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LUA – Benelux Conference Nov 2011 Simon Truran. Training Manager, Lawson Learning.

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1 LUA – Benelux Conference Nov 2011 Simon Truran. Training Manager, Lawson Learning

2 Page 24/17/2015 Agenda  Whats new at Lawson learning? –Lawson Learning takes requests! –Interested in knowing just how good your M3 staff is?  Test them! New System Admin customer certification –New courses  M3 10.1  On Line courses  New v-lab (end of year schedule) –New services  User Adoption Services  Change Adoption Services  Training in the Benelux  Do you know what this is (myLawson to LMS)  Sign up for free trial suite & get your USB stick loaded with material

3 Page 34/17/2015 Customer Comments. UK, Ireland & Benelux. From Courses Completed Sep – Oct 2010 Took onboard feedback re possible improvements to course and implemented where practical, e.g. more hands on in synch with verbal tutorial enabled easier understanding of how to use system and understand process flows. Overall very beneficial - a separate feedback sheet with some observations to assist Learning experience is being confirmed and will be available for discussion Jean Luc coped very well with delegates whose knowledge ranged from nothing to expert users. The course was good insight into the capability and scope of the M3 system. The course was well run and the pace and delivery were good. An enjoyable time with a good instructor. It was fun! And of course very valuable. The overall picture of the training was positive. I would also be delighted to meet you in person

4 Page 44/17/2015 Get What you Want, When You Want it!  Lawson Learning now has a ‘Request information’ button available in the Lawson Learning Management System.  Use the “Request Information” button to tell us what courses you’d like scheduled, including time frame and location. You can even request a course for your site, just for you and your team.  How? Simply click the “Request Information” button in the search results and course schedules, complete a quick questionnaire and your Learning Account Manager will contact you within three business days to discuss your learning needs.  Most of the training we provide is private, requested by a customer. If you don’t see what you want, please ask!

5 Page 54/17/2015 Get What you Want, When You Want it!

6 Page 64/17/2015 M3 System Administration Certification  Lawson Learning is pleased to announce the availability of System Administration Certification for Lawson M3 System Administrators.  The System Administration certification allows users to prove their competence in administrating 6 key areas within Lawson M3 Systems by passing the M3 System Administration exam for Microsoft Windows, UNIX or IBM I System users.  The certification exams are supported by a pre-defined track of courses which can be taken virtually or at Lawson training centre. –System Administration Introduction –System Administration Advanced –Lawson M3 Security (System Administration Security) –Lifecycle Manager Administration –Smart Office Administration  What else would you like to be certified on?

7 Page 74/17/2015 M3 10.1 Development: Learning /Stepping up  Learning Camps –Fashion –Food and Beverage –Manufacturing –Distribution –Equipment Service and Rental –Enterprise Asset Management  Stepping up Learning Camps –Fashion –Food and Beverage –Manufacturing –Distribution

8 Page 84/17/2015 M3 10.1 Development: Vlabs/Learning Labs  Smart Office Navigation –Smart Office Introduction –Smart Office Advance  Financial Controlling –Costing and Internal Accounting  Technical Courses –Smart Office Adminstration –Life Cycle Manager –M3 Techonolgy Overview –System Admin Security –System Admin Advanced –System Admin Introduction –M3 Output and Media Administration (*) –M3 Output Designer (*)

9 Page 94/17/2015 M3 Ondemand  Optimized for M3 10.1 –Lawson Smart Office Introdu ction –Lawson Smart Office Advance  Optimized for M3 7.1 –See next slide

10 Page 104/17/2015 M3 7.1 OnDemand Library  43 courses (136h), GA 2010/05/01  1360 content pages  771 simulations  199 documents

11 Page 114/17/2015 M3 7.1 OnDemand Library M3 7.1 Customer Order Processing - Processing Basic Customer Orders (4h) - Performing Other Customer Order Processes (6h) - Monitoring and Rescheduling Customer Orders (4h) - Managing Customer Claims (4h) - Defining Pricing and Discounts (6h) M3 7.1 Warehouse Management Processing - Defining Inventory Structures (2h) - Defining Items (2h) - Managing Location Replenishment and Movement (2h) - Managing Requisition Orders (2h) - Taking Physical Inventory (2h) - Displaying Item and Balance Information (2h) - Defining and Displaying Item Statistics (2h) - Defining Dispatch Handling (3h) - Performing Packing Reporting (3h) - Performing Wave Picking (2h) Cross-Docking Items (2h) M3 7.1 Lot and Allocation Control - Managing Automatic Allocation (6h) - Managing Manual Allocation (2h) - Managing Pre-Allocation (2h) - Managing Allocation Stop (3h) - Using Lot Handling (3h) M3 7.1 Distribution Order Processing - Processing Distribution Orders (4h) - Working With Distribution Share and Lead Times (2h) - Using Other Methods of Goods Receiving (2h) M3 7.1 Manufacturing Order Processing - Processing a Basic Manufacturing Order (2h) - Scheduling Manufacturing (4h) - Managing Manufacturing Orders (6h) - Defining a Subcontracted Operation (4h) M3 7.1 Purchase Order Processing - Processing PO's (4h) - Making Additions to the Ordering Process (3h) - Managing Purchase Authorization (2h) - Monitoring Purchase Orders (3h) - Processing Goods Receiving Flow (4h) - Performing Extended Quality Inspection (3h) - Managing Claims (3h) - Creating Supplier Statistics and Evaluations (2h) M3 7.1 Tactical & Operational Planning - Performing Demand Planning (4h) - Performing Supply Planning (2h) - Balancing Supply and Demand (4h) - Establishing and Communicating a Master Production Plan (4h) - Calculating Material Requirements (6h) - Capacity Requirement Planning (2h) - Communicating Material and Capacity Requirements Planning (2h)

12 Page 124/17/2015 Currently under development Phase 5 M3 7.1 Cost Accounting - Performing Cost Accounting - Defining Main Settings for Cost Accounting - Splitting the Cost of Sales - Accounting for Manufacturing and WO - Defining Settings for Order Costing - Accounting for Purchase Orders - Accounting for Distribution Orders - Defining Settings for Cost of Capital - Cost Accounting & Configuration M3 7.1 Product and Purchase Costing - Performing Product Costing - Performing Purchase Costing - Performing Distribution Costing - Product and Purchase Costing - Defining Main Settings for Product Costing - Entering Cost Rates for Costing Components - Building the Product Costing Model - Costing Purchased Items - Costing Manufactured Items - Costing Distributed Items - Using Other Costing Methods - Costing Subcontracted Operations - Product and Purchase Costing Configuration Phase 4 M3 7.1 Accounts Payable - Invoice Checking and Control - Paying Supplier Invoices - Monitoring Accounts Payable - Accounts Payable Processing M3 7.1 Accounts Receivable - Managing Invoices and Payments - Managing Customer Debts - Monitoring Accounts Receivable - Accounts Receivable Processing M3 7.1 General Ledger - Performing Daily Routines - Performing Periodic Routines - Performing Yearly Routines - Performing Reconciliations - Verifying General Ledger Updates - Monitoring General Ledger - General Ledger Processing M3 7.1 Report Generator - Defining a Report - Performing Financial Reporting - Report Generator

13 Page 134/17/2015 New Services  User Adoption  Change adoption

14 Page 144/17/2015 Are your users’ needs being lost in the whirlwind? Pressure to minimize time away from business? Mergers and acquisitions? Turnover? Restructuring? New Systems? Preparation for an upgrade?

15 Page 154/17/2015 User Adoption Plan Content Design & Development Application Coach Network User Training Delivery User Proficiency Sustainment Lawson User Adoption Services help you find smooth waters despite the constant changes Empowered learners experiencing confidence instead of frustration Reduced support costsSuccessful upgrades Business benefits and ROI realized by productive users and efficiencies Find out more – contact your Account Executive today

16 Page 164/17/2015 Change & User Adoption Practice Lawson service offering targeted to address proven factors critical to Enterprise Application implementation success: –Executive Buy-in: Obtain and maintain executive- level buy-in, including business unit management where organizationally applicable –Performance Measurement: Set key performance indicators for stakeholders to drive appropriate behaviors to support the implementation –Change Management: Make change management a priority by ensuring that a robust change management program is in place at the project's initiation –End User Adoption: Create a quality, ongoing training program that educates end users and IT staff Source: Gartner Research Publication # G00160011 August 29, 2008

17 Page 174/17/2015 Practice Objectives:  Help our customers get the most benefits from their enterprise software investment by getting their management and front- line engaged in change  Become our customer’s first choice for change services when implementing, upgrading, or optimizing

18 Page 184/17/2015 4. Optimization Post-go-live continuous improvement of workflows and end-user skills, sustaining and building upon the gains made at implementation 2. Benefits Realization A process to continuously evaluate workflow design and system configuration to deliver expected Project benefits 1. Engaged Leadership The insight, will and ability of leaders to correctly govern and continuously inspire the organization to achieve the expected benefits. 3. End-User Adoption Measureable knowledge, confidence, and work adoption by job role, of the new application. Practice Highlights:

19 Page 194/17/2015 Engages Leaders to Achieve Targeted Benefits Project Direction Change Adoption Plan Leadership Formation Benefit Delivery Commitment

20 Page 204/17/2015 User Adoption Plan Content Design & Development Application Coach Network User Training Delivery Measuring User Adoption Goes beyond technical innovation by focusing on people

21 Page 214/17/2015 Reducing Costs “Poorly trained users require 6 times more support than professionally trained users”*** Immediately after go-live, approximately 80% of user issues are related to lack of understanding the software’s functions rather than a problem with the system **** Dramatically reduce time away from work by utilizing an eLearning strategy with just in time support Driving productivity “ROI is directly related to the proficiency of users”* Enhance user competency and compliance with instructionally sound learning methods “Professionally trained users make 50% fewer errors and spend more time on critical tasks”** ! How does increased User Adoption change your reality?

22 Page 224/17/2015 How much does support cost?  Forrester Consulting recently reported that an end user typically experiences a problem six times before they call the help desk and a large percentage of the errors encountered by users were never reported.  Maybe the picture to the right tells us why! End user support is the single biggest cost associated with application utilization (Gartner, 2008)

23 Page 234/17/2015 Case in Point $We know that well trained users require 1/6 th the support, make 50% fewer errors, and spend more time completing critical tasks than poorly trained users. $Improving user proficiency by just twenty percent, say from 60% to 80%, can reduce your user support costs by sixteen percent, reduce errors by 10% and increase user productivity. $What will that mean to your bottom line?

24 Page 244/17/2015 After Go Live – Is User Adoption Complete? Not according to study after study …  Immediately after go-live, approximately 80% of user issues are related to lack of understanding the software’s functions rather than a problem with the system (Panorama)  12.4% of the user community for enterprise applications leave the company annually; up to 50% may depart application-facing roles within 2 years (AMR)  End user support is the single biggest cost associated with application utilization (Gartner)  “It’s important to make a major commitment to training and sustain that commitment throughout the ERP solutions life cycle.” (Gartner 2008)

25 Page 254/17/2015 Public Training Benelux  Econocom Group SA  Terumo Europe NV  Dorel  Groeneveld-Intersafe BV  Nunhems BV  PON Holdings BV Courses Attended May 2009 – October 2010  Business Performance Warehouse  Cost Accounting & Configuration  Credit Manager Toolbox  Customer Correction Self Services  Learning Camp  Financial Accounting Power Training  Financial Controlling Power Training  Life Cycle Manager Administration  Output Management in Lawson M3  Product and Purchase Costing  Smart Office Administration  Smart Office Advanced  System Administration Advanced  System Administration Introduction

26 Page 264/17/2015 Private Training. UK, Ireland & Benelux  PON-PEPS  Richemont  Rexel  Nutreco Nederland B. V.  Arjo  PHS  CRV  VSI  Sibelco  Terumo Courses Scheduled Jun – Oct 2010  MEC Development  MOM Training  MEC Admininstration  Solution Overview  Smart Office Administration  System Administration  Customized Workshop  LCM Administration  Learning Camp  Security & Troubleshooting  Crystal Reports  Stepping Up Learning Camp  Items & Attributes

27 Page 274/17/2015 Evaluations. UK, Ireland & Benelux. Evaluations Completed Sep – Oct 2010 (maximum score = 5)

28 Page 284/17/2015 3. 4. Step 3: Go to Education > Search and Register for Training box. Step 4: Click a language in the box to open the Lawson Learning Management System (LLMS). Here Finally - Do you know what this is??

29 Page 294/17/2015 5. Step 5 The Lawson Learning Management System will come up in a new window. Click “Search” to begin. You may also see the “Getting Started Guide” to learn more about how to use and navigate the Lawson Learning Management System. Here Do you know what this is?

30 Page 304/17/2015 Agenda  Whats new at Lawson learning? –Lawson Learning takes requests! –Interested in knowing just how good your M3 staff is?  Test them! New System Admin customer certification –New courses  Classroom, Virtual Lab and On Line –New services  User and Change Adoption Services  Training in the Benelux  Do you know what this is (myLawson to LMS)  Sign up for free trial suite  Get your USB stick loaded with an online course & information  Questions?

31 Page 314/17/2015

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