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Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas What are we talking about?

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1 Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas What are we talking about?

2 We are state schools Staff: civil servants We only teach languages Part of large net of Language Schools (>150) distributed all round Spain.


4 MADRID (31 Schools) MADRID - CENTRAL AREA Madrid Carabanchel San Blas Valdezarza Villaverde Ciudad Lineal Moratalaz Centro Goya MADRID - SOUTH AREA Alcorcón Fuenlabrada Getafe Leganés Móstoles Parla Valdemoro Pinto Aranjuez Carabanchel San Blas Valdezarza MADRID - EAST AREA San Fernando de Henares Alcalá de Henares Torrejón de Ardoz MADRID - WEST AREA Las Rozas de Madrid Majadahonda Collado-Villalba Boadilla del Monte.Boadilla del Monte Pozuelo de Alarcón.Pozuelo de Alarcón MADRID-NORTH AREA San Sebastián de los Reyes Tres Cantos

5 21 Languages taught at Jesús Maestro EOI (Madrid) German Arabic Catalan Chinese Danish Spanish Basque French Galician Greek English English (External Education) Italian Japanese Dutch Portuguese Romanian Russian Finnish Irish Swedish Hungarian and Polish (experimentally)

6 EOI Cartagena English French German Italian Arabic Spanish*

7 EOI Cartagena Staff Cleaning Service _____________2 Canteen ____________________1 Porters _____________________4 Administration _______________4 Teachers __________________31 Management (teachers)

8 Languages and Teachers Arabic Italian German French English 1 2 3 4 (3 + 1) 21 (15+ 6)

9 Types of Learning Attending Students (All Levels) ON-LINE Students (A2) External Students (Certificate Levels)

10 Specialised Crash Courses CARTAGENA Portugués I y II CHINO MANDARÍN Inglés médico Ruso I y II


12 EOI Students Minimum age to register: 14 No age limit All walks of life Highly motivated (not compulsory education) No serious discipline problems or disruptive behaviour Maximum SS per class: 40

13 Number of Students Arabic __________________________121 Italian __________________________133 German ________________________231 French _______________ 345 + 95 = 440 English __________ 1,621 + 516 = 2,137 TOTALLING 3,062

14 On-Line Students 2006-07 YearCartagenaExtensión San Javier ON – LINE 1st 140 (2g)57 (1g) 2nd 63 (1g) 14 (1g) OPEN 3rd 65 (1g) 15 (1g) STUDENTS: 268 86 = 354 TOTAL NO OF STUDENTS AT EOI: 3,416

15 EOI Certificates Officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The only state certificate of foreign language knowledge (different from university degree) Enable teachers of Primary Education, who already hold a university degree, to teach a foreign language at the second cycle in Secondary Education (without which they would only be able to teach Primary levels). Merit to take part in competitive exams and transfers. A must in your CV to get a job in private companies.

16 The Common European Framework and its Influence on our Curricula. Official Schools of Languages and Certification

17 Syllabuses Cambridge Examinations OLD (RD 967/1988) NEW (LOE) (RD 944/2003) "Common European Framework of Reference” 1st Year (Ciclo Elemental) Basic Level 1 A1 KET Key English Test 2nd Year (Ciclo Elemental) Basic Level 2 A2 PET (Preliminary English Test) 3rd Year (Ciclo Elemental) Intermediate Level 1 B1 Intermediate Level 2 FCE (First Cert. in English) 1st Year (Ciclo Superior) Advanced Level 1 B2 CAE (Cert. in Advanced English) 2nd Year (Ciclo Superior) Advanced Level 2 C1 CPE (Cert. of Profi- ciency in English) C2

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