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By Sheila Sheatz. Device Overview Dynavox M3 Manufactured by Dynavox Mayer- Johnson-Pittsburgh, PA.

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1 By Sheila Sheatz

2 Device Overview Dynavox M3 Manufactured by Dynavox Mayer- Johnson-Pittsburgh, PA

3 Dynavox Overview The M3 ships with: External wired microphone Device handle and shoulder strap Power adapter with power cord Stylus pen User Manual CD with male/female/child professionally recorded voices

4 Tech. Specifications Cost: $3,285 Height: 8 inches Width: 9 inches Depth: 2.5 inches Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz Display size: 8.4 inches Resolution: 800x600 Memory: 9 hours of recording time, comes with a 1 GB USB storage device Rechargeable Lithium Battery Lasts 5 ½ Hours Speech output: Digitized Speech

5 Features Customizable visual scenes Customizable words, phrases, and page sets Large 8.4 inch screen Magnesium case-lighter and stronger than plastic Front-firing speakers External Speaker Jack and microphone port 2 USB ports 2 Switch Ports

6 Features, cont’d. Access Methods: Touch Enter/Exit: allows users to choose or alternate selection Scanning: when object is highlighted, selection is made by a switch, button, or other device Auditory Scanning: provides feedback using auditory cues Audio Touch: direct selection with auditory cues Mouse Pause: using mouse and pausing over object for a certain amount of time Head tracker: tracks a target on the users head into proportional movements of a computer mouse on the dynavoxM3 screen

7 Software Operating System: Windows CE OS InterAACt: Preprogrammed communication page sets Children, Teenagers, and Young Adults Customizable Visual Scenes 6 or 12 buttons per page set Import digital pictures for page backgrounds or button symbols Vocabulary to support social skills Initiating conversation, telling a story or a joke Can be used for environmental control Can be synced to any household appliance that uses a remote control Picture Communication Symbol (PCS) sets used in communication pages

8 PhoneIT- allows users to have private telephone conversations with a landline phone, allows users to pick up and hang up receiver and dial numbers at will $ 315 Protective transportation cases- padded and water resistant, allows user to mount or use device without removing from the case $155

9 Accessories Mounting Plates $135 Handles and Shoulder Straps $10 Headmouse Extreme and Tracker Head Pro- tracks the movements of the head that would be made into a proportional mouse movement, uses an infrared sensor that tracks a disposable target on the head, hat, glasses, etc. dwelling on object makes selection, dwell time is adjustable. Headmouse extreme: $1, 549 Tracker Head Pro- $1,589

10 Accessories Extra resource manuals Keyboard-$59 USB wired Mouse- $15 1 GB USB-$51 6 and 12 Location Key Guard – N/A Spare charger- $205 Spare Battery- $145 Extra power cord- $20 Car Charger- $ 100 Variety of trigger switches and buttons-$ 90- $870

11 Training Free online training/web classes Recorded or Live Free on-location training or help sessions Many sessions in Altoona, Chambersburg, in Lancaster in 2014

12 Who can use the Dynavox M3? Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults Traumatic Brain Injury Cerebral Palsy Intellectual Disability Dynavox M3 is for people that: Benefit from the support of communication partners Who need a limited number of messages in a small set of specific environments Who require pre-recorded messages People who have limited to no literacy skills

13 Repair/Maintenance M3 comes with a one year warranty You can purchase can extended warranty 1 year= $479 2 year=$869 3 year=$1215 4 year=$1529 Issued a Repair Authorization number Tells technician what is wrong with the device and ensures them that they have all the contact information Paid for by check, money order, and credit card If it is Medicare, Medicaid, or third party insurance you must speak with a representative Customer is responsible for all shipping costs and product must be shipped to Dynavox Technologies in Pittsburgh

14 Trial Period You can rent any Dynavox device for a 4 week trial normally covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid The Dynavox M3 is $70 per week to rent A rental contract must be signed and includes information like: Client information and diagnosis Legal guardian or family contact information The SLP’s information that provided an evaluation The treating physician’s information Private insurance/Medicare/ Medicaid information Shipping information

15 Funding Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance typically pay for the Dynavox device Funding Packet Checklist

16 Limitations 12 buttons per page can mean too much scrolling High price for device and accessories Short battery life Facilitator must be record all messages because speech output is digitized Only appropriate for emergent communicator, who’s communication abilities are low and not expected to improve, so the software cannot grow the user Heavy/Bulky Not eye gaze compatible

17 Success Story Wyatt Napierkowisk Diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Townes-Brook syndrome Walking and using his hand are difficult Hearing Aids Delays in verbal communication The M3 helped his language progress and he no longer had to scream to communicate his wants and needs. An SLP used partner-augmented input, which is when the SLP would use the device and natural speech throughout the session. As Wyatt’s speech and language grew because of the M3 and he eventually upgraded to the Dynavox V

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