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By: Ivan Roussanov and Ethan Stroeve

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1 By: Ivan Roussanov and Ethan Stroeve
Amish By: Ivan Roussanov and Ethan Stroeve

2 Origin When: Founded around 1644 to 1720 Who:Created by Jacob Amman
Where: Switzerland

3 Beliefs Self help:Everyone works together and help each other.
Separate: believe it is important to stay separated and have a small community. Simplicity:Avoid anything with pride and enjoyment of power. Harmony:Believe that god is pleased when people work in harmony with nature. Tech:Believe that technology would ruin their community.

4 Religion The amish are neither ethnic or universal because they derive from christianity which is universal but to be a part of the amish you have to live their lifestyle.

5 Structure The amish are an autonomous structure because no one is above anyone else.

6 Diffusion The Diffusion of the amish started in switzerland where it then spread by relocation diffusion through North America.

7 Distribution The amish are distributed throughout north america clustered towards the north east. The amish originated in europe but there are no more amish communities left there.

8 Sacred places The amish churches are the only sacred places for the amish people.

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