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Irish Festivals, Irish Life: the facts and how to use them for your festival Fiona Goh Consulting 2003.

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1 Irish Festivals, Irish Life: the facts and how to use them for your festival Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

2 Background Page 01 Why do we need the research? To evaluate the value and impact of Irish festivals To understand the needs and priorities of festivals better To explode myths about the festivals movement To share best practice in festival organisation and development To make the case for Irish festivals nationally and internationally Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

3 Background Page 02 The research objectives: To gather baseline data on the Irish festivals movement To analyse the data and provide a summary of key findings, together with a full report To explore the main issues in depth in a series of case studies To produce an appropriate research template for future use Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

4 Methodologies Page 03 Project components: Consultation and literature review Survey research via a postal questionnaire Case studies via telephone interviews Database of 469 member and non-member festival organisers Republic of Ireland - 2002 data only 103 eligible questionnaires returned - 22% response rate Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

5 The myths... Page 04 Myth 1: Festivals are like fireworks - theyre great while they are here but they dont have any lasting impact. Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

6 Irish festivals: creating an impact Page 05 Facts 1: Festivals promote an estimated minimum of 10,600 events per year: equivalent to 30 events per day 55% of festival organisations undertake activities in addition to running a festival The indirect economic impact of festivals spending on other areas of the economy is estimated to be at least 31.7 million An estimated audience of 7.1 million saw festival events in 2002 - the entire population of Ireland is 3.9 million Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

7 The myths... Page 06 Myth 2: Festivals are always asking for money but they dont give anything back to their local economies. Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

8 Irish festivals: community investors Page 07 Facts 2: The average festival audience is made up of 67% locals - the remaining 33% require overnight accommodation Festivals on average spend 69% of their total expenditure in their local area This represents a direct local investment of at least 8.9 million Community venues are the backbone of festivals; two thirds of festival organisers use churches, pubs, outdoor public spaces, or community halls for their events Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

9 The myths... Page 08 Myth 3: Festivals are like the circus - they roll into town and have no interest in local communities. Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

10 Irish festivals: community developers Page 09 Facts 3: Festivals encourage and develop active communities - 98% use volunteers The majority of people volunteer for festivals in order to support or develop their community 83% of volunteers are involved in additional community activities 90% of festivals programme free events Festivals top priorities focus on artistic excellence, tourism and local communities Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

11 The myths... Page 10 Myth 4: Festivals are temporary, so theyre not good value for money. Why should I fund them? Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

12 Irish festivals in context Page 11 Festivals are here to stay: Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

13 Irish festivals: resourceful with resources Page 12 Facts 4: Festivals spend 53% directly on artists fees and event costs In turn, festivals generate income from a wide variety of sources - only 31% of income is from public funders, with 39% coming from sponsorship The remaining 30% is self-generated, from ticket sales or other earned income, including merchandise and bars or catering Festivals receive significant media coverage - 99% generate coverage in their local newspaper, and 30% receive international media attention Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

14 The myths... Page 13 Myth 5: Volunteering is: 1. For retired people 2. Full of menial tasks 3. Useful but not essential Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

15 Volunteers: a key festivals resource Page 14 Facts 5: 98% of festivals use volunteers - 50% have no paid staff at all Support is given at all levels for a broad range of tasks An estimated 2,772 people work year round - plus 8,316 during festival time Total support given by volunteers to Irish festivals is the estimated equivalent of 185 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) Value of volunteers time at the Minimum Wage = 2.2 million Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

16 Volunteers: a key festivals resource Page 15 Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

17 Future development Page 16 Some areas for development... 47% of festivals have no data on their audiences 59% of festivals dont provide training for their volunteers 23% of festivals have no presence on the world wide web 58% of festivals have no strategic plan 33% of festivals did not carry out a risk assessment in 2002 31% of festivals did not have a dedicated safety officer Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

18 Using the facts Page 17 Make use of the research! Quote the research and key findings when approaching funders or other relevant stakeholders See how your festival compares on key data - are you spending a higher % on artists or attracting a greater % of visitors? Develop some positive PR out of season for your festival by telling your local media about the research Learn from fellow organisers experience in the case studies Lobby for support on areas of development Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

19 Summary Page 18 In conclusion: Irish festivals are here to stay; they are a vibrant and growing sector providing a wealth of activities year-round Festivals have a significant impact on the cultural, social and economic fabric of Ireland Festivals support and develop active communities The research allows us to demonstrate the value of festivals, share best practice and make the case to key stakeholders Fiona Goh Consulting 2003

20 Fiona Goh Consulting:

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