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Kwale County Investment Forum

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1 Kwale County Investment Forum
Potential Water and Sewerage Investments in Kwale County Presentation by Hemed Mwabudzo: CEC Member Water Services, Urban Planning and Decentralized Units

2 River Basins Rivers Source Areas Traversed Volume M3/D Quality
Opportunity Marere Springs Shimba Hills Reserve Tsunza 9,087 Good Water bottling Pemba Kinango Area Kinango/Tsunza 7,605 Dam rehabilitation Mkurumudzi Shimba hills, Msambweni 9,917 Overexploited Umba Usambara Mountains Lungalunga/ Vanga 6,104 Dam construction Ramisi Chenze Ranch Mwereni/ Dzmbo/ Kikoneni 8,190 Saline at destination Dam construction upstream Mwache South Samburu Mavumbo/ Kasemeni Dam Construction

3 Mwache River Dam Project
Dam Construction along Mwache river – Feasibility for a concrete gravity dam with a total reservoir capacity of 135 million m3 was undertaken and the World Bank intends to finance the project Proposed Financing from the World Bank does not include construction of Water Treatment Plant and distribution lines to Mombasa and Kwale. The project feasibility proposes and 2,000 – 3,000 ha irrigation project which is open to investors

4 Pemba Dam Rehabilitation Project
Initial Pemba dam and treatment works was established in 1980 and ceased operations in 1983, The project stopped operations due to siltation and failure of pressure filters. A new dam and 6,000 cm3/day treatment works have been proposed and feasibility undertaken, The project targets to supply water to Kinango town and neighboring areas

5 Dam Construction along River Umba
A concept note has been developed for this project by the Coast Development Authority The upper section of the river above Makwenyeni village is the proposed dam site, The dam is targeted to supply domestic water to Lungalunga border town and other areas in Vanga ward It can also support expansion of irrigation projects along Umba river basin from 600 – 6,000 Ha

6 Development of underground Water
Two underground catchments have potential for commercial exploitation: i) Tiwi Catchment: The aquifer has a width of 20 km with good quality water. It has a through flow of 42,000m3/day. Of the total capacity, only 20,000m3/day is obstructed through shallow boreholes and the Pipelines serving Ukunda and Likoni in Mombasa ii) Msambweni Catchment: this covers about 42 km2 with a through flow of 27,440m3/day. Currently 17,800m3/day is obstructed through over 251 shallow boreholes. The two aquifer can be developed further to expand domestic water supply for expanded residential and commercial housing in Kombani, Diani/Ukunda and Msambweni

7 Other Water Development Opportunities
Medium size dams along upper sections of Ramisi, Pemba and Mwache rivers in the ASAL areas to provide water for domestic use, small scale irrigation and ranching activities Development of large water storage tanks along existing pipelines serving Kwale, Kinango and Diani/Ukunda towns

8 Sanitation Investments in Kwale
As the main urban centres, Diani/Ukunda and Kwale towns lack proper sewerage systems and depend on septic tanks and pit latrines, The County Government will design a sewerage system for Diani Ukunda in Financial year 2014/15. The town has population of over 85,000 people, Once design is complete partners will be invited to partner in developing the sewerage system Kwale town equally requires a central sewerage system

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