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Turbine Wheel Flow Meter / Monitor FLOMEC For Low Viscosity Liquids.

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1 Turbine Wheel Flow Meter / Monitor FLOMEC For Low Viscosity Liquids

2 Turbine Wheel Flow Meter / Monitor The TP turbine wheel flow meter is highly accurate, reliable & used to measure the flow of clean low viscosity fluids & utilizes a proven flow meter technology. The turbines design is based on a freely suspended turbine rotor which is rotated by the flow of fluid through the meter body Description Flomec

3 Turbine Wheel Flow Meter / Monitor Operation Flomec Circlip Bearing supports Rotor shaft & rotor Fig. 1 Principal of operation The TP Turbine Wheel flow meter consists of a helically shaped turbine rotor supported in two tungsten carbide bearings, the rotor being solid ferritic stainless steel of a grade compatible with the metered liquid, is all contained within a housing of non- magnetic stainless steel. (fig.1).

4 Operation Flomec A pick off coil having a permanent magnet core is mounted in the housing adjacent to the rotor blade tips such that a magnetic circuit is set up via the rotor blades (fig.2). Rotation of the rotor varies the reluctance of this Pick off coil magnetic circuit and the flux changes induce a small voltage in the coil, the frequency of which is directly proportional to the rotor speed and therefore proportional to the volumetric flow rate. Fig 2 Principal of Operation Pick - Off coil Rotor Blades

5 S Stainless steel body S Tungsten carbide shaft & bearings S Frequency output S Pressures to 250 bar SPipe sizes 1/2” to 6” (15-150mm) S +/- 0.5% linearity ( 10:1 turndown ) S Minimal pressure loss S Simple to install S Temperature 120 deg C standard SEuropean CE compliant. S Flanged or Screwed Turbine Wheel Features Flomec

6 S High temperature to 240 0 C S +/- 0.15% linearity. S 2 pick off coils – 90 deg. offset S Integral or remote high speed preset batch controller S Integral or remote self powered flow rate totaliser with scaled pulse, 4-20 mA and flow alarm outputs. S Optional Bi-directional discriminator output. Turbine Wheel Options Flomec RATE TOTAL ACCUM TOTAL ^ RESET > PROGRAM ENTER gal RUN ACCUM. TOTAL STOP BAT LOW HIGH

7 SFrequency output - 2 wire reluctance pick off coil. ( 40mV P/P at minimum flow rate ) SSuitable for direct input to a wide range of ancillary instruments. SPolarity insensitive - 20 meters transmission distance standard. SIP66 / 67 protection class. Turbine Wheel Outputs Flomec

8 Turbine Wheel Outputs Flomec coil output with junction box screen earthed at junction box & connect to -0V at receiving instrument coil output with MS connector ( A & B ) screen use twisted pair twisted pair Pick-off coil screen Receiving instrument Because of the low strength of the standard coil mV output it is important to protect the transmitted signal from any form of electrical interference such as AC line frequencies. A twin core ( twisted pair ) screened multi-strand signal cable should be used for connection to the pick-off coil, recommended cable size being 16/0.2 x 0.5mm² ( 16/0.0078 ). The screen needs to be connected at -0V at receiving instrument Electrical Connections

9 Kobold Turbine Wheel Outputs Flomec coil output with MS connector ( A & B ) screen use twisted pair twisted pair Pick-off coil screen RATE TOTAL ACCUM TOTAL ^ RESET > PROGRAM ENTER gal RUN ACCUM. TOTAL STOP BAT LOW HIGH Cable runs for non amplified outputs should be limited to 20 metres (65 feet) maximum and should be kept well away from high energy power supplies and electricals such as motor speed controllers, transformers and solenoids. Preferably run the cable in a separate conduit to any other wiring. Longer cable runs would require an amplifier at the flow meter 20 meters max. Electrical Connections

10 Turbine Wheel Outputs Flomec Amplified current pulse output with MS connector. Receiving instrument + 9~24Vdc ( - ) Shield Preamplifier coil ( optional ) An amplified output can be provided by fitting a pre-amplified coil. The pre- amplifier coil amplifies the low level signal from the integral magnetic pick-off providing a current pulsed output suitable for transmission over long distances or through noisy electrical environments. The output is a current pulse in the order.. of 4mA (off) and 20mA (on)

11 Installation Flomec Meter orientation The meter may be installed in horizontal or vertical pipes, with vertical pipes it is preferred to have the flow passing upward so that any entrained air bubbles will pass quickly. Ensure that the arrow on the meter body is in line with the direction of flow. min. 10 pipe diameters min. 5 pipe diameters Fig. 2 Flow conditioning All turbine flow meters should be installed with a minimum of ten diameters of straight pipe up- stream and five diameters down- stream (fig. 2), except where the flow meter is installed directly after a valve or centrifugal pump when the minimum straight up- stream length should be increased to 20 diameters.

12 Installation Flomec Bends & elbows up-stream of the flow meter should have a minimum inside radius of twice the diameter of the pipe. Ensure flange gaskets are bore size matched with meter. Flow Conditioning 22~30º Fig 3 Reducers where necessary should be of the concentric type with an included angle of 22~30 degrees (fig. 3) Inlet pipe bore should be matched as closely as possible to that of the meter, but where it is not possible to select the exact inside diameter, a smaller inlet diameter should be used in order to avoid a sharp step at the meter inlet which would cause liquid swirl effecting metering accuracy.

13 Fluid Flow in Pipes Flomec Rotor leading edge (angled) FLOW DIRECTION Bearing supports Rotor trailing edge (squared) Viscosity effects viscosity [cSt ] ) x normal min. flow rate ( 0.7 The effects of increasing viscosity reduce the linear flow range, the lower end flow rate is to be raised as the viscosity increases with a maximum viscosity of 10cSt. To calculate the low end accurate flow rate limit use: 0.7 x the square root of the metered liquid viscosity in cSt x normal minimum flow rate. Eg. If normal flow range is 10~100 l/min then for viscosity of 5 cSt minimum accurate flow rate would be 15.65 l/min.

14 Applications Typical industry applications include: ( Liquids with viscosity below 10 cSt.) Chemicals & allied Products. Pharmaceuticals. Fuel consumption Fuel additives Deionised water Hydraulics Coolants Batching & blending Liquid Fertilizer Applications Flomec

15 TP Series Model Prefix 316 stainless steel body & rotor shaft Process connection Body Material 15- 150 mm ( 1 / 2 " - 6") Suit Pipe Sizes Rotor Material 316 stainless steel Viscosity Limit Screwed or flanged 10 mm2/s. ( 10cSt ) Flow Range 0.11 – 550 M3/hr. Linearity @ 1cP Linearity typically +0.5%, of Reading +1%, Threaded to 250 bar, flanged according to flange specification Maximum Pressure Specifications Flomec Repeatability +0.2%, under steady flow conditions Pressure Drop Approx. 0.28 bar at maximum flow ( SG=1, Viscosity=1 mm2/s )

16 2 Wire reluctance type pick-off coil (40mV P/P at minimum flow rate ) Polarity insensitive 20 metres maximum transmission distance Outputs (standard) Protection Class IP66 / 67 Temperature Minus 50 to plus 120 deg.C optional 240 deg. C 2 wire 4mA (off) and 20mA (on) current pulse (12…24Vdc ) 3000 metres maximum transmission distance Preamplifier Recommended Filters Sizes up to 50mm ( 300 microns or 60 mesh Sizes 80mm and above ( 500 microns or 100 mesh ) TP Series Model Prefix Specifications Flomec

17 Turbine Wheel flow meter TP Series TP-12 TP-13 Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel Stainless Steel / Stainless Steel Body Material 316 stainless steel. TP-13 Screwed 05 = 0.11 – 1.1 m3/h 10 = 0.22 - 2.2 m3/h 15 = 0.40 - 4.0 m3/h 20 = 0. 80 - 8.0 m3/h Ordering Information Flomec G4 = ½” male G5 = ¾” male 25 = 1.60 - 16.0 m3/h G6 = 1” male 30 = 3.40 - 34.0 m3/h G8 = 1 1/2” male 35 = 6.80 – 68.0 m3/h G9 = 2” male XX = Special Option RangeConnection

18 Turbine Wheel flow meter TP Series TP-12 / 13 Flanged 05 = 0.11 – 1.1 m3/h 10 = 0.22 - 2.2 m3/h 15 = 0.40 - 4.0 m3/h 20 = 0. 80 - 8.0 m3/h Ordering Information Flomec F4 = DN15, PN16 F5 = DN20, PN16 25 = 1.60 - 16.0 m3/h F6 = DN25, PN16 30 = 3.40 - 34.0 m3/h F8 = DN40, PN16 35 = 6.80 – 68.0 m3/h F9 = DN50, PN16 40 = 13.5 – 135 m3/h FB = DN80, PN16 RangeConnection 45 = 27.0 – 270 m3/h 50 = 55.0 – 550 m3/h FC = DN100, PN16 FB = DN150, PN16 XX = Special Option

19 Insertion Paddle Wheel TP Series Pick-off Style / Type M1 = MS ( military style ) connector for 120 deg C max. M2 = MS ( military style ) connector for 240 deg C max. M4 = MS ( military style ) connector pre-amplified for 65 deg C max. F1 = Flying leads ( compact meter mount, see electronics ) for 120 deg C max. XX = Special Option F6 = NPN OC + 1.5V – integral electronic ZOD on stem kit Ordering Information Flomec Order Example: DOT-13 15 N5 F1 B1 0 -00 = Frequency output only FBT11 = Electronic Totalizer FRT12 = Electronic Rate / Totalizer FRT20 = Electronic Rate / Totalizer FEB1 = Electronic Batch Controller XX = Special option ( specified in clear text ) Electronics Special options None = Without options Y = Special option (specified in clear text ) B = Linearity 0.15% ( instead of 0.5% ) 2 = 2 x Pick off coils

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