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Flaxbourne Community Irrigation Scheme

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1 Flaxbourne Community Irrigation Scheme
Promoted by Flaxbourne Irrigation Limited Community Representatives: Kevin Loe (Chair) Lindsay Green, John Hickman, Bruce Pattie, Ben Lissaman, Anthony Watson


3 Community Irrigation Scheme
Water has become the most valuable resource to effect change. The opportunity is being presented for the development of a community irrigation scheme which is: Inclusive of all. Provides for both current and future opportunities.

4 Without a Community Irrigation Scheme
Change will happen regardless but: Water currently secured for the community will be lost. It will cost more individually.

5 The Community Scheme Proposed
Dam the Flaxbourne River and distribute the water to 2,200 hectares of land. Capital Cost $26 million (includes contingency of $4.3 million). Reliability assessed at 93% for a 1 in 10 year event.

6 Capital Cost to Landowners
Base price for 2,250 m3 per hectare $10,300. Additional water allocation $1.87 m3 (in case of rationing this water would be rationed first).

7 Finance To fund Capital Cost of the scheme proposed to seek Council Finance for scheme. ($26.1 million). 100% finance. 30 year loan Lower interest cost Secured by rate on the land of those participating in the scheme. As it is proposed to recover cost by way of rates both principle and interest are tax deductible. Requires a formal decision of Council.

8 Detailed Information Available
The Flaxbourne Community Irrigation Scheme – Information Document. Marlborough District Council website for detailed reports and information.

9 What are farmers being asked to do?
To lend their support to the Community Scheme as proposed. To provide a conditional commitment of land to the scheme and $200 per hectare to fund final design, consents and tender documents.

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