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M/t SVEVA 17 April 17 April

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1 m/t SVEVA 17 April

2 17 April

3 Technical Characteristics Lenght overall mt. 136 Lenght between perpendicularsmt. 126 Breadthmt. 23 Moulded depth (from keel to main deck)mt. 12,25 Summer Draft mt. 8,75 17 April

4 Technical Characteristics D.W.T tonn. 100% ballast capacity m at 100% Bunker capacity High F.O. m gasoil m3 176 – luboil m3 120 at 100% I.G.S. SMIT SINUS Nitrogen Plant m3/h Inert gas m April

5 Technical Characteristics Cargo heating system Stainless steel coils - hot water Service speed14 knots Main engine MAN kW x 500 rpm Aux enginesMAK 3 x 970 Kw YANMAR 990 rpm Bow thruster1 x 700 HP hydraulic BRUNVOLL FU April

6 Points of STRENGHT Ice Class 1 A High manoeuvrability Shallow draft Double hull to protect bunkering area High mooring retention on drums tot. 396 High discharging rate ( m3/h x 12 bar) Low residual 50 lt in cargo tank I.G.S. Nitrogen Plant Marinline coating for all tank Alternative Propulsion System for propulsion 17 April

7 Points of STRENGHT First engine in compliance with Annex VI Two boilers Bow thruster Redundancy Radar SAAB ullage system for cargo tank Stainless steel pipes for connesargo Stainless steel hatches Stainless steel tank stairs Stern line - high capacity of vapour return line IMO II 17 April

8 17 April

9 17 April

10 17 April

11 17 April

12 “THE END” MEDITERRANEA di NAVIGAZIONE S.p.A. Piazza Caduti sul Lavoro n Ravenna Italy 17 April 2015

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