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An Introduction to Excel By Wanda Gibson, AI, MMI, SME.

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1 An Introduction to Excel By Wanda Gibson, AI, MMI, SME

2 Interesting Statistics  Excel can have up to 255 worksheets in an individual file  Each of these worksheets has 256 columns  Each of these worksheets has 65,536 rows  That’s a total of 16,777,216 cells per file

3 The Mouse Pointer Mouse pointer as a move handle Mouse pointer appears as a white plus Mouse pointer appears as the fill handle

4 Column Letters Row Numbers Intersection of a column and row is a cell. This cell reference is F16.

5 Name Box Formula Bar Standard Toolbar Formatting Toolbar Menu Bar Insert Function Box

6 Number Style Buttons

7 Number formats When keying numbers in a worksheet, these facts should be considered:  Numbers are keyed without formatting.  Only decimal points should be used.  By default Excel drops trailing zeros.

8 This worksheet has been keyed in but has not been formatted. Our next task will be to create formulas to figure the totals.

9 Select F4, then click the Autosum button twice. Your formula is complete.

10 Using Fill Handle (the square dot in the bottom right corner of the selected cell), fill (copy) the formula down the worksheet.

11 The Auto Fill Options Button will remain on the screen until you begin a new task. Since you have not formatted your worksheet as yet, you can ignore the Options Button or choose the option Fill Without Formatting.

12 With all these cells selected, click Autosum twice to calculate all totals for B8 through E8.

13 You could also select all number cells including the total column (F) and the total row (8) and click Autosum. This would cause the computer to figure the total of each row and column at the same time.

14 Now that all the worksheet is finished, it is time to format it.

15 Formatting the heading and subheading will be done in two separate steps. We will select A1 through F1 and Merge and Center. Then change the font size to 16. Font Size Merge and Center

16 The subheading is also changed to Arial 14. You would use the same procedure as you did for the heading.

17 Select A3 through F8. Using the Menu bar, select Format – then Autoformat.

18 In the AutoFormat box, choose Accounting 1, then click OK.

19 The worksheet is now complete.

20 All we need to do now is Save the worksheet. Go to File – Save As

21 Key in the File Name -- Smuthers. Click Save.

22 Permissions Microsoft product screen shots reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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