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Purchase Orders Release/Approval Instructions for Principals and Directors.

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1 Purchase Orders Release/Approval Instructions for Principals and Directors

2 New process for entering POs Bookkeepers have access to the “Purchase Order Entry Function” in our financial software (SunPac) All purchase orders will be keyed into SunPac by the bookkeepers (replaces paper copy) Keyed purchase orders will be placed on hold upon entry by the bookkeepers Bookkeepers will provide Principals with a printed PO edit report which shows the details of POs generated by them for a specified time period

3 Release and Approval Process Only Principals and Directors have access to the “Release and Approval Function” in SunPac Principals and Directors must log into the system and follow the process outlined in the following slides All POs will require release and approval by the Principal before approval can be obtained from Directors (if applicable) and ultimately the Finance Officer

4 Completion of PO Once all approvals are electronically obtained, then the PO is ready to be sent to the vendor Dala Stanley will send all POs to vendors under her normal operating procedures Once the approved POs are released by Dala, a PDF version of the PO will be generated and automatically uploaded to DocAgent

5 Receiving of Goods Bookkeepers will be provided a username and password to access DocAgent All POs uploaded to DocAgent reflect approved orders that were sent to vendors Bookkeepers will need to print a copy of the PO from DocAgent and use that copy as the receiving copy for the goods (replaces the pink copy)

6 Payment Process All invoicing procedures will remain the same in Accounts Payable The only change is that the receiving copy of the PO will be a white copy not a pink copy AP Checks are written weekly and released after 3pm on the following Tuesday (Please have your approved invoices submitted for payment by Friday at 5pm to be processed in the check run for the following week)

7 Enter your username and password here (same as used for Cooks Spreadsheets)

8 Enter Fiscal Year 5 here (FY 2014-15 = 5)

9 Enter 4 to access the Purchasing Menu

10 Enter 4 to access the Approve/Release Function

11 Hit F1 to make the first PO show up on the screen for release/approval

12 Hit F7 to release the PO for approval Use your edit report to verify PO numbers

13 Hit F6 to approve the PO Once approved, hit Shift F8 to update

14 Then hit F1 to generate the next PO to release and approve (repeat steps)

15 Once all POs are released and approved then you will receive the following message when you hit F1

16 Questions? Annie Ellis Dala Stanley (336) 627-2641 (336) 627-2645

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