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Energy Efficiency Measures in Moldovan Utilities GUTU SERGIU, MAY 08, 2014.

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1 Energy Efficiency Measures in Moldovan Utilities GUTU SERGIU, MAY 08, 2014

2 Content: I. Why Energy Efficiency? II. Performing Energy Audit III. Putting in practice Energy Audit recommendations IV. Outcomes V. Next steps 2

3 National Water Supply and Sanitation Project (NWSSP) Urban Component: Bali, Cahul, Orhei, Floresti, Ungheni, Causeni. Rural Component: Valeni, Colibasi, Sarata-Noua, Bestemac, Pirita, Dubasarii Vechi, Navirnet, Sanatauca, Zahorna.

4 NWSSP Components: Total Project Value: USD 12,8 mln. World Bank loan Implementation Period: FY 2009- 2013 4

5 Why Energy Efficiency?  WU use old and energy intensive equipment  Electricity consumption reaches over 28-35% of WU’s Operational Costs  Moldova is a Net Importer of energy from unstable markets 5

6 Main stages: Contract duration Budget, (USD) Weigh, (%) Energy Audit6 months230.00021 Implementation18 months870.00079 Total:1.100.000100 6

7 Methodology under Energy Audit:  Flow measurements at all water sources, all water and sewage pumping stations.  Outflow measurements of individual water and sewage pumps  Energy consumption of individual pumps and air blower  Team used pressure measurements equipment in order to evaluate actual performance of pumps and pressure piping  Acoustic leak detection using correlator has been performed 7

8 8

9 Consultant prepared the following submittals, (Dec, 2011) :  BoQ and Cost estimate for Goods, Works and associated services  Technical Specifications for Goods and Works within proposed Energy Management Program (EMP)  EMP schedule of implementation 9

10 Solutions applied in Balti city Before After 10

11 Outcomes: Indicator 2: Average Electricity Consumption Baseline (KWh/m3) Target (KWh/m3) Achieved (KWh/m3) BaltiBalti 1.380.940.80 Cahul Causeni 2.871.501.42 Floresti 1.581.251.03 Ungheni Indicator 3: Annual electricity consumption of sewerage system in Baseline (MWh/year) Target (MWh/year) Achieved (MWh/year) Orhei 327157104 -42% - 50% -35% -68% 11

12 Outcomes: Electricity Consumption reduced by: kWh/year Total investment: 1,1 mln USD; Total Savings: 0,3 mln USD/year; Payback period 3,7 years; 12

13 Other benefits:  Industrial productivity and competitiveness  Poverty alleviation: Water affordability and access  Reduced GHG emissions  Sustainable Natural resource management  Development goals 13

14 Complications:  WUs are still using energy intensive equipment, and obsolete distribution system  Given limited human, and technical capacity WUs are not able without foreign assistance to replicate Energy Efficiency  Political instability, and multiple elections (two local elections; three parliamentary elections; one referendum)  Socially oriented tariffs inhibit development  Limited borrowing capacity of WUs and local municipalities 14

15 Next steps:  Further extension of energy efficiency programs  Continuous building of institutional capacity  Regional development in the water sector 15

16 THANK YOU! Gutu Sergiu

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