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F1 projects surgical handover

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1 F1 projects surgical handover
Matthew Boardman & Ana Borges

2 Introduction 20 to 30+ general surgical admissions per day
12 hour shifts Handover twice a day No formal record existed of patients admitted ad hoc recording of patient details hand written lists ( re-typing information  errors) inefficiency Risk of patients: being ‘missed off’ the list not having key information handed over

3 Accident Causation Swiss cheese model of accident causation. James Reason, 2000

4 Guidance British Medical Association1 recommends: use of proformas
relevant IT support for handovers Royal College of Surgeons2 sets out minimum data necessary for safe handover (demographics, diagnosis, clinical info, jobs, etc.) 1.) British Medical Association: Safe Handover: Safe Patients – Guidance on Clinical Handover for Clinicians and Managers. 2004 2.) Royal College of Surgeons of England: Safe Handover: Guidance from the Working Time Directive working party. 2007

5 Aims Comprehensive electronic record of patient admissions
Accessible to the clinical team Improve consistency and accuracy of handover Improve patient safety

6 Method Initial audit Consultation with colleagues
Development of proforma Communication Implementation of proforma Re-audit (+/- refinement)

7 The Proforma Patient demographics Problem and diagnosis Blood results
Jobs Phone/bleep numbers and pancreatitis scoring

8 Results (Proforma implemented 1st Feb 2011)
% days where a patient list was recorded Initial audit Aug 2010 to Jan 2011 44% Re-audit Feb to March 2011 93%

9 Results Quality of data recorded improved after implementing the proforma

10 Feedback On-call lists now easier to find Simple to use proforma
Allows quick transfer of information time is saved (no re-typing of information) risk of errors in copying data reduced (pancreatitis scoring scale useful)

11 Conclusion A simple intervention that promotes clear communication can achieve significant improvements in the recording and transfer of patient information between on-call hospital teams Patient safety likely to benefit But….human factors are still key

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