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Logics for Data and Knowledge Representation Projects and thesis introduction.

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1 Logics for Data and Knowledge Representation Projects and thesis introduction

2 Projects  People per group: 1 or max 2 (first come first served)  Amount of work: 3-4 weeks of individual work full time (each person)  Supervisors: PhD and postdocs (3-4 quick meetings to discuss the problem, intermediate checks, index of the report)  Content of the report: Formal specification of the problem + description of the work done + example of usage with Protégé  Length of the report: max 15 pages + appendixes, data files, code  Delivery time: at least 1 week before the exam  Exam grading: midterm (max 30/32) + project (max 30/35)  Thesis: 6 months full time

3 Personal Events in the LOD Cloud  Reference person: P. Andrews, J. Paniagua  Goal: Extension of existing ontologies for sharing event-media representations  Extended schema  Examples of events-media links  Requirements: OWL/RDF knowledge, LOD principles understanding  Notes:  Possible extension to a Master project on Event/Media annotation in Narratives

4 Development of an OWL Parser and Writer  Reference person: Feroz Farazi  Description:  Web Semantic Web  HTML and XML RDF and OWL  UK is a knowledge base developed at UNITN  Goal: To develop an OWL Parser and writer  To retrieve knowledge from the OWL ontologies for the enrichment of the UK  To publish UK as a set of ontologies in OWL  Requirements: The candidate must have a good knowledge of Java programming language. The knowledge of OWL and RDF is a plus.

5 Entity store on top of a triple store  Reference person: Uladzimir Kharkevich []  Goal: Design and implement an entity-centric storage system on top of triple-centric standards and implementations.  Requirements: knowledge of semantic web technologies:  RDF(S):  OWL:  SPARQL:  + read about and HQL(hibernate query language)  Notes:  The goal of this project is to design an entity store on top of a triple store  The goal of master thesis will be to implement the designed architecture

6 User evaluation of the entity search  Reference person: M. Menendez  Goal: Perform a user evaluation of the search functionality in an existing digital library for academics and researchers:  Provide a formal specification of entity search  Obtain qualitative and quantitive data from real users  Analysis and interpretation of the collected data.  Requirements: Attendance to the HCI course by Antonella de Angeli.  Notes:  The project will be completed with a Master project on User evaluation of the entity search.

7 Domain development  Reference person: Biswanath Dutta / Anand Kumar Pandey  Goal:  Creating faceted classification of the domain following DERA methodology  Available domains: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey,…  Linking domain classification to Linguistic part of Universal Knowledge Core (UKC)  Requirements: knowledge of ontology development (not mandatory)  Note: The work has to be described in a final report providing:  the formal specification of the domain;  the synthesis of the work done;  the faceted classification in tabular format; and  list of words, concepts, relations deleted and the new senses and relations created in UKC

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