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Web Services in ColdFusion 7 JaxFusion November, 2006.

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1 Web Services in ColdFusion 7 JaxFusion November, 2006

2 About the Presenter »David Fekke »API Team »Integration Developer »Working with SOAP based Web Services since 2002 when.NET 1.0 was released

3 What will be Covered »SOAP standard »WSDL files »Creating Web Services »Consuming Web Services »SOAP Headers in 6.1 and 7.0 »RPC vs Document style »REST vs SOAP »Cross Platform issues »Changing location endpoints

4 SOAP standard »Simple Object Access Protocol »Based on XML over HTTP »Used for application to application communication »It is platform and language agnostic »Came from XML-RPC »SOAP standard ratified in 2001 »ColdFusion uses Apache Axis

5 WSDL »Web Service Description Language »XML file that describes methods, parameters, data point and service address location »11 parts to a WSDL file »Four different styles, but only two supported by ColdFusion 7


7 Creating Web Services »CFCs are used to create Web Services »Method access modifier set to “Remote” »Duck typing should not be used with SOAP or Flash Remoting »Avoid using complex types such as Structures, multi-dimensional arrays, Query objects


9 Consuming Web Services »CFObject tag »CFInvoke tag, CFInvokeArgument tag »CreateObject() function »wsObj = createObject(“webservice”,”http://localhost/E choService.cfc?wsdl”) »returnValue = wsObj.echo(“Echo this string”)

10 Handling Complex return values »Hosting CF based SOAP, use separate CFC with CFProperty tags instead of structures to describe in the WSDL file. »CFDump tag really good for debugging »Complex values look like Java objects to ColdFusion

11 SOAP Headers »Different ways of handling in 6.1 and 7 »Some vendors require SOAP headers »Different from cgi.Headers

12 SOAP Headers in 6.1 »Requires patch after 6.1 or the 6.1 updater »Adobe has UDFs that mimic most of the behavior in 7 »Create a HeaderElement using Java object »"org.apache.axis.message.SOAPHeaderElement“ »Pass to setHeader method


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