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Class F2.A 1. Lydie Age: 16.5 Hometown: born and living in Prague Family: Mum, Dad and 11-year old brother.

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1 Class F2.A 1

2 Lydie Age: 16.5 Hometown: born and living in Prague Family: Mum, Dad and 11-year old brother

3 TEN FAVOURITES music rap and hard rock food / drink Sirloin and cream sauce /beer and sparkling water place Our country house. I have lots of memories from this place. country Czech Republic and France actor Justin Timberlake. He is as great actor as well as a singer. sport Football and AC Sparta Praha season of the year Winter, because I like snow, skiing and snowboarding film/ TV serialAll criminal serials bookDetective stories, have no one favourite book animalDog. I had the beagle named Haky, but he died.

4 Age: 17 Place I live : Prague Family : I live with my parents and 15- year old sister. Zuzana

5 TEN FAVOURITES musicpop, Avicii food / drinkschnitzel and orange juice placemy bedroom countryFrance actorArnold Schwarzenegger sportswimming season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialThe Maze Runner bookFifty Shades of Grey animaldog

6 Age: 17 Place: I live in a flat in Prague. Family: I have an older brother. He is 21 years old. I live with my mum, dad and brother. Hana

7 TEN FAVOURITES musicPop and rock food / drinkstrawberries placeHostivař lake in Prague countryFrance actorJennifer Lawrence sportdance season of the yearautumn film/ TV serialTheory of Everything bookMrs. Sinclair´s Suitcase animallittle dogs

8 Lucie Age: 16 I live in Mělník. Mělník is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It lies at the confluence of the Labe and Vltava rivers, about 35 km north of Prague. I have a brother Martin. He is 18 years old. My parents are divorced, so I live at two places. Fortunately, they both live in Mělník. My mother´s husband has two sons - Martin (as well as my first brother Martin :-)) and Jan. They are my stepbrothers. I have very big and loving family.

9 TEN FAVOURITES musicI listen everything. It depends on my mood. I like 80s music and an Italian singer Drupi :-) food / drinkwater placestable country Every country has something amazing actorJennifer Lawrence sportI´m crazy about riding (especially show jumping), running and cycling season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialThe Fault in Our Stars bookThe Hunger Games animalhorse

10 Radka I live in a small village near Prague with my parents. Fortunately, I have no siblings, only one really big dog :D

11 TEN FAVOURITES musicPop, R’n’B/ Justin Timberlake food / drinkfried cheese / tonic placewoods in Prague called Wild Sarka countryHungary actorNicolas Cage/Keira Knightley sportSwimming/Michael Phelps season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialPartition/Moonlight bookMemoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden animaldog

12 Šárka Age: 18 Hometown: Prague Family: Mum, grandma, uncle, cousin and her boyfriend, pets (four dogs and four cats)

13 TOP TEN FAVOURITE musiceverything food / drinkSushi / coffee placeOur country house countryJapan actorJohnny Depp, Meryl Streep... sportdance season of the yearwinter film/ TV serialPirates of the Caribbean... bookOscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray animaldog

14 PETR I´m 16 years old I play the trumpet and I like modern art I have one step brother and one step sister

15 TEN FAVOURITES music Sisters of Mercy, Behemoth, Judas priest, Depeche mode, Nick Cave, 2pac, Cypress hill,La Coka Nostra, Necro, Candy Dulfer, Main Source, Pennywise, Manu Chao, Miles Davis, Swollen members food / drinkBig shock, Lasagne, Paella placelake Tana, Amsterdam, Petra countryNetherlands, Ethiopia actor Zach Galifianakis, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz sportdiving, cycling season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialFamily Guy, The Knick book 1984, Fear and loathing in las vegas, Don't point that thing at me, One flew over the cuckoo's nest animalChamaeleo

16 Daniel Age: 16 Gender: Male I used to live in country but we moved to Prague when I was 5. I have a brother and he is 21 years old. Then I also have a mother and a father. We live in some kind of a flat.

17 TEN FAVOURITES music Indie, Rock, dubstep and everything where there are guitars and real instruments. The Beatles and so on. food / drinka good quality hamburger, not from McDonald’s, cream sauce with meat and dumplings and schnitzel. My favorite drink is Kofola. placeat the Vltava river countryCzech Republic actorMorgan Freeman, Leslie Nielsen and Dustin Hoffman sportice hockey and biatlon season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialPulp Fiction, Memento and my favorite TV show is Dexter bookRobinson Crusoe animalsloth

18 Honza Age: 16 Place: Flat in Pankrác, Prague Family: older sister (she is 28), mum and dad

19 TOP TEN FAVOURITE musicRay Charles, PSH food / drinkSirloin and cream sauce placeA place in Prague called „Kavčí hory“ countryItaly/ Czech Republic actorJason Statham sportsquash season of the yearSummer film/ TV serial Death Race bookErebos animallemur

20 Lukáš I am 16 years old. I live with my family in Senohraby in our famiĺy house. I was born in Benešov near Prague. I have one 20- year old brother. My parents are divorced so I have two fathers and two mothers.

21 TEN FAVOURITES musicrap/ Eminem food / drinkgood burger/sprite placea place in Prague called „Shooters´ Island“ countryFrance, USA actorMark Wahlberg sportFloorball, Football/ Liverpool FC season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialThe Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction/ How I Met Your Mother bookLord of the Rings, Hobbit animalcheetah

22 Anna I´m 17 and I live in Prague

23 TEN FAVOURITES musicPink Floyd food / drinkvegetables / beer placeforest countrySweden actorTom Hanks sportAmerican football season of the yearsummer film/ TV serialV for Vendetta bookA Child Called It animalwolf

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