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2 The PWA was created on June 16 th, 1933. Between July 1933 and March 1939, the PWA funded34,000 civil projects, such as roads, bridges, airports, dams, and other similar projects. PWA Workers

3 The purpose of the PWA was to provide jobs, stabilize purchasing power, improve public welfare, and to revive American industry. The Public Works Administration budgeted several billion dollars towards large projects.

4 Unemployed people took any chance they could to get jobs in the Great Depression. In a time where women had limited rights, they were given the opportunity to work for the PWA alongside men. The PWA did not significantly reduce the unemployment rate, but their accomplishments were highly noted at the time Workers carrying bricks for a high school under construction in New Jersey

5 During the time of the Great Depression, the PWA built seventy percent of the schools built in that time and one third of hospitals built at that time. They also electrified the Pennsylvania Railroad between Washington D.C. and New York. They also constructed around 25,000 housing units in four and a half years. Breaking ground on a construction project in Washington D.C. 1933 M: d/Steam_shovel_WDC_1933.gif

6 The PWA did not return industrial activity to pre- depression levels, nor did it help jump start a revolution of creations of small businesses. However, the PWA’s progress is of high importance today. It gave the government its first systematic network for the distribution of funds to localities, made sure that conservation would remain a key factor in the national discussion, and gave government officials a broad amount of needed experience in public policy planning. Coos Bay Bridge, Oregon or.jpg

7 The PWA is no longer in use today. It was abolished in June of 1941, to focus more on the production of war materials. After the spending of several billion dollars, the PWA’s projects were turned over to the Works Progress Administration, the PWA’s relative administration. Works Progress Administration propaganda

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