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ACCOMPLISHMENT Mar. 2006 – Mar. 2007 DOH CHD DAVAO REGION Under the Leadership of Director Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial.

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1 ACCOMPLISHMENT Mar. 2006 – Mar. 2007 DOH CHD DAVAO REGION Under the Leadership of Director Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial

2 Oath of Office as Regional Director Jan. 16, 2006

3 First Activities as CHD DR Regional Director --- Inauguration of BFAD Lab & DRH Wellness Center, Mar. 31, 2006


5 Breastfeeding Advocacy Breastfeeding in the workplace was launched in Davao City last August 5, 2005, with the end in view of establishing breastfeeding rooms in establishments and offices. But fruits of this workshop was only realized on Aug. 7, 2006 when 3 NCCC malls launched BF stations in the malls.

6 Fertility Awareness Modules Full support to the development and dissemination of FA Modules for secondary schools and other purposes. Provision of equipment to DMC PHU for production of IEC materials and local TV/radio plugs to support the utilization of the module. The module development was done in 2006, dissemination forum in Feb. 1-2, 2007.

7 Non-commercial blood centers collected 38,082 donations (90% of target of 1% of total population units collected) – 25,130 of which by DOH blood centers (DBC & DRH). - Commercial blood centers collected 5,000 units (2-3% of all blood units collected in Davao Region), but by EO of Dec. 2006, all were closed by the DOH NATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE PROGRAM

8 National Voluntary Blood Services Program (NVBSP) The DOH CHD DR again garnered the top awards in the Sandugo Awards 2006, having the most number of LGUs (80) awarded 1 st runner up was CHD WV with 56 Advocacy on walk-in blood donation was highlighted when RD Ubial herself donated blood on June 14, 2006, World Blood Donor’s Day

9 EXPANDED PROGRAM ON IMMUNIZATION Regional Director met with the Governors, Provincial Health Officers and SP on Health of the three priority provinces (Davao City, Davao Sur and Davao Norte) a discussed EPI in the context of child survival strategy. Committed to call on the mayor with the highest un-immunized municipalities esp. Davao del Sur and provided assistance for up scaling.

10 NUTRITION PROGRAM Hosted the Mindanao Nutrition Stakeholders Conference – November 16-17, 2006

11 AFTER CARE AND FOLLOW-UP PROGRAM -Full support was extended the program -Designation of a room for aftercare activities -Development of Manual of Operations for National Program on Aftercare was fully supported -Training/ Capacity Building of LGU service providers were undertaken

12 Tuberculosis Control Program Strengthening/Full support Program activities and needs were fully supported Additional PPMD were established and problems/ issues Of existing PPMDs were addressed thru regular RCC Meetings Case Detection Rate (CDR) was increased to 74% Cure Rate (CR) improved to 84% by end of 2006

13 Strengthening Child Health/GP

14 INTER-LOCAL HEALTH ZONE  Cluster IV Health development Cluster of Davao Norte comprising the island municipalities with Samal District Hospital as its core referral hospital has been organized.

15 BOTIKA NG BARANGAY  177 package of drugs and medicines distributed to the different barangays targeted for 2006  established BnBs for 2006 Davao Oriental - 24 Davao Sur - 6 Davao City - 84 Comval Prov. - 27 Davao del Norte- 36


17 Sentrong Sigla

18 National/Sub-National Events- Hosting GP launching – Oct 2006 AI Preparedness Plan for DOH Hospitals – Nov 2006 Mindanao-wide Nutrition Stakeholder’s Forum – Nov 2006 Finance Planning Workshop – Nov 2006 Launching/ Inauguration of Heart Center for Mindanao – Feb 2007 VISMIN Zonal Meeting – Mar 2007

19 Visit to the Mindanao Heart Center


21 Innovative Events/ Systems Standardization of Fees and Charges for CHD facilities and equipment, funds collected will be used for CHD upgrading & continued development Upgrading of the CHD Library Open House Concept Child-minding/ Breastfeeding Station at the CHD

22 Good Governance Office Developments

23 Good Governance Restructuring BAC, BAC Secretariat, Procurement Committee, Therapeutics Com, FPMC Re-formulation of and strengthening of Integrity Development Committee Designation and activation of the Resident Ombudsman concept

24 Visit to Hospitals/RHUs

25 Good Governance Merging LHAD & HOD in preparation for EO 366 Merging of Human Resource Development Unit & Personnel Merging RESU & HEMS Strengthening BFAD Lab and HMS-M operations to be more responsive to Mindanao Re-structuring Motorpool Operations

26 Good Governance Re-formulation of HEMS structure and guidelines Establishment of Bilis Action Partner (BAP) desk Hataw/ Fitness Program re-vitalization (2x weekly to daily activities) Annual Medical Examination starting June 2006

27 Xmas 2007 Party

28 Good Governance ATM salary by May 2006 Provision of full per diems rate of P800 (within region or outside travel) starting June 2006 Provision of Full Magna Carta benefits for all personnel on monthly basis Provision of Comprehensive Exams for all personnel


30 Attendance to Foot Parade

31 Good Governance Clustering of DOH Reps to strengthen ILHZ systems and in preparation for EO 366 implementation Monthly Staff Meeting Weekly Flag Raising & Flag Retreat activities Data recon workshop and regular consultations with LGUs Health Workers 2x a year DOH rep Forum 2x a year Hospitals Updating Forum

32 Flag raising at CHD DR

33 Good Governance Administrative Issuances standardization Regular EXECOM (1-2x a month) Regular Expanded Mancom Meeting (once per quarter) Conduct of IDC, BLS for all CHD staff OPEN HOUSE Concept Introduced

34 Infrastructure Development Completion of Main Building Renovation Re-wiring of Main Building Colder Conference Rooms IT upgrading (highest ICT to personnel complementation in any CHD) Upgrading/ re-wiring of LAN & Computer room

35 Visit to Lupon & Banay-banay

36 Infrastructure Development Re-painting of offices Renovation of CHD grounds, replanting, landscaping, guard house, garage, motorpool, signages Improvement of CHD Info Board (Billboard- outside; Bulletin Boards – inside)

37 MATERIALS PRODUCED Flow Chart and SOP Manual Formulation Regional Profile Factsheet Newsletter (bi-monthly) Magazine-type Annual Report (2005, 2006) Tarpaulin on F1 & DOH VMG, MDGs CD/ Local Radio/TV ads on NFP

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