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1 ABC - Slide Show Things you find in the grocery store.

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1 1 ABC - Slide Show Things you find in the grocery store.

2 2 Apples Apples are fruit. Apples can be red or green.

3 3 Bread Bread is made from flour. You use bread to make sandwiches.

4 4 Cantaloupe Cantaloupe is a fruit. Cantaloupe grows from the ground.

5 5 Doughnuts These doughnuts are circles. There are many kinds of doughnuts.

6 6 Eggs Eggs are protein. There are a dozen eggs. This means there are 12 eggs.

7 7 Fish Fish is meat. There are many types of fish to eat.

8 8 Grapes Grapes can be green or red. Grapes are fruit. Grapes grow on trees.

9 9 Hamburger Helper There are many different boxes of Hamburger Helper to choose from.

10 10 Ice Cream Ice cream comes in many different flavors. Ice cream is a yummy dessert.

11 11 Jelly There are many different flavors of jelly. Grape jelly is purple.

12 12 Kiwi Kiwi is a fruit. Kiwi has a fuzzy texture on the outside.

13 13 Lettuce Lettuce is a vegetable. You use lettuce to make salad.

14 14 Mushrooms Mushrooms grow in the ground. You have to be careful which mushrooms you eat.

15 15 Noodles Noodles are pasta. Noodles are made from flour.

16 16 Oranges Oranges are orange. Oranges are fruit. You use oranges to make orange juice.

17 17 Pineapple Pineapple is a fruit. Pineapples grow on trees in very warm areas.

18 18 Quesadillas Quesadillas are considered Mexican food. Quesdadillas have a flour tortilla on the outside holding in the filling.

19 19 Radishes Radishes are a red vegetable. You can put radishes in salad.

20 20 Strawberries Strawberries are fruit. Strawberries are red. Strawberries grow from the ground.

21 21 Tomatoes These tomatoes are red. Tomatoes can be used to make many sauces. They even are used to make ketchup.

22 22 Uncle Sam Cereal There are many cereals, and Uncle Sam Cereal is on type.

23 23 Velveeta Velveeta is a cheese. Velveeta melts when cooked.

24 24 Watermelon Watermelon is a fruit. Watermelon has a green outside, and a red inside.

25 25 Gas-X Gas-X is a medicine that grown-ups take. Gas-X can be found in the grocery store.

26 26 Yogurt Yogurt is a dairy product. There are many different flavors of yogurt.

27 27 Zucchini Zucchini is a vegetable. Zucchini can be added to many recipes.

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