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RIL CB10 AA1,J1,F1 Well flow Assurance

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1 RIL CB10 AA1,J1,F1 Well flow Assurance
A Case study

2 CLIENT: Reliance India Limited
Oil Company: RIL JOB SITE: Recent onshore discovery in Anand Field near Cambay, Gujarat. Wells under scope of work: CB10 AA1, CB10AJ1 and CB10 AF1

3 PROBLEM DESCRIPTION Crude oil was being transported to Jamnagar Refinery by transport tankers which would have to journey a distance of over 400 km in a region where temperatures have been known to fall below 180C. As the pour point of the crude was between C, the transport of the crude oil without some form of treatment would entail Massive problems at the Jamnagar end during unloading of the crude oil Waxy residue build up in the bottom of the tankers Flowability/Pumpability issues at the unloading point.

Taking the above into consideration Deva Drill Tech (I) Ltd conducted extensive cold flow studies on the crude oil given to us to develop a suitable flow improver. The true challenge was to develop a flow improver that was liquid even at 150C keeping in mind the ambient conditions at the field. Deva Drill’s Technical Research wing successfully developed a product tailor made to suit the specific nature of the crude oil and the operational constraints involved. Our lab studies showed an improvement in the crude Oil’s rheological properties after doping of our product DevaFlo-001.

We offered a ‘Turnkey Solution’ wherein Deva would be responsible for carrying out the complete dozing program and ensure a pour point of 150C. Our services included Supply of specific chemicals Complete Dozing setup Technical personnel with pump operators On field chemists to monitor the pour point in realtime Complete set of Pour point Measuring equipment RIL awarded this contract to us on 25/8/2010 vide CONTRACT ORDER NO. O44/96294 and Deva commenced its dozing program from 31/8/2010 .


7 RESULTS: Effect of chemicals on Viscosity

8 RESULTS: Effect of chemicals on Pour Point

9 Time variation of Pour Point of Treated crude

10 Observations noted post Dozing of Chemicals

11 Customer Feed back

12 Benefits observed Deva’s Flow improver was made specifically for CB10 AA1. Due to this specific formulation pour point of the crude oil was depressed from C to 15/120C. Due to this down times for filling the transport tankers were seen to decrease. Moreover, a decrease in the wax residues in the botoms of the tankers was also observed

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