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Vegetables New Varieties For 2015. ARUGULA DRAGON’S TONGUE Botanical Interests Delicious, bold, spicy flavor enjoyed in salads, stir-fries, pasta dishes,

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1 Vegetables New Varieties For 2015

2 ARUGULA DRAGON’S TONGUE Botanical Interests Delicious, bold, spicy flavor enjoyed in salads, stir-fries, pasta dishes, pizzas… Beautiful scalloped leaves accented with striking red veins and midrib Full-sized leaves in about 6 weeks Ideal for containers Diplotaxis tenuifolia

3 BASIL DOLCE FRESCA PanAmerican Seed Sweet tender leaves with great Mediterranean taste Maintains an attractive ornamental compact shape perfect for containers, borders or as a focal point Drought tolerant healthy 12-14” plants Harvest 60-80 days from sowing seed Ocimum basilicum

4 BASIL ROMANESCO SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC. Glossy leaves have bright sweet flavor Tall bushy plants reach up to 26 inches tall when flowering Leaves are slightly puckered/savoyed Harvest 65 days from sowing seed Attracts pollinators to your garden Ocimum basilicum

5 BRUSSELS SPROUTS HESTIA F1 Bejo Seeds, Inc. AAS Regional Winner (SE, M/SW) Erect plant maintains nice habit Up to 100 sprouts per plant Harvest 100 days from transplant Flavor improves deliciously when temperatures dip into the 30’s Brassica oleracea

6 CABBAGE GREEN EXPRESS TERRA ORGANICS, LLC Very sweet flavor Early 60 days from sowing seed Light green cabbage with white interior 6 to 7 inch head weighs 3-3.5 pounds Best planted in spring season or over- wintered in warm climates Brassica oleracea

7 CUCAMELON MOUSE MELON Botanical Interests Also called Mexican Sour Gherkin Fruits taste similar to cucumbers with a hint of tartness May be eaten fresh or pickled Long vines can be grown on a trellis, in a container or hanging basket Melothria scabra

8 CUCUMBER PARISIAN GHERKIN F1 AAS 2015 Regional Winner (NE, M/SW) Crisp and sweet flavored Large yields process into pickles well or enjoyed fresh in salads and slaws Semi-vining plants can be grown in the garden or staked patio containers Harvest 50 days from sowing seed Cucumis sativus Terra Organics, LLC

9 LETTUCE SANDY Organic sweet tasting oakleaf type Adds abundance of interesting texture to patio containers Exceptional disease resistance to powdery mildew and is slow to bolt Harvest baby leaf in 30 days, or in 50 days for loose salad heads Lactuca sativa Terra Organics, LLC

10 MUSTARD GARNET RED Very deep red leaves right from the first true leaf stage Excellent in mixes like shown in photo Best planted in spring and fall Sow in garden or in containers Harvest in 40 days from sowing seed Brassica japonica Terra Organics, LLC

11 PAK CHOI BOPAK F1 AAS Regional Winner (NE, GL, M/SW) Tender leaves and crisp sweet stalks taste great raw or cooked Classy 8-inch plant makes an attractive “thriller” for patio pots Early - 60 days from sowing seed Brassica rapa chinensis Bejo Seeds, Inc.

12 PEA BLUE SHELLING Purple pods can be eaten as snow peas After vines are dry, harvest the grey brown peas for soup/dry peas Lovely flowers can cover a trellis and attract pollinators Plant in either spring or fall for a wonderful multi use pea crop Pisum sativum TERRA ORGANICS, LLC

13 PEA PARSLEY PEA GARNISH Specially bred for its leafy tendrils Bold-beautiful tendrils for garnish/salads Harvest a few days after tendrils form Don’t allow to become over mature or they will become tough Pisum sativum JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS

14 PEA TOM THUMB Exceptionally sweet heirloom snow pea that has been planted since 1920 Dwarf 6-8” bush snow pea can be grown in either the spring or fall Can be grown in a pot or garden space Very early maturing in just 44 days Pisum sativum TERRA ORGANICS, LLC

15 PEPPER JUPITER Large blocky 4 lobed 4.5 x 4.5” fruit Thick green walls ripen red and sweet Dense leaf canopy protects peppers from sunburn Stocky 20 inch plant TMV disease tolerance Capsicum annuum TERRA ORGANICS, LLC

16 PEPPER EMERALD FIRE F1 Hot and tasty (2,500 Scoville units) extra large jalapeno pepper Glossy, thick walled, very little cracking Prolific fruit set on 2-foot tall compact plants with large leaf cover Harvest 90 days from transplant Capsicum annuum SEMINIS

17 PEPPER FLAMING FLARE F1 Sweeter tasting Fresno type pepper ideal for chili sauces Heat depends on how late in the season the peppers are harvested Consistently produces larger fruits and more peppers per plant Early maturing 75 days from transplant Capsicum annuum SEMINIS

18 PEPPER HOT SUNSET F1 AAS Regional Winner (SE, HL, GL) Hot wax pepper (650 Scoville units) Thick-walled delicious and spicy fruits Large, healthy, vigorous plants produce attractive fruits 85 days from transplant Xanthomonas Campestris Race 1-3, (X3R) and TSWV disease resistance Capsicum annuum SEMINIS

19 PEPPER MALBEC F1 Crisp thick walled heavy fruit 4 lobed green to red bell peppers Very sweet at full mature red color Compact plants Try roasting for soups and spreads TMV disease resistance Capsicum annuum SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

20 PEPPER PATIO FIRE AND ICE In 70 days produce super sweet, small, yellow, orange, scarlet and red peppers Short compact plants under 10” tall Attractive ornamental edible Harvest 70 days from sowing seed Disease resistant to TMV Capsicum annuum SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

21 PEPPER PRETTY N SWEET F1 First pepper that can be grown both as an ornamental and edible “ornamedible” Harvest 1-ounce red, yellow and orange peppers off the same plant Excellent in containers, kitchen garden or annual beds mixed with flowers Harvest 105 days from sowing seed Capsicum annuum SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

22 PEPPER SWEET SUNSET F1 AAS Regional Winner (SE, HL, W/NW) Attractive colorful banana pepper tastes great fresh or canned High yield of 15-20 fruits per plant Compact upright plants do not require staking and can be grown in containers Harvest 85 days from transplant Capsicum annuum SEMINIS

23 PEPPER TASTY HABANERO SABROSO The leader in heat! Between 250,000- 350,000 Scoville heat units 1-2” fruit ripens to a brilliant orange at 85-95 days on plants 32” tall Can be used in salsa, chili, or dried and crushed for dish toppings Capsicum annuum Grimes Horticulture, Inc.

24 PUMPKIN CINNAMON GIRL PMR F1 Beautiful ornamental with excellent eating quality as a sweet pie filling Short vines produce 3-4 fruits per plant with only 24-30” between plants Pumpkins average 3-6 pounds Moderate resistance to powdery mildew Cucurbita pepo Johnny’s Selected Seeds

25 PUMPKIN JARRAHDALE LARGE Attractive extremely uniform fruit Superb eating qualities Fruits weigh from 12-18 pounds Long shelf life Yield 2-3 fruits per plant Cucurbita maxima JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS

26 PUMPKIN KANDY KORN PLUS Small but mighty! Attractive 1-pound fruit with handles sturdy enough for kids to carry around Bushy plants show intermediate resistance to powdery mildew Plants are early (85 days from seed) Cucurbita pepo Sakata America

27 RADISH ROXANNE F1 Great tasting with no pithiness or bleeding even at larger size Stays firm and solid, and holds well in the garden Nice shape, color, size and uniformity Harvest 27 days from sowing seed Raphanus sativus BEJO SEEDS, INC.

28 SQUASH BOSSA NOVA F1 Sweet mild taste and smooth texture Beautiful dark and light green mottled zucchini is easier to see during harvest Compact plants produce fruits earlier in the season and produce three weeks longer than comparison varieties Cucurbita pepo SEMINIS

29 SQUASH BUTTERSCOTCH F1 Small-fruited 1.25 lb. butternut with unusually sweet taste Compact space saving vine resists powdery mildew Suitable for container growing Harvest 100 days from sowing seed Cucurbita moschata JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS

30 SQUASH ITALIANO F1 Italian zucchini with sweet firm flesh Holds its texture even after cooking or grilling Bush plant produces a huge crop of striped zucchini 7-8 inches long Flowers are very tasty when cooked Cucurbita pepo SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

31 SQUASH Z’ORO Early maturing zucchini with uniformly colored rich yellow fruits 6-8” long Extremely straight blocky fruits Prolific yielder well adapted to all growing areas Harvest 45 days from sowing seed Cucurbita pepo SAKATA AMERICA

32 STEVIA HEALTH PLUS SWEET HERB Perennial zones 11 and up Overwinter indoors in cold climates About 2 feet high at maturity Leaves are sweeter than sugar Harvest before flower buds open Stevia rebaudiana Grimes Horticulture, Inc.

33 SWEET POTATO MAHON YAM  Superior eating quality - extra sweet, deep orange, stringless flesh Very good yields of uniform roots even in Northern climates Excellent storage potential Certified organic Ipomoea batatas JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS

34 TOMATO CHEF’S CHOICE PINK F1 AAS 2015 Regional Winner (SE and GL) Very large yields of 12-14 ounce pink beefsteak tomatoes Perfect acid to sugar balance make it a must for any home chef Multiple Disease resistances Harvest 110 days from transplanting Solanum lycopersicum SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

35 TOMATO CLEMENTINE Now available organic! Unique, orange cocktail-size Small oval-round 2 ounce fruit Excellent sweet-tart flavor High yielding indeterminate plants Crack resistant Solanum lycopersicum JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS

36 TOMATO FIREWORKS Largest of the super-early red tomatoes One of the deepest red tomatoes Excellent flavored 6-9 oz. fruits The tasty sauce has a beautiful color Tall determinate healthy vines Staking required to support huge yield Solanum lycopersicum SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

37 TOMATO HEIRLOOM MARRIAGE GENUWINE Distinctive heirloom look and flavor Better garden performance Earlier and high yields, fewer blemishes Genuine is a cross between heirlooms Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine Solanum lycopersicum PANAMERICAN SEED

38 TOMATO KORALIK Vigorous semi-determinate cherry type Excellent sweet flavored bright red fruit with a brix of 7-8% Produces surprisingly high yield with all fruit on a truss ripening together Shows some tolerance to Late Blight Solanum lycopersicum PRO-VEG SEEDS LTD.

39 TOMATO SUPERSAUCE This tomato wants to be tomato sauce! Large-fruited paste tomato Super-easy to peel - makes homemade sauce a quick and easy meal Meaty, nearly seedless Packed with flavor Solanum lycopersicum BURPEE HOME GARDENS

40 TOMATO SUPREMO Extra-large, mild, tasty, firm, bright red Wonderful fresh, easy to peel for sauces, canning and freezing Hybrid sets loads of 5-6 ounce fruit Compact, determinate, highly disease resistant plants Solanum lycopersicum SAKATA AMERICA

41 WATERMELON TRIPLE BABY F1 Personal sized icebox type Average weight of 8-9 pounds Sweet and juicy flavor Deep red flesh, very dark striped rind Seedless triploid melon Vines spread 32-36 inches Citrullus lanatus SEEDS BY DESIGN, INC.

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