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S/K Challenge Demonstration Information and Planning Makeup Meeting US Army Dugway Proving Ground Presented 03 Jun 2014 Unclassified.

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1 S/K Challenge Demonstration Information and Planning Makeup Meeting US Army Dugway Proving Ground Presented 03 Jun 2014 Unclassified

2 S/K Challenge 2 Unclassified

3 Purpose The purpose of the Dugway Proving Ground S/K Challenge I event is to enable the chemical and biological defense community, both government and industry, to gain early insight into system capabilities in a real world threat scenario. As the Nation’s Chemical and Biological Proving Ground, DPG recognizes the need to continue advancing the collaborative efforts of National and International chemical and biological partners. We offer a Test Tube to Battlefield capability, with world-class information and services for Test and Evaluation within a collaborative cost environment. Unclassified 3

4 S/K Challenge is a collaborative demonstration Objective: To allow early involvement in threat relevant environments to support system, process, and procedure development All participants receive the same support/services Systems are not undergoing formal test/evaluation S/K Challenge Unclassified 4

5 5 S/K Challenge Fee Schedule Field Participants ($15K) Field Site Tours Basic Logistics support System Exposed to Threat Relevant Challenges; opportunity to collect and analyze samples Exercise your COTs equipment Test Drive your prototype under development Referee Data Package compare your data to ours Analytical Package ($5K) No need to attend or participate Stand Alone Referee Data Package Observers ($2K) Command & Control Live Data Feed Distributed Test Control Center (DTCC) Networking Opportunity Field Site Tours *O6, GS-15 and equivalent or above full access to VIP observation opportunity

6 S/K Challenge Schedule Planning20 Mar 14 15 May 14 (03 Jun 14 makeup) 10 Jul 14 Execution08-18 Sep 14 Scenarios Logistics Data collection Post Execution Retrograde19 Sep 14 After Action Review19 Sep 14 Data package delivery16 Oct 14 S/K Challenge IISummer 15 Unclassified 6

7 Expectations Customer Requirements Participate in planning Participation Fee Coordinate customer logistics Travel and Equipment Shipping cost Dugway Requirements Data Package - Referee data collection On-site Logistics Scenario design and execution to include: Chemical and Biological simulants Threat scenarios Test Grid setup Aerosols/Vapors Explosive dissemination Non-Disclosure of proprietary information Planning a minimum of 30 trials Both quick-look and detailed sample data package provided Unclassified 7

8 Ideal Testing Environment Environmental permits Pristine air quality No encroachment (physical or electronic) No endangered species Low precipitation (<8 inches/year) Granite Mountain Elevation: 7080 feet Total Area1,252 miles 2 Mountain Terrain59,078 acres Mixed Desert Terrain279,768 acres Playa (flats)462,180 acres Salt Flats Elevation: 4230 feet Unclassified 8

9 Dugway Multi-use Test Range Complex of 27 instrumented ranges, grids, test sites & impact areas C/B, munitions, smoke & obscurants, and illumination testing Outfitted with dissemination, referee, meteorological sensors and communication technology Environmental permits for outdoor open air testing with all appropriate C/B simulants 4 major impact areas, 9 drop zones, 91 artillery firing points Most heavily-instrumented C/B test site in the world Approved for Public Release—Distribution Unlimited Unclassified 9

10 Test Grid Location Unclassified 10

11 Test Grid Layout Unclassified 11

12 Release Types Wet Biological Dry Biological Explosive Wet Chemical Dry Chemical Chemical Vapor Unclassified 12

13 Unclassified 13 S/K Challenge Schedule

14 Unclassified 14 S/K Challenge Master Events List

15 Unclassified 15 S/K Challenge Master Events List (Continued)

16 Unclassified 16 S/K Challenge Master Events List (Continued)

17 Unclassified 17 S/K Challenge Master Events List (Continued)

18 Execution Process Customer Requirements Limited Access to range after start of the evening Participants will be allowed access before start of trials and at the end of trials each evening Understand individual system troubleshooting cannot delay execution Dugway Requirements Execute trials as weather allows. Maintain range safety 18 Unclassified 18

19 Unclassified 19 Data Sources* Chem Point Gasmets Standoff Chemical Cloud Tracking System (CCTS) Orion Cameras ** LIDAR also available for Chem Aerosol Bio Point Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS) Standoff Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR**) * Meteorological PWIDS Data Applicable to All Releases

20 Unclassified 20 APS Data Files DateTime (Local)Conc. … Total all bins0.52 um0.56 um0.60 um…19.11 um20.54um Unitlesshh:mm:ss particles per liter … Bkg Avg110798117291261…10.5 5/30/2012 23:18:04.032114908607201400…00 5/30/2012 23:18:10.080112409208801230…00 5/30/2012 23:18:16.128115407207801270…00 5/30/2012 23:18:22.176114808407601340…00 5/30/2012 23:18:28.224110007307101450…100 5/30/2012 23:18:34.272115407907801270…00 5/30/2012 23:18:40.320111507806101210…00 5/30/2012 23:18:46.368105607805601170…00 5/30/2012 23:18:52.416113708507901120…010 5/30/2012 23:18:57.600116107906801290…100 5/30/2012 23:19:03.648112408807401300…00 5/30/2012 23:19:09.696108707306901150…00 5/30/2012 23:19:15.744111608507101310…00 5/30/2012 23:19:21.792110708007601110…00

21 Unclassified 21 APS Summary Tables APS IDAPS Location Max Conc. (particles per liter) Elapsed Time (hh:mm:ss) until Easting (m) Northing (m) Elevation (m) Response Above Baseline Max Conc. Return to Baseline Particle Diameter Statistics (um) 10 th Percentile 50 th Percentile 90 th Percentile Mass Median Diameter

22 Unclassified 22 APS Particle Size Distribution

23 Unclassified 23 APS Plots *Similar Plots Available for Gasmet Data

24 Unclassified 24 APS Overlay Plots *Similar Plots Available for Gasmet Data

25 Unclassified 25 Gasmet Data Files DateTime (Local)Concentration GASMET1GASMET2GASMET3GASMET4GASMET5GASMET6 mg/m³ unitlesshh:mm:ssLOC=GM1-N1LOC=GM1-N2LOC=GM1-N3LOC=GM1-N4LOC=GM1-S2LOC=GM1-S3 Background Average0.0258330.0192660.1704670.0115340.0149630.044444 6/8/20120:39:4037.05 6/8/20120:39:41105.68 6/8/20120:39:4282.3134.7287.64 6/8/20120:39:44157.5 6/8/20120:39:4542.43 6/8/20120:39:4796.91 6/8/20120:39:4879.1737.1687.37 6/8/20120:39:50154.97 6/8/20120:39:5146.4 6/8/20120:39:5281.63 6/8/20120:39:5477.3638.3986.03 6/8/20120:39:56149.26 6/8/20120:39:5754.48 6/8/20120:39:5878.52 6/8/20120:39:5941.82 6/8/20120:40:0078.6285.41 6/8/20120:40:02145.46 6/8/20120:40:0360.19 6/8/20120:40:0471.42

26 Unclassified 26 Gasmet Summary Tables Gasmet ID Gasmet Location Max Conc. (mg/m 3 ) Elapsed Time (hh:mm:ss) Until Easting (m) Northing (m) Elevation (m) Response Above Baseline Max Conc. Return to Baseline

27 Unclassified 27 LIDAR Data Files Time Start UTCTime End UTC Cloud Group Vertical Scan #Rel. Conc. Rel. Mass Northing Easting Altitude Range 2012-06- 27T15:04:08.12503 2012-06- 27T15:04:08.6750531369004.45E+063117761318.815998.5 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.07505 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.6750531370585.5415672.524.45E+063146331315.023112.5 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.07505 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.67505313701669941.62E+064.45E+063146271315.063118.5 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.07505 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.67505313703145553.06E+064.45E+063146241315.083121.5 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.07505 2012-06- 27T15:04:09.675053137094173.19193654.45E+063146211315.13124.5

28 Unclassified 28 LIDAR Data Maps

29 Unclassified 29 CCTS Data Files Date (mm/dd/yy) Time (hh:mm:ss) Latitude (deg)Longitude (deg)Altitude (m) Elapsed Minutes from Detonation Voxel Volume (m³)Voxel Mass (mg) Concentration (mg/m³) 8/11/201322:30:0740.1552-113.1691337.52.11671250003167502.53 8/11/201322:30:0740.1553-113.1691337.52.11671250006556255.25 8/11/201322:30:0740.1553-113.1681337.52.11671250002196251.76 8/11/201322:30:0740.1548-113.1691337.52.11671250008400006.72 8/11/201322:30:0740.1548-113.1691337.52.11671250009617507.69

30 Unclassified 30 Orion 3DCAV Data Files Time UTC Easting Northing Altitude 2012-06-27T15:04:08.125034450237.6482311776.48011821.4801 2012-06-27T15:04:09.075054450237.6493311776.48011821.4801 2012-06-27T15:04:09.075054450237.6499311776.48011821.4801 2012-06-27T15:04:09.075054450237.6501311776.48011821.4801 2012-06-27T15:04:09.075054450237.6504311776.48011821.4801

31 Unclassified 31 3DCAV Data Maps

32 Unclassified 32 PWIDS Data Files DateTime (UTC)Wind SpeedWind DirectionTemperatureRelative HumidityU VectorV VectorPressure Station 01 unitlesshh:mm:ssm/sdegreesdegrees Cpercentm/s mb Valid Range:0.0 to 60.00.0 to 360.0-35.0 to 45.00.0 to 100.0 -60.0 to 60.0 600.0 to 1060.0 6/8/20120:05:005.3913521.3111-3.8253.798864.77 6/8/20120:05:104.7613221.2711-3.5233.206864.77 6/8/20120:05:205.1313421.2911-3.7123.548864.77 6/8/20120:05:305.2513521.2911-3.7473.682864.76 6/8/20120:05:404.9313421.2611-3.5223.449864.72 6/8/20120:05:505.2313421.2311-3.7393.661864.71 6/8/20120:06:005.0212921.2611-3.9113.144864.72 6/8/20120:06:105.7813021.2611-4.4423.701864.70 6/8/20120:06:205.0413421.2711-3.6293.493864.73 6/8/20120:06:305.5013421.2911-3.9683.805864.68 6/8/20120:06:405.6413121.2511-4.2673.696864.72 6/8/20120:06:505.6813421.2611-4.1023.934864.66 6/8/20120:07:005.2813421.2311-3.7873.682864.70 6/8/20120:07:105.2013321.2311-3.7943.562864.66 6/8/20120:07:205.1713021.2711-3.9873.298864.66 6/8/20120:07:305.1313421.2411-3.6883.574864.68

33 Unclassified 33 PWIDS Summary Tables PWIDS IDPWIDS LocationWind Speed* Easting (m) Northing (m) Elevation (m) 10 th Percentile 50 th Percentile 90 th Percentile Trial X. Date: mmddyy, Start Time: hhmmss, Stop Time: hhmmss. *Additional statistics will include wind direction, U component of wind vector, V component of wind vector, temperature, RH, barometric pressure.

34 Unclassified 34 PWIDS Plots

35 Unclassified 35 Modeled Cloud Elapsed Time (sec) Elapsed Time (min)C001 mg/m3C002 mg/m3C003 mg/m3C004 mg/m3C005 mg/m3C006 mg/m3C007 mg/m3 6.00E+011.00E+000.00E+00 1.20E+022.00E+000.00E+00 1.80E+023.00E+002.52E-130.00E+00 3.09E-134.06E-134.53E-13 2.40E+024.00E+006.10E-101.07E-114.74E-110.00E+007.14E-109.48E-101.14E-09 3.00E+025.00E+006.83E-081.55E-091.14E-090.00E+007.50E-088.69E-089.34E-08 3.60E+026.00E+007.77E-073.49E-082.12E-080.00E+008.12E-078.74E-079.11E-07 4.20E+027.00E+002.84E-062.06E-071.28E-071.74E-132.90E-063.01E-063.10E-06 4.80E+028.00E+005.02E-064.96E-073.25E-075.68E-115.06E-065.17E-065.28E-06 5.40E+029.00E+006.02E-067.25E-074.94E-079.86E-106.05E-066.12E-066.21E-06 6.00E+021.00E+016.28E-068.66E-075.96E-071.03E-086.28E-066.27E-066.24E-06 6.60E+021.10E+014.78E-067.34E-075.12E-073.85E-084.78E-064.79E-06 7.20E+021.20E+013.60E-066.11E-074.38E-071.29E-073.60E-06 3.59E-06 3.48E+035.80E+012.89E-131.35E-131.26E-131.06E-112.93E-132.99E-13 3.54E+035.90E+012.45E-131.15E-131.09E-138.65E-122.47E-132.50E-132.49E-13 3.60E+036.00E+012.03E-139.69E-149.11E-146.97E-122.06E-132.10E-13

36 Unclassified 36 Modeled Cloud

37 Unclassified 37 Modeled Cloud Sensor Locations Variable Sensor Heights GB Dispersion TEP Dispersion

38 Unclassified 38 Google Earth KML Files and AVI Files Visualization of: Gasmet and APS Concentration Readings Over Time Location of Cloud, Represented by LIDAR, CCTS, and IR Cameras PWIDS Wind Direction Location and Concentration of Modeled Cloud

39 Unclassified 39 Quick Look Data Quick Look Data from Point Sensors, available night following a given release Orion Camera 3DCAV Data, Also Typically Available.

40 Details and Registration Website Unclassified 40

41 S/K Challenge Fee Payment 41 Non US Government Customers: Please send payment via check made out to ‘Department of Treasury’ and mailed to DPG at the following: U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground WDTC Resource Management Office ATTN: Cynthia Rowe or Angie Child Building 4531 (Kuddes), B-Street Room 140 Dugway, UT 84022-5000 DPG Resource Management Budget POC: Cynthia Rowe COMM: (435) 831-3749, DSN 789-3749 FAX: (435) 831-5183, DSN 789-5183 DPG Resource Management Budget POC: Angela Child COMM: (435) 831-3785, DSN 789-3785 FAX: (435) 831-5183, DSN 789-5183 Government customers: Please make sure the following statement is on the MIPR: Issued as a reimbursable economy act service order IAW DFAS-IN 37-1, Chapter 12 and 31 U.S.C 1535 or issued as a reimbursable project order IAW DFAS-IN 37-1, Chapter 12 and 41 U.S.C 23. Please include the project number 2014-DT-DPG-ARSPT-F9492. Deadline: 01 July 2014

42 Additional Information Personal Protective Equipment TAP Laundry Foreign Nationals Mobile phone service – AT&T Attire Camera restrictions Additional Information is available in the Welcome Packet. Unclassified 42

43 Points of Contact Project Manager Dr Michael Hurley Email: Systems POC Dr Petr Serguievski Email: General Information Mrs Paula Thomas Email: Ms Jean Baker Email: Unclassified 43

44 S/K Challenge II Summer 2015 Unclassified 44

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