apply to all clients. Read the alert to see if the update is worth the effort for your specific installation. Updates are cumulative. Update 3 has all the previous fixes / enhancements included in Update 1 and Update 2. New workstation setup will have NO update. Recommend putting the currently used update in the WININST folder for easy reference in the future. Server and all workstations must use the same update.

29 Version Problems If the server is running a different version of the software from the workstation, you will get a TS 6102 Error. Check the version at the server or other workstations to see what version and update they are using.

30 Find CD Version and Update

31 Locked Files in Accounting Periodically, exclusive access to data is desired – Installing upgrades / updates – Closing Month / Year – Running File Doctor Run Pervasive Monitor at the server console – Start  Run  W3MONV75 Use as tool to gracefully get users out of STO

32 Pervasive Monitor

33 Ghost Users in Estimating Occurs with Estimating License Manager on server, not with security device connected to workstations. Have all users exit Estimating At the server use Windows Services management tool to restart the Sentinel RMS License Manager service.

34 ODBC on 64 Bit Systems x86 = 32 bit x64 = 64 bit Timberline ODBC is 32 bit only. 64 bit systems have both 32 and 64 bit ODBC tools installed. Menu will only show 64 bit versions. Stick with 32 bit MS Office 2010. 32 bit ODBC Administrator – Start  Run  ODBCAD32 C:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

35 64 vs. 32 bit ODBC Admin 64 bit 32 bit

36 Questions 36

37 Contact Us Rod Hatley – Chris Elekonich – Or reach out to your Account Representative, Application Consultant or Network Engineer www.aktion/com

38 Thank you for attending.

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