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“ ” Click the video 2012.

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3 “ ” Click the video 2012

4 “ ” Do you think the Olympics had a positive or negative impact on the UK economy? Discuss

5 Consider the impact on the following. (positive and negative) 5 mins

6 Olympic Budget

7 Immediate Economic impact

8 Long- term economic impact of London 2012

9 Breakdown of the £750M INCREASE in consumer spending

10 Watch video 

11 In groups consider some advantages and disadvantages of London 2012 AdvantagesDisadvantages Urban regenerationPollution

12 Some facts AdvantagesDisadvantages Urban regenerationPollution Housing-3,850 new affordable Congestion Transport improvementLocal businesses forced to close Tourism-£1 billion of tourism GDP from visitors who would not have visited London May have come to London anyway Jobs- Reintegration into work for 3,000 formerly unemployed people, Jobs are predominately minimum wage

13 Against the clock You have 5 minutes in groups (against the sand timer!) to list: What were the advantages and disadvantages of London 2012 on the local community. Now feedback to the class

14 John Lewis (Chelmsford) and London Southend Airport

15 Task 2-Group Research Task  The British Rail Consortium has asked you to present to selected members of the local retail business community on the impact of retail developments in their local community. Evaluate the impact of two different proposed, under construction or completed retail developments in your local community. London 2012 and either John Lewis (Chelmsford or Southend Airport)  Group Research task

16 Task 2 (P6, M3 and D2)

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