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How well do you know the people in the public eye?

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1 How well do you know the people in the public eye?

2 The following slides show pictures of people who are well known and often on our televisions or in the papers. Can you recognise them? Click on the jigsaw pieces to reveal their pictures and see how quickly you can see who they are. There are clues if you need them!

3 Britain’s Prime MinisterClick here for a clue Gordon BrownClick here to reveal name

4 Faster than a cheetahClick here for a clue Bryan HabanaClick here to reveal name

5 007Click here for a clue Daniel CraigClick here to reveal name

6 Friend of the DoctorClick here for a clue Billie PiperClick here to reveal name

7 Royal sportswomanClick here for a clue Zara PhillipsClick here to reveal name

8 Ready Steady Cook!Click here for a clue Ainsley HarrietClick here to reveal name

9 Radio 1 Breakfast ManClick here for a clue Chris MoylesClick here to reveal name

10 BBC car crash survivorClick here for a clue Richard HammondClick here to reveal name

11 America’s top TV ladyClick here for a clue Oprah WinfreyClick here to reveal name

12 California governorClick here for a clue Arnold SchwarzeneggerClick here to reveal name

13 Her mum has the X-FactorClick here for a clue Kelly OsborneClick here to reveal name

14 Dated BritneyClick here for a clue Justin TimberlakeClick here to reveal name

15 Top British ModelClick here for a clue Kate MossClick here to reveal name

16 New F1 superstarClick here for a clue Lewis HamiltonClick here to reveal name

17 Time travelling ScotsmanClick here for a clue David TennantClick here to reveal name

18 Produced by Bev Evans, 2007 Background available from

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