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Norconsult LNG AS 1. 2 Norconsult LNG was established in 2006 for the purpose of promoting services for development of gas infrastructure. Owner structure:

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1 Norconsult LNG AS 1

2 2 Norconsult LNG was established in 2006 for the purpose of promoting services for development of gas infrastructure. Owner structure: Norconsult AS 88 % G.H. Engineering AS 12 % Company based on the execution of Lyse Rogass and Skangass Small Scale LNG Plant and distribution chain projects Previous certified according to ISO9001:2008 and ISO 17020. In a re-certification process. Management: Stian Erichsen (Managing Director) Thor Eirik Ruud (System Manager ?) Gunnar Humlekjær (Senior Adviser ?)

3 Possible deliveries: Early phase ● Evaluation of LNG as an energy source ● Investment analysis ● Concept evaluations and development ● Plant or terminal capacity assessments ● Site evaluation ● Hazard and risk identification ● Initial environmental assessment ● Requirements and GAP analysis ● Development of policies, goals and acceptance criteria for HSE and quality performance ● Advisory services related to hazardous materials, major accidents and emergency preparedness ● Technology qualification studies 3

4 Our services 4 Services related to the entire LNG value chain! Present throughout the whole project lifetime: –Concept selection –Concept & permitting engineering –Tendering process –Design - Terminals and small scale LNG plants Processes (liquefaction, utility systems, district heating and regasification) Harbors and jetties Storage facilities (tanks and rock caverns) Site selection (geology, soil conditions & infrastructure) –Risk analysis –Safety analysis & HSE –Financial assessments (investments, operations & contract model) –Contact with Authorities –Third party verification studies

5 Possible deliveries: Detail design ● Philosophies for design, operation & maintenance ● Design documents for all disciplines System descriptions, process and main utility systems Process simulation Fabrication drawings Sizing of process equipment, piping & layout Civil Instrumentation and automation Electro ● Layout and safety ● Infrastructure and interface management ● Assistance in application processes to authorities ● Development and implementation of management systems (HSE, quality) 5

6 Possible deliveries: Construction phase ● Supplier and fabrication follow-up ● Construction management ● Site supervision ● HSE management and follow-up ● Mechanical Completion ● Commissioning ● Final documentation 6

7 External governing documents - Law, regulations, codes and standards Design in Europe are based on the following norms & standards. ● EN 1473 - Installation and Equipment for liquefied natural gas Design onshore installations ● EN 13645 - Installation and equipment for LNG, Design of onshore installations with storage capacity between 5 t and 200 t ● EN 13458 - Cryogenic vessels ● NS-EN 1532 Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas Ship to shore interface ● ATEX directive -on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) ● Seveso II directive - control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances ● National laws and other regulations (B&E, NFPA, CSA, LNGA2010- MSB)

8 References I 8 ProjectClientDescriptionYear Complete LNG chainSLNGazOwners Engineer2014 LNG Terminal Helsingborg Helsingborg HavnConcept selection with construction budget2014 LNG Terminal VyborgCryogas RussiaFEED LNG Terminal storage capacity 30000 m32013 TTI Oven 2TTI TyssedalPre-Feasibility LNG storage capacity 12000 m32013 LNG terminal NarvikNaturgass NordInitial localization report2013 LNG terrminal LysekilSkangass AS Project Management LNG storage tank design (30000m3)2013 LNG terminal, ØraSkangass AS Project Management. 6000 m3 storage capacity with gasification, truck loading and bunkering2009 LNG Base load plant, RisavikaSkangass AS Technical and management services in Clients organization (300 000 tonns/year) Design LNG storage tank (30000m3), site prep and jetty.2010 Höegh LNG FPSOHöegh LNG AS Technical and management services in Clients organization. Follow-up of engineering contractor.2012 LNG process evaluationHöegh LNG AS Evaluation and verification of process data and performances including sensitivity analyses.2009 Höegh FPSO and LNGHöegh LNG AS New technology qualification for LNG cooldown on floating facilities2012 LNG production plant.Naturgass Møre ASProject Management and Tender documents2008

9 References II Satellite Terminals 9 ProjectClientDescriptionYear Glava AskimSkangass AS Project Management/Municipality engineering.2011 Dynea LillestrømSkangass AS Project Management/Municipality engineering2012 Mosjøen AluminiumBechtel/GasnorTechnical support2007 Norgips ASSkangass AS Project Management/ Municipality engineering2012 Nordic PaperSkangass AS Project Management/Municipality engineering2012 UddeholmsSkangass AS Project Management /Municipality engineering2012 SCASkangass AS Project Management/Municipality engineering 2011

10 Reference project, Skangass LNG plant Skangass established a green field LNG base load production facility downstream the Kårstø/Rogass terminals in Stavanger Norway. Feed gas from Europipe system which is a high pressure system > 120 barg. Our scope included: Project Management Team as owners engineer including the following services: Project Manager, Authority application manager, HSE Manager, Schedule Manager, Procurement Manager, Area Managers (Process, Jetty, Supply Gas) Disciplines: Technical Safety, Instrument, Electro, Telecom Annual production 300 000 tons/year with storage capacity of 30 000 m3 LNG. Some key elements: Supercritical CO2 removal Supercritical drying Supercritical NG liquefaction and stainless steel Spiral Wound Heat Exchanger Export of boil off gas, no flaring Design Code: EN1473

11 Reference project - Øra LNG terminal 11 Storage capacity of 6.500 m 3 Process including; evaporators regulating and control system safety systems import pipeline quay facilities bunkering Design Code: EN13645

12 12 LNG Tank Design, Skangass ● Tank Design 30 000m3 LNG - Extensive analyse work ● - Civil design ● - Follow-up construction at site, Concrete work Steel fabrication Civil work Insulation Risavika Lysekil Design code: EN1473 14620 1-5

13 Risk Management We provide advice within: ● Working environment assessments ● Emergency preparedness ● HSE control systems ● IT security ● Quality Management Systems ● Risk Management ● Technical safety ● Monitoring The society we live in is in constant change and is growing ever more complex, global and open. As a result, society’s vulnerability is also increasing. This means that risk assessments, preventive measures and emergency response are becoming increasingly important elements for all players – from public authorities to private businesses. Norconsult has been involved for a long time in work to create a safe and well-functioning society.

14 14 Logistic chain simulation ● Tests test-feasibility of a supply chain in an early stage ● Determines efficiency, lead time, capacities in new production lines ● Detects lack of cost effectiveness in processes ● Test capacity limitations in a logistic chain ● Test demands for back-up systems Monte Carlo Simulation

15 15 Simulation of Logistic Chains

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