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XML Encryption Prabath Siriwardena Director, Security Architecture.

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1 XML Encryption Prabath Siriwardena Director, Security Architecture

2 XML Security Integrity and non-repudiation XML Signature by W3C Confidentiality of XML documents XML Encryption by W3C

3 XML-Encryption A W3C standard which followed XML Signatures, for encrypting all of an XML document, part of it or an external object. XML Signature points to what is being signed – while in XML Encryption, element contains what is being encrypted. XML Encryption shares the element with XML Signature – which is defined under XML Signature namespace.

4 XML-Encryption Encrypts XML with a symmetric key Symmetric key encryption is much efficient than asymmetric key encryption

5 QUESTION 1 What are the differences between Symmetric key encryption and Asymmetric key encryption ?

6 XML-Encryption (Example) John Smith 4019 2445 0277 5567 Example Bank 04/02

7 XML-Encryption (Example) John Smith A23B45C56

8 XML-Encryption

9 Specify the encryption algorithm to be used. – – – –

10 John Smith DEADBEEF XML-Encryption (Example)

11 QUESTION 2 Explain different types of cipher modes.

12 XML-Encryption

13 Either contains encrypted information inside or a reference to the resource being encrypted inside.


15 Contains Base-64 encoded encrypted information.


17 If the encrypted resource information is located in a URI – addressable location this element is being used. URI attribute is used just like the way it’s being used in in XML Signature This also includes element which contain a pipeline of elements – as in the case of XML Signature. element defined under XML Signature namespace


19 John Smith DEADBEEF XML-Encryption (Example)

20 XML-Encryption (Example)

21 QUESTION 3 How can we use XML Encryption to encrypt non- xml attachments ?

22 XML-Encryption

23 Almost similar to Holds useful information about the encryption.....

24 XML-Encryption

25 KeyInfo in XML Signature is about providing the public key to verify the signature. In XML Encryption KeyInfo is about providing an encryption key, that is almost always a shared key. In XML Signature we can directly include the key in it. But in XML Encryption we should NOT. XML Encryption extends the XML Signature KeyInfo with two new elements and

26 Locating the Encryption key Leave out the key – assuming the receiving end is aware of the encryption key. Provide a name or pointer, where the receiving end locate the key. Encrypt the key using the public key of the receiving end and include the encrypted ‘encryption’ key inside KeyInfo.

27 XML-Encryption (Example) John Smith DEADBEEF

28 A strategy for safely communicating a secret key. refers to a key agreement protocol that is used to generate the encryption key. Not commonly used – an optional element

29 Zm9v ........

30 is simple another element. Both extends Both do encryption - encrypts the shared key used to encrypt the message. Digital Enveloping / Key transport strategy

31 We will have multiple elements within the same XML document and they all will be referred by a standalone element.

32 is a child element of refers to the elements which use the same key to encrypt

33 With multiple elements are referred by a single key element. The CarriedKeyName element is used to identify the encrypted key value which may be referenced by the KeyName element in ds:KeyInfo

34 XML-Encryption - Processing Choose an encryption algorithm Obtain an encryption key and may represent it Serialize message data to octets [ a stream of bytes] Encrypt the data Specify the Complete the structure

35 Decryption Process Get algorithm, parameters and KeyInfo Locate the encryption key Decrypt data Process XML Elements and XML Element Content If no specified then the result of encryption is passed back to the application.

36 lean. enterprise. middleware

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