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WNA SYMPOSIUM FUEL CYCLE MANAGEMENT, A UTILITY PERSPECTIVE Dominique DAPEI Nuclear Fuel International Affairs Director, EDF September 12th, 2013 PowerPoint.

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1 WNA SYMPOSIUM FUEL CYCLE MANAGEMENT, A UTILITY PERSPECTIVE Dominique DAPEI Nuclear Fuel International Affairs Director, EDF September 12th, 2013 PowerPoint 2007 Pour appliquer ce modèle à une présentation existante : supprimez toutes les diapos de ce document, puis, onglet [Accueil], "Nouvelle diapositive", "Réutiliser les diapositives", dans le volet Office à droite, cliquez sur [Parcourir], "Rechercher le fichier", une fois le fichier sélectionné, clic droit sur une de ses miniatures, "Insérer toutes les diapositives". NB : ne pas cocher "Conserver la mise en forme source" en bas du volet d'insertion.

2 | 2 SUMMARY WNA Symposium | September 2013 1. EDF GROUP 2. EDF EXPERIENCE - France & United Kingdom - Example of the French nuclear fuel cycle 3. EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES - Raw uranium, conversion services & enrichment services - Fuel fabrication services - On-site fuel management - Spent fuel - Radioactive waste management PowerPoint 2007 Pour remplacer le titre et la date en pied de page de toutes les diapos : placez-vous sur une diapositive affichant le titre et la date, comme celle-ci onglet [Insertion] "En-tête et pied de page" dans le champ "Fixe", remplacez le titre et la date cliquez sur le bouton [Appliquer partout].

3 | 3 A GLOBAL LEADER IN ELECTRICITY WNA Symposium | September 2013  We are a world leader in electricity, covering all activities : generation (from nuclear to renewables), networks, sales and trading.  We are an international group with roots in Europe and long-term partnerships and cooperation agreements in high-growth countries.  37.7 million customers  156,168 employees worldwide  €65.3 billion in sales  87% carbon-free generation

4 | 4 EDF EXPERIENCE FRANCE & UNITED KINGDOM  EDF is managing the fuel cycle and the radioactive waste for the sake of efficient and sustainable electricity generation.  EDF Group’s overall nuclear fuel annual requirements :  ~ 10000 t of uranium / year, ~ 7 MSWU / year ;  15% of the world market volume ;  60% of the European market volume.  Three industrial challenges are associated with nuclear fuel :  The security of fuel supply and its associated competiveness ;  The safety and performance of the fuel within the reactors ;  The coherence of the cycle and the management of radioactive waste. WNA Symposium | September 2013 Engineering Torness Hartlepool PWR Barnwood Hunterston B Heysham 1&2 Torness Hartlepool AGR Torness Hartlepool Dungeness B Sizewell B Hinkley Point B


6 | 6WNA Symposium | September 2013  EDF has shared the enriched uranium procurement at the group level (France & UK) with important synergies.  Security of supply is key for EDF Group and is achieved through the following 5 levers, which EDF had implemented over the past 30 years : A mix of partnerships and diversification to secure competitive sources of supply. Strategic inventories in natural uranium and reprocessed uranium ; Recycling saves ~ 15% of annual natural uranium requirements ; Risk assessment, qualification, surveillance of any supplier, Controlled logistics - Transportation, containers, storage…  In addition, EDF has developed capabilities to procure enriched boron and lithium hydroxide for its fleet. EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES RAW URANIUM, CONVERSION SERVICES & ENRICHMENT SERVICES

7 | 7WNA Symposium | September 2013  Fuel fabrication procurement EDF guarantees the security of supply of its French NPPs, through geographical and design diversification ; EDF performs supplier qualification and fuel manufacturing surveillance ; EDF capitalizes the fuel know-how and to manage the experience feedback ; EDF shares the fuel fabrication procurement of its own French & UK EPRs.  Common design fuel EDF will maintain a common design fuel between its own French & UK EPRs, through the management of its experience on fuel behaviour during irradiation ; EDF has a security inventory of fuel assemblies and its own facilities in France, which could be shared ; EDF has capabilities for In core fuel management. EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES FUEL FABRICATION SERVICES

8 | 8WNA Symposium | September 2013  Fuel service tools for inspections  Fuel repair assistance  Fleet refuelling team and dedicated fuel move technicians EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES ON-SITE FUEL MANAGEMENT

9 | 9WNA Symposium | September 2013  Spent fuel option such as reprocessing EDF has 30 years experience on spent fuel reprocessing and Pu/U recycling ;  Spent fuel option such as interim storage (sharing of cost in procurement of dry storage casks, regional interim facilities, fleet dry cask storage team, utility shared dry cask contract) Technical expertise : o 30 years research & development on interim storage (spent fuel pool or dry storage casks) required by the french 1991 act («loi Bataille») ; o In UK, EDF, scenario of 100 years interim storage, two on going projects: on site dry storage on Sizewell B (existing PWR), on site wet storage on Hinkley Point C (two EPRs project). EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES SPENT FUEL

10 | 10WNA Symposium | September 2013  France benefits from a strong framework of law, regulation and requirement for transparency : French 2006 Planning Act ; National Plan for the Management of Radioactive Waste and Materials ;  An industrial-scale management of O&M radioactive waste has been developed by EDF for its French fleet and also implemented for the management of radioactive waste generated by the decommissioning program  Waste treatment  Waste disposal  Financial aspects EDF KEY COMPETENCIES & CAPABILITIES RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT


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