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The Crucible By Jonathan Ronk

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1 The Crucible By Jonathan Ronk

2 Definition of a Crucible 1.(n.) A vessel or melting pot composed of some very refractory substance, as clay, graphite, platinum, and used for melting and calcining substances which require a strong degree of heat, as metals, ores, etc. 2.(n.) A test of the most decisive kind; a severe trial; as the crucible of affliction. 3.(n.) A hollow place at the bottom of a furnace, to receive the melted metal. 4.(n.) An object created for a greater purpose.

3 Romans 8:28 (KJV) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

4 What is a Crucible? A crucible is a vessel that is created from a substance that can withstand very high temperatures – refractory substances Refractory substances are non-metallic, and are used for specific applications or products Refractories have usefulness as components or parts of other systems (a greater purpose)

5 What are Refractories? Graphite Platinum Clay Diamond Quartz Sapphire Ceramics Porcelain Firebrick Furnaces Kilns Incinerators Jet Engines Commercial Ovens Jet Engines Reactors Crematoriums ProductsMaterials

6 Characteristics of Refractories 1.Resistant to Thermal Shock – The cracking that occurs as a result of rapid temperature change – Not affected by Spiritual highs and lows

7 Malachi 3:6 (KJV) “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”

8 Proverbs 24:21 (NASB) My son, fear the LORD and the king; Do not associate with those who are given to change;

9 Characteristics of Refractories 2.Chemically Inert – Not chemically active; not affected by the environment – Not affected by this world – We are in this world, but not of this world

10 Daniel 3:37 (KJV) And the princes, governors, and captains, and the king's counsellors, being gathered together, saw these men, upon whose bodies the fire had no power, nor was an hair of their head singed, neither were their coats changed, nor the smell of fire had passed on them.

11 Characteristics of Refractories 3.Thermal Conductivity – Must be able to transfer heat – Filled with the Spirit – Sharing the Gospel

12 Mark 16:15 (KJV) “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

13 Characteristics of Refractories 4.Coefficient of Thermal Expansion – Affect of solids when expanding – Spiritual growth – Fruits of the Spirit – Gifts of the Spirit

14 Matthew 7:16-18,20 (KJV) Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

15 Industrial Use - Manufacturing Handling of iron ore Poured from one vessel to another Molded and shaped into a more useful purpose

16 Lab Work – Analysis Sample is placed on ashless filter paper Measured by an extremely sensitive analytical balance Washed / cleansed

17 You and The Crucible Washing / Cleansing Water Baptism Sins forgiven A clean slate A new creation Refreshing / remaking

18 You and The Crucible Fired / Tried / Proven Baptism by Fire Other Tongues Uncleanness driven out Sin dies / cannot live The soul is galvanized

19 The Story of Job Twice tried / tested Never rebuked God Friends insisted he sinned against God Elihu helps Job understand God’s mercy and goodness “Made of clay”

20 Job 10:9 (NIV) “Remember that you molded me like clay.”

21 Jeremiah the Prophet Ministered more than 40 years Mocked, beaten, imprisoned, ridiculed Answered the Call

22 Isaiah 64:8 (NIV) Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

23 Jeremiah 18:2-3 (NASB) Arise and go down to the potter's house, and there I shall announce My words to you. Then I went down to the potter's house, and there he was, making something on the wheel.

24 Jeremiah 18:4 (NASB) But the vessel that he was making of clay was spoiled in the hand of the potter; so he remade it into another vessel, as it pleased the potter to make.

25 Jeremiah 18:5-6 (NASB) Then the word of the LORD came to me saying, ‘Can I not, O house of Israel, deal with you as this potter does?’ declares the LORD. ‘Behold, like the clay in the potter's hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel.

26 The Potter’s House God shapes us as it pleases Him Allow God to shape you into the crucible of clay that he desires – and needs The clay does not question the potter

27 The Fiery Furnace Only a proven substance will survive Guards were consumed Crucible = Shadrach Meshach & Abed-nego Changed the heart of the King – it was their greater purpose

28 Ministry of Jesus Christ Healing of the Blind Man Jesus made clay to heal the blind man He remade the man’s sight as it pleased the Potter

29 John 9:1-2 (NASB) And as He passed by, He saw a man blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he should be born blind?”

30 John 9:3 (NASB) Jesus answered, "It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him.”

31 John 9:6-7 (NASB) When He had said this, He spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and applied the clay to his eyes, and said to him, "Go, wash in the pool of Siloam." And so he went away and washed, and came back seeing.

32 Jesus Christ – The Crucible Prepared for a greater purpose The 40 days fast The Temptation Jesus Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus is Cruci - fied

33 Personal Application It isn’t the crucible that changes you, it’s the making of the crucible that changes you – and allows you to be used for a greater purpose The crucible is the final product made for an intended purpose – a chosen purpose In the crucible, God’s will is performed Be an empty – and willing vessel Only an empty, willing vessel can be used Allow God to change the fabric of your life


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