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SQL Data Services (SDS) Azure Services Platform.

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1 SQL Data Services (SDS) Azure Services Platform




5 Database ACE model Datatypes Administration and API (REST and SOAP interface) Tools (Windows) Roadmap

6 Sql Data Services A database..... However not a RDBMS! Current setup in CTP: Each user will be allowed 50Gb of storage across all Authorities 1000 Containers per Authority 1Gb of Blob Entities per Container (up from 500mb) 100mb of Flexible Entities per Container (up from 20mb) Each Blob Entity will be capped at 100mb

7 Authority Container LB Container Entity

8 Sql Data Services A database..... However not a RDBMS!


10 Authority: myCRMDatabase Container: myCustomers

11 Entities: id customer Jens Jensen Gold member Or id customer Jens Jensen Gold member

12 Authority: Not Supported! Container: https://{AuthorityID}{ContainerID} Entity: https://{AuthorityID}{ContainerID}/{EntityID}

13 Entity: https://{AuthorityID}{ContainerID}/{EntityID} customer Jens Jensen Gold member Male

14 Authority: https://{AuthorityID} Container: https://{AuthorityID}{ContainerID} Entity: https://{AuthorityID}{ContainerID}/{EntityID}

15 Metadata infomation (WSDL’s) Access and authentication: messaging and CRUD pattern interface: wsdl

16 General syntax: from e in entities [where condition] [orderby property 1 [,property 2, …]] select e Comparison Operators: >, >=, <, <=, ==, != Logical operators: && (and), || (or),! (not) Syntax difference - mandatory system entity metadata vs entity properties: from e in entities where e.Id == "id " select e or from e in entities where e["firstname"] == "Jens" select e

17 Ofkind(): from e in entities.OfKind(”customer”) select e Take(): (from e in entities where e[“firstname”] == “Jens" select e).Take(10) Take(from e in entities.OfKind(“customer“) select e, 10) Join support: from c in entities.OfKind(“customer“) where c[“firstname"] == “Jens" from o in entities.OfKind(“order“) where o[“customerId"] == c.Id select o

18 Containers All containers in Authority: https://{AuthorityID} Container “customer”: https://{AuthorityID}"from%20e%20in% 20entities%20where%20e.Id==“customer"%20select%20e" Entities All entities in container: https://{authority-id}{container-id}?q='' Select specific entity: https://{AuthorityID}{containerid}?q="from %20e%20in%20entities%20where%20e.Id==“id "%20select%20e"

19 ...and the same query string as the REST examples!

20 .Net SQL Data Services SDK (Windows only) Command line utility + SSDS Explorer SDS Documentation (not complete): us/library/cc aspx.Net SQL Data Services SDK: 939E-481DD05F2627&displaylang=en Ruby SDK 3.part:


22 Azure ™ Services Platform

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