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Boasting and Arrogance. Proud as a Peacock We may really never know how a peacock feels.

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1 Boasting and Arrogance

2 Proud as a Peacock We may really never know how a peacock feels

3 However we humans know what it is like to be proud.

4 Worst still, to be treated with arroga nce.

5 Boasting Bragging about what one has done or exerted an effort towards

6 Making sure everyone knows about the 12 A’s you got in O levels.

7 Feeling and acting superior because of their race Proudly explaining to others how you trace your lineage to a big personality.

8 Expecting others to praise your looks and swelling with pride when they do so.

9 Boasting universally evokes objection and is a spiritual disease

10 No one likes a boaster

11 Allah does not love the arrogant and boasting ones. (Surah Luqman 31:Verse 18 Surah Al Hadeed 57: Verse 23)

12 Arabs used to shout out “I am the son of so and so”

13 Claiming that their pedigree was enough to mark their status and privilege.

14 “Be not content with the stories of those who went before you. Go forth and create your own story”

15 What is the force behind boasting?

16 Villains in history Satan Pharaoh The opponents of the Prophet (pbuh) Many tyrants Most were filled with arrogance

17 Pharaoh denied the existence of God and claimed divinity for himself

18 فَقَا لَ اَنَا رَبُّکُمۡ اَلۡاَعۡلَیٰ your lord,the most high” “I am

19 Iblis (Satan) degraded Adam (as) and disobeyed Allah's command to prostate to Adam (as)

20 “Will I prostate to one whom You have created from clay?”

21 “Because you have sent me astray,certainly I will lie in wait for them on your Right Path…”

22 “A man was walking dragging his dress with pride.He was sunk in the earth because of it,and will keep sinking in the earth till the Day of Standing” ( Bukhari)

23 “No one will enter paradise who has an atom’s weight of arrogance in his heart” (Bukhari)

24 “I will divert My signs from those who show arrogance without right” (Surah Al A’raf 7:Verse 146)

25 One of the qualities of Allah (swt) is Al- Mutakabbir (The Proud)

26 “Pride is My cloak and honour is My loincloth,and whoever contends with me, regarding one of them or both,I will throw them in the fire” (Muslim)

27 Type one When a person considers himself superior to others

28 ‘Oh, this one is for the maid !’

29 People of knowledge are in greater danger of arrogance

30 Type two One who shows contempt and scorn to others

31 Acting holier than thou

32 Type three Arrogance because of one’s lineage

33 What happens when the architect is a Pathan

34 Type four Arrogance owing to beauty

35 We forget that Allah (swt) made all of us with His own hands

36 Signs of arrogance…. Looking at yourself in the mirror ( quite often)

37 Type five Arrogance due to wealth

38 Most affluent people show contempt to those of lesser means

39 Calling others Urdu medium The keel type North Nazimabadi

40 Cheap Paindu Bun kabab

41 They are usually on a high horse !

42 Type six Arrogance based on abundance of something in this world

43 Some talent

44 intelligence

45 friends


47 “Indeed, the most honorable of you in the sight of Allah is the most God fearing of you” (Surah Al Hujarat 49: Verse 30)

48 Many people are honored by having lineage traceable to the Prophet (saw)

49 If your actions hold you back, your lineage will not speed you up

50 Does wearing beautiful clothes and shoes exhibit arrogance?

51 “Indeed Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. Arrogance means rejecting the truth and having contempt for people.” Muslim

52 We quickly jump to conclusions about people’s vain attitudes.

53 However we must focus on ourselves and recognize arrogance within.

54 How? Do you feel that the blessings you have are mainly because you or your folks earned it? – you deserve it !

55 Do you love to listen to how smart and intelligent you are ?

56 Do you avoid making friends with girls who are not too popular ?

57 want your way?— Do you listen to people around you, or do you usually Your opinion is what really matters!!!!

58 When someone criticizes your opinion, do you feel like saying __ “Are you saying that I am wrong?”

59 When you are given some less important work to do, do you feel less important?

60 Do you, mostly, unconsciously end up talking about yourself rather than listening to others?

61 If your answers are “yes”…. You need to root out the plant of arrogance inside your heart How?

62 Remind ourselves of our humble organic origins

63 Qur’an reminds us again and again that we are created from a drop of semen

64 We have religious heroes for a reason. To study how great but humble they were

65 If you are not like the real people, at least mimic them

66 If one wishes to learn calligraphy then he must go to a master calligrapher and repeat what he does

67 As for arrogance due to beauty It can be the most illusory of things

68 Beauty wanes with age

69 What doesn’t is our character, belief and our deeds

70 Allah (swt)is The Fashioner not you

71 Every blessing is a gift from Allah

72 But it is Not For free

73 Wealth, strength and prestige are not born out of our own devices

74 When someone praises you instead of saying thank you say, “Alhumdulillah” (praise be to Allah)

75 Remind yourself of the miserable end of the nations and people who were arrogant

76 Dealing with arrogant people

77 Be gentle with them

78 “And speak to him mildly perhaps he may accept warning or fear (Allah)” (Surah At Ta-Ha 20: Verse 44)

79 Advise them in private

80 Pray for them

81 Excessive humility can result in abasement

82 “A believer never humiliates himself”

83 Must remember “Among the most noble things of the world is a rich man who is humble”

84 “ But those who reject Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and treat them with arrogance…. …they are the dwellers of the (Hell) Fire, they will abide therein forever.” ( Surah Al-A’raf 7, Verse 36)


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