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ELRC’s mission is to reduce the cost of ownership for users of Cymer lasers through reduced parts costs, training and maintenance tools to enable the.

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2 ELRC’s mission is to reduce the cost of ownership for users of Cymer lasers through reduced parts costs, training and maintenance tools to enable the customer control performance and operation of customer’s excimer lasers. ELRC Confidential

3  Dedicated saving operating costs for their photolithography lasers.  Repair, refurbish, service, and supply maintenance tooling for Cymer lasers series 5000, 6000, and 7000 series.  Training and tools to enable customer to take greater control of all aspects of their excimer lasers. ELRC Confidential

4  Founded: March 2005  Location: San Diego, California  Target market: Cymer excimer lasers  Ownership: Private Funding  Employees: 10 full time and 6 part time  Properties: >6,000 square feet of space ELRC Confidential ELRC History

5 ELRC Confidential EmployeeRoleExperience Ken Rebitz CEO, Founder 32 yrs. (Cymer, National, ST, AMAT, Litel) Roger Nielson VP, Sales and Marketing, Founder 25 yrs. (Cymer, Spectranetics, Coherent) Dr. Jesse Buck CTO, Founder 25 yrs. (Cymer, Molectron, Microradian, Intralase) Curt Mixon Engineering and Operations, Founder 31 yrs. (Cymer, Mostek, JMAR, General Atomics) Dave Schreck Facilities Manager 20 yrs. (Cymer, US Navy, Northrup Grumman) Miguel Sanchez Field Service Engineering Supervisor 10 yrs. ( Cymer, Samsung, ELRC) Ty Krebs Final Test Supervisor 5 yrs. (Coherent, ELRC) Arsenio Austria Manufacturing Supervisor 10 Years (Cymer, ELRC)

6  Photolithography Excimer Laser Full system support  System refurbishment with OEM equivalent warranties  Parts and service for the following Models; ◦ ELS-5000 ◦ ELS-6000 ◦ NL-7000* *Non-Consumables available now, consumables late 2011. ELRC Confidential

7  Refurbish entire lasers with warranties.  On-site training with maintenance tools ◦ 95% or more of laser maintenance can be done by customer personnel.  Save on expensive service contracts  Increase uptime—no waiting for service people.  Consignments ◦ Current consignments in Austin, Portland, Seoul, Singapore and in Europe. ◦ Can be set up at customer location or local office. ELRC Confidential

8  Your business strategy ◦ Buy parts as needed ◦ Equivalent to OEM “by-the-pulse”. ◦ Other ideas, we are flexible.  Train customers ◦ ELRC facility ◦ Customer fab ◦ Laser Operations, level 1 and Higher ELRC Confidential

9  ELRC developed maintenance tools to diagnose electrical, mechanical and optical performance ◦ Software: Works with other tools to automate the power and pressure calibration of the laser. ◦ (PPMD) Portable Pressure Measurement Device: C alibrates gas pressure transducers. ◦ (PMCT) Power Measurement Calibration Tool: Calibrates internal energy monitor. ◦ (CBAT) Coarse Beam Alignment Tool: Visual beam alignment check. ◦ (QBIT) Quantitative Beam Imaging Tool: Digital image of the beam profile and alignment—optimize laser energy output. ◦ (PTTT) Pulse Timing Tool: Ensures accurate timing between trigger and laser pulse. ELRC Confidential

10 ELRC software interface Software calculates offsets and configurable settings then automatically updates laser with new values. ELRC Confidential

11  Calibrates internal pressure transducers  Software calculates and updates the offsets and configurables.  Accurate gas refills  Precise gas injections to optimize voltage, bandwidth, and energy sigma.  No manual data entry-fewer mistakes. ELRC Confidential

12  Calibrates the internal energy monitor.  Software automatically updates laser system with the calibration data.  Meter easily fits on laser at beam dump location. Installed on laser Custom Power meter with insertable mirror attached ELRC Confidential

13  Visual image of the beam  Ensure the line narrowing module, chamber, and wavelength stabilization module are aligned.  Fits on laser at beam dump location  Installs in seconds. In use ELRC Confidential

14  Digital image of beam profile.  Image stored for comparison to prior images ◦ Track performance over module life.  Quantitative beam energy distribution ◦ Align for maximum energy out. June ’11 ELRC Confidential

15  Software Screen view  Unit installed in Laser July ‘10 ELRC Confidential

16 ◦ Four labs with 7 lasers installed.  3-5000s, 1 development, 2 test  3-6000s, 1 development, 2 test  1-7000 used for both development and test ◦ 500 square feet of clean assembly ◦ clean and tear down area ◦ Warehouse with large parts storage ELRC Confidential

17  5000 series ◦ >120 discharge chambers ◦ >60 optical modules, WSM and LNM  6000 series ◦ >50 Discharge Chambers ◦ > 25 Optical modules ◦ Other parts required to support the systems available.  Other parts including vacuum pumps, High Voltage Power supplies, commutator, F2 traps, boards, water modules etc. ELRC Confidential

18 USA Installations: Austin, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Los Angles, Portland, San Jose, Virginia Asia Installations: S. Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia European Installations: Germany, Israel

19  Direct Sales in the US ◦ Expert service engineers in Austin and Escondido. ◦ Phone support from factory and service engineers. ◦ Parts depots in Austin, Portland and Escondido.  Representatives in overseas locations ◦ OEM trained service engineers. ◦ Inventory stocked in Europe, Seoul, Singapore, ELRC Confidential

20 USA Direct Sales Asia representation in: S. Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia Europe is covered both direct and with representation Consignment Stock: USA, S. Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan

21  ELRC provides a low cost solution for laser operations  Provide ALL parts necessary for your 5000, 6000 generation Cymer lasers  Provide the parts, services, tools and training to be your complete source for Cymer laser support. ELRC Confidential

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