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F.A.Q. Millenium 3 Virtual Display Application September 2012.

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1 F.A.Q. Millenium 3 Virtual Display Application September 2012

2 Virtual Display Millenium 3 Virtual Display Frequently Asked Question

3 Virtual Display Bluetooth® connection What is the Bluetooth pairing code between my M3 and my Smartphone? During the first Bluetooth connection between a Millenium and a Smartphone, you will need the following code: 6633

4 Virtual Display Bluetooth® connection After a search for Bluetooth® devices, I can not find my Millenium 3, why? The Bluetooth connection between M3 and smartphone is established through a protocol called SPP. On certain smartphones it is not implemented (you can not do anything), on other types it is not activated (mostly HTC). If so, follow these steps: 1.Download and install the SENA Bterm application 2.Click on “Menu” 3.Click on “Bluetooth® Management” 4.Click on “Connect To” 5.Enter the MAC address of the Bluetooth® dongle

5 Virtual Display Safety How can I protect my Millenium 3 from unwanted access by Millenium 3 Virtual Display? The Millennium 3 Virtual Display exactly reproduces the functions of the Millennium 3 HMI. To protect access, you can use these two complementary methods: Access to the “Parameters" menu on the front of the controller may be restricted using the program configuration settings The programmer can block the display menu by password, using one or more NUM function blocks that can be edited from the controller front panel e.g.:

6 Virtual Display Differentiate M3 Bluetooth® dongles How to differentiate multiple Bluetooth® dongles? All Bluetooth dongles for Millenium 3 have the same name i.e. Millenium 3. To differentiate dongles: The Mac address indicated on the dongle is the main element of differentiation between them. The application in the menu "disconnect device and change" allows renaming the dongle: a long click on its name ("Millenium 3" by default) opens the editing option.

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