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UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Unica Academic Footprint Green Experience: Exchange for successes and failures University of Lisbon’s Shared Service Center (SPUL)

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1 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Unica Academic Footprint Green Experience: Exchange for successes and failures University of Lisbon’s Shared Service Center (SPUL) David Xavier & Márcia Vila 1/28

2 2/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

3 University of Lisbon 1911 - 2011 Mission The University of Lisbon is a public, plural school that provides solid education inspired by competitive research and a commitment to serving the community. The University invests in the cultural, artistic, scientific and technological heritage of the academy, consolidating talents and enhancing their integration into society. 3/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

4 University of Lisbon 1911 - 2011 Facts and Figures (resume) Degrees Undergraduate Courses (1st Cycle) - 40 Integrated Master (1st + 2nd Cycle) - 6 Non-Degree Graduate Courses Actualizations -37 Specializations - 19 Master (2nd Cycle) - 159 PhD (3rd Cycle) - 43 Students Total - 22 245 Undergraduate students - 15 898 Graduate students (non-degree courses) - 185 Graduate Master students - 4 481 Graduate PhD students - 1 681 Students with scholarship - 3 053 Lifelong Learning Programme – Erasmus action Incoming students – 425 Outgoing students - 296 Teaching Staff Teaching Staff - 1 797* Percentage of Phd´s - 71,2%* Non Teaching Staff Non teaching Staff - 1 118* Research Career Staff - 146* (77 are contracted under the Science 2007 programme) Research Research Units – 57 Percentage of R&D units with very good and excellent classification - 63% Associate Laboratories - 3 Facilities Total useful area - 145 997,93m2 Canteens – 5 Number of meals served - 748 198 Number of university residences – 13 Number of beds - 708 Libraries (in all organic units) SIBUL - Integrated System of the UL’s Libraries, one of the biggest data base in Portugal B-on - Online Librarie of Knowledge, with full text of scientific periodic publications 4/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

5 5/28 University of Lisbon Campus Area Around 145 997,93m2 inside city area. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

6 University of Lisbon’s Shared Service Center (SPUL) SPUL and UL Units Rectory & Shared Service Center LawPsychologyPharmacyLetters Dental Medicin GeographyEducation Social Sciences SciencesMedicineArts 6/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

7 University of Lisbon 1911 - 2011 2010 UL - CHALLANGE Today's universities are being challenged to cut costs and focus limited resources on core mission activities of teaching, research and public service. Many are looking to achieve these cost reductions in administrative areas. The advantage of reducing expenses in administration is that the fundamental strength and nature of the institution can be protected while efficiency in the "non-value added" functions can still be improved. 7/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

8 Shared Service Center Strategic Objectives of Shared Service Center Implementation Shared Service Centers are not only used to improve cost savings. In our case it also helps the University to respond to the new realities and pursue rapid growth strategies by: Capturing economies of scale; Increasing standardization and use of leading edge technologies; Freeing up employees to spend more time and resources on their core jobs; Providing flexibility to quickly add new business units and expand geographically; Delivering higher quality service and improved satisfaction. Basically to prepare the University for a more efficient management of its resources in order to more easily and quickly achieve an ecological footprint reduction 8/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

9 University of Lisbon’s Shared Service Center (SPUL) Highlights 2010 1.This year SPUL won a Best Practice in Public Sector Award in the category of Process Improvement 2.This year SPUL won an application for EU funding for a project called: “Balcão Único”. It’s a 3 year project and the total amount of investment is 3.2 millions euros 3.SPUL is co-author of na Environmental Project called “Universidade Verde” whose main goal is the development of a more sustainable University in terms of energy and environmental issues 9/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

10 10 November 3, 2010 Project Kick-off Conference presided by Rector and professors of several areas of teaching and research UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

11 11  Implement and train our students, teachers, researchers, staff and visitors to the adoption of new practices for resources management.  Provide logistic services and support to various activities aimed at a more sustainable management of resources in our Units, streamlining solutions that can help in this administration.  Promote the use of the campus as a testing ground and as a model for sustainable development abroad, serving as an example of good environmental practices and behaviors. An interdisciplinary project that involves the participation of the entire UL community! UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Goals

12 Slide 12/17  Study water consumption and energy use in buildings of UL to improve a more rational and efficient use;  Identify possible measures and interventions, based on the characteristics of each installation;  ;  Producing information for decision support on developing concrete actions to reduce consumptions and costs. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Energy Purposes

13 13 Electricity 70% Gas 11% Water 19% Spends on electricity, gas and water distribution at UL (3 millions €) UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Overview

14 14UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Overview

15 15 ElectricityGasWater 3 Total Emissions 392,8 Kg CO 2 /student Consumption per student 2009 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Overview

16 16UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Overview Estimated Annual Waste Collected in tons at UL (Total 25.319 t)

17 Reutilization and recycling programs Ongoing Projects 17 Striving to create processes that minimize and reutilize waste is something intimately connected to the rational use of resources. Minimizing the environmental impact of our activities is the main reason of our reutilization and recycling programs. Co-operation between those inside and outside the workplace, between producers and consumers, between different organizations, between citizens. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

18 18 Team work from different units aimed to implement the same environmental practices through a waste management system Small and ecological Kids in UL - Improve Kids Environmental awareness with parents that work or study in UL UNICA - OSLO May / 2011 Ongoing Waste Management Projects

19 Waste Management Projects under negotiation 19 Renew your Paper at UL Partnership between UL and Renova Industry. Renova is one of the Europe’s leading consumer brands whose main products are tissues for domestic and sanitary use. Renova is also a reference brand in feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, printing & writing paper. Exchange of recyclable waste paper from all colleges for toilet paper UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

20 Waste Management Projects under development 20 Share and use at ULNonprofit platform like eBay, for UL community, to share unwanted and unused objects like office supply, laboratory consumables and reagents, furniture and other objects. Reduce the amount of waste and recycling costs and improve money saving. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

21 Energy 21 Contract negotiation for the energy supply (Portugal has just entered the liberalized power supply) to ensure the lowest prices available at the electricity market; Audit every building and perform energy diagnostics in order to obtain Energy Certification; Implementation of control strategies and equipment optimization in buildings to reduce consumption – rationalization of the usage of energy; Support the choice of more efficient technologies and equipment on the use of electricity and thermal energy; Demand for financial incentives for renewable energy systems and other actions. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

22 Reduction of energy and water consumption 22 Gradual replacement of the actual lighting equipment by LED systems in colleges and institutes; Installation of equipment for management and control of acclimatization; Development and installation of a centralized management system for consumption control (electricity and gas); Development of a Program for energy sustainability for the buildings that make up the campus; Install flow restrictors to reduce the water flow (installation of 5.000 taps and Toilet flush) UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

23 Produce clean energy for renewable sources. under negotiation 23 Construction of a solar photovoltaic park to produce energy – 2/3 MW Partnership between UL and Martifer Industry. Martifer SGPS SA is a holding company of a group of enterprises focused on two different sectors, Metallic Construction and Renewable Energy. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

24 Public Spaces on UL Campus 24 Redevelopment and reorganization of the outside spaces of the campus; Improve and preserve green spaces and leisure on campus; Implement measures to decrease traffic across the campus; Improve street lighting and security; Encourage the use of electric vehicles. UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

25 Public Spaces on Campus UL 25 Installation of 40 slow and fast electric chargers in public; Parking policies to reduce car traffic; Improve the current infrastructure for bike circulation and parking; UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

26 Thank you! David Xavier Márcia Vila – University of Lisbon’s Shared Service Center 26/28 UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

27 about as Centro de Recursos Comuns e Serviços Partilhados da UL 27UNICA - OSLO May / 2011

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