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Proprietary and Confidential1© 2014 New Generation Data Protection Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine Acronis Backup Advanced Product Presentation Peter.

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1 Proprietary and Confidential1© 2014 New Generation Data Protection Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine Acronis Backup Advanced Product Presentation Peter French, Solutions Director | Synapsys Systems (Pty) Ltd | Acronis Authorized Distributor

2 Proprietary and Confidential2© 2014 Agenda Acronis Corporate Overview Challenges of Data Protection Solution and Benefits Licensing and Support Customer Stories

3 Proprietary and Confidential3© 2014 Acronis Corporate Overview

4 Proprietary and Confidential4© 2014 Hundreds of millions of USD in license revenue 650 employees worldwide, 300 top-notch engineers 30,000 strong partner ecosystem in 90 countries 300K+ businesses, 5M+ consumers, Over 160 OEMs 5+ Million VMs under Acronis protection Products in 14 languages, customers in 130 countries Acronis Industry Proven Leader

5 Proprietary and Confidential5© 2014 Acronis Industry Proven Leader Market Leading Solutions & Technology Disaster Recovery Full Image Backup Endpoint Backup System Deployment Mobile Content Management Enterprise File Syncing and Sharing Market Leadership 3,000,000+ new licenses in 2013 300,000 business customers 100,000+ corporate free trial downloads/year

6 Proprietary and Confidential6© 2014 Recognized for Excellence and Innovation 2013

7 Proprietary and Confidential7© 2014 Where Does Acronis Fit? PC 1-3 3-100 100+ # OF SYSTEMS TO PROTECT Simple Backup & DR for SOHO Backup & DR for small environments Backup, DR & Management for mid-size environments Point solutions for enterprises (BMR, Deployment, Secure Access)

8 Proprietary and Confidential8© 2014 First to launch image-based disaster recovery for Physical, Virtual, Cloud in one solution with multiple hypervisor support First to recover Windows image on dissimilar hardware Universal Restore™ First image backup of a running Windows system through snapshot True Image ™ First to introduce image recovery of live Windows Active Restore™ First to introduce P2V migration for backup solution First to launch affordable & integrated Deduplication Launched industry’s first secure mobile content management solution AnyData Engine 200020032004200520062007200820092010201220112013201420012002 Launched secure enterprise file syncing and sharing solution First to integrate Disaster Recovery & Data Protection in one solution for SMBs The Acronis Labs The “Next Big Thing” in a Long History of Innovation From a World-Class Team of 300+ Developers (20+ PhD)100+ Data Protection Patents Created Acronis Labs to accelerate innovation with AnyData 20% of Investment and 45% of Headcount is in R&D

9 Proprietary and Confidential9© 2014 Our Solutions Backup & Recovery Disaster Recovery Laptop & Desktop Migration Secure Access Capture: Image-based Always Incremental Backup Store: Unified Backup Format Recover: Universal Restore & Active Restore Manage: Unified, Policy-based Access: Policy Engine, AD Integration, Mobile Editing Problems we solve How we do it The Acronis AnyData Engine Easy Safe Complete

10 Proprietary and Confidential10© 2014 Data Protection Challenges In New Generation Data Centers

11 Proprietary and Confidential11© 2014 Your Environment: New and Multi Hypervisors –Yet Legacy Physical Servers Aggressive RTO 1 and RPO 2 –Yet Backup Software Struggles Cross-Platform Migration Needs Consistent Backup Experience –Not many distinct interfaces Centralized Management –But not expensive Backup Servers New Generation Data Protection 1 Recovery Time Objective ; 2 Recovery Point Objective You HaveYou Need

12 Proprietary and Confidential12© 2014 The Reality… 70% Have insufficient* DR protection of their critical data 48% Run both Virtual and Physical Systems in their Data Center 54% Virtualized environments have more than 1 Hypervisor 67% Virtualized environments have Hypervisors other than two market leaders *) Company has sufficient DR protection when more than 75% of critical data is regularly backed up off-site. Source: “Complexity and Data Growth Driving Small and Medium-Sized Environments Toward a New Generation of Data Protection”,“Complexity and Data Growth Driving Small and Medium-Sized Environments Toward a New Generation of Data Protection” IDC, June 2014. Sample: 401 SMB Businesses, <1000 employees

13 Proprietary and Confidential13© 2014 Choices? Traditional Platforms Central Servers –Single Point of Failure All Things to All People –Not Optimized Outdated Technologies Point Solutions No Integration –No P2V/V2V Migration No Scalability –New Hypervisor? No Central Management No Need to Choose The Lesser of Two Evils!

14 Proprietary and Confidential14© 2014 Solution and Benefits New Generation Data Protection

15 Proprietary and Confidential15© 2014 All Major Hypervisors All Major Operating Systems All Major Applications Single Console No Dedicated Hardware Any-to-Any Migration Solution: Acronis Backup Advanced Windows Server Linux Server VMwareHyper-V RHEV KVM Citrix XenServer Oracle x86 VM Server ExchangeSQL Share Point Active Directory PC Any Virtual and Any Physical System

16 Proprietary and Confidential16© 2014 Optimized for Virtual Physical Cloud Introducing… Protects Any Data Any Environment Any Location Backup, Disaster Recovery, Secure Mobile Access EasySafeComplete New Generation Data Protection Powered by The Acronis AnyData Engine Cloud-ready architecture delivers in the cloud and on-premise

17 Proprietary and Confidential17© 2014 The Acronis AnyData Engine Seamlessly Blend to Become Best TOTAL Solution Best in Class Individual Products

18 Proprietary and Confidential18© 2014 Any Workload How It Works: Acronis AnyData Engine Unified Control Unified Interface Unified Policies Centralized Management & Reporting Physical, Virtual & Cloud Any Data Capture Disk/VM Image File Backup Single Pass Fast Incremental Store Unified Backup Format Disk, Tape & Cloud Encryption Recover Universal Restore Active Restore File & Application Access Policy Engine Active Directory Integration Secure Mobile Editing 15 dedicated years, 300 top-notch engineers, 100+ patents

19 Proprietary and Confidential19© 2014 Acronis AnyData Engine Innovation Includes 100+ Patents Capture Agent-less Virtual Machine Backup Virtual or Physical Single-pass Backup Virtual Machine Change Block Tracking Express & Fast Always Incremental Differential & Reverse Incremental Filesystem-aware backup File Exclusions Sector-by-Sector Inclusions Fast Disk Or Virtual Machine Image backup Recover vmFlashback Active Restore, Instant for Virtual Bare Metal Restore, Hypervisor also Universal Restore Image or Database mounting Acronis Recovery Manager Disaster Recovery Plan Granular any-level recovery Any-to-any recovery Transfer and Store Virtual Machine agnostic and aware Encrypted network traffic WAN optimization & bandwidth throttling Unified & New Gen Backup Format Compression & Deduplication Backups replication & staging Tape management Acronis Secure Zone Integrated Cloud Storage It is difficult to make Data Protection easy Secure and Access Advanced Access policy engine Active Directory Integration MDM solution integration User activity audit logging Secure in-place editing of documents Selective Remote Wipe Backup / date periodic validation Granular any-level backup/data Access Centralized Catalogue with Search Control Centralized Management Unified Management Flexible Policy Based Management Static & Dynamic Grouping Extendable Backup Schemes Accessible Anywhere Web Interface Remote Agent Installation Multiple Backup Location vCenter & vSphere & System Center Source and Destination Server, Desktop and Mobile Physical, Virtual and Application Windows, Linux, Mac OS Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, Oracle, RHEV Disk, Tap, Cloud Private, Public, Acronis & Hybrid Cloud VMware & Hyper-V & Exchange Cluster Any-to-any migration

20 Proprietary and Confidential20© 2014 Top Reasons to choose Acronis Easy to install and use Unified Experience Minimal Training Zero Learning Curve Complete protection of Any Data Any Environment Any Location Virtual, Physical & Cloud Safe and proven solution 100+ patents Designed for Future Best-in-Class Individual Products Optimized for Your Most Important Workloads and Devices – Virtual, Physical or in Cloud Recovery of whole systems, single files, folders, application data Seamlessly Blending into Total Solution

21 Proprietary and Confidential21© 2014 Key Benefits Reduce IT management time and downtime Reduce storage volumes and costs Implement aggressive RTO Get Hybrid protection Leverage flexible recovery options for quick Disaster Recovery Ensure regulatory compliance Drive end-user productivity Eliminate single point of failure Scale by adding Acronis products as your business grows

22 Proprietary and Confidential22© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced Key Features

23 Proprietary and Confidential23© 2014 Key Features Virtual and Physical Server Backup Windows & Linux Support Disk Imaging Technology Agentless VMware Backup Agentless Hyper-V Backup Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, AD Centralized Management Advanced Backup Scheduling Any-to-Any Migration Compression Deduplication Backup Replication and Staging Reporting and Monitoring Acronis Universal Restore Catalog and Indexing Resource Throttling Encryption Disk, Tape, Cloud storage

24 Proprietary and Confidential24© 2014 Licensing and Maintenance Acronis Backup Advanced

25 Proprietary and Confidential25© 2014 Licensing Highlights Perpetual License Licensed per physical machine or virtual host (server) –Unlimited VMs –Deduplication and WAN Optimization included –Central Management included –Acronis Universal Restore for dissimilar hardware restore included Trial Version –Fully Functional for 15 Days –Includes Acronis Cloud Storage –Can be activated to full version without reinstallation Easy # of Protected Machines No Add-Ons No CPU Sockets No “Enterprise/Plus” Tiers Complete Any Environment Any System Safe No hidden costs No annual “surprises”

26 Proprietary and Confidential26© 2014 Maintenance and Support Acronis Advantage –Web Chat, Phone, E-mail Support –Free Upgrades to New Version –1 st Year included in Product License Pay-per-incident option available Direct access to Acronis Engineers Receive support at Any Time Protect your investment with Free Upgrades

27 Proprietary and Confidential27© 2014 Customer Stories

28 Proprietary and Confidential28© 2014 Acronis Solutions: Proven with Real Customers BT Ireland 500+ servers running a variety of operating systems and applications “Acronis has enabled us to deliver ‘restore on demand’ to our customers and make it easier and simpler for us to meet the service level agreements by which our customers judge us.”

29 Proprietary and Confidential29© 2014 Acronis Solutions: Proven with Real Customers Mississippi Department of Transportation 300+ Virtual and Physical Windows Servers, 1000s of PCs, MS Exchange “We can pick the most critical machines and use Acronis to restore them to another VMware farm that’s ready to consume any boxes we want to recover.”

30 Proprietary and Confidential30© 2014 Acronis Solutions: Proven with Real Customers Pentagon Federal Credit Union (US 3 rd ) 70+ Virtual and Physical Servers mix with high-speed Virtual Tape Library backup storage “It’s all about RTO [Recovery Time Objectives]. Our recovery time is cut by an average of 50% or more. But In addition to savings, one of the main benefits we get out of Acronis is pure sanity. We’ve been able to reduce weekend hours by 10 to 15%..”

31 Proprietary and Confidential31© 2014 New Generation Data Protection Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine

32 Proprietary and Confidential32© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced Detailed Features

33 Proprietary and Confidential33© 2014 Backup Features Acronis Backup Advanced

34 Proprietary and Confidential34© 2014 COPY SHIP COPY Tape BACKUP Central Network Storage Quickly recover single server – no recalling tapes/download Eliminate bottlenecks when saving backups to tape/cloud Reliably recover whole environment after Disaster Best Backup Practice – Acronis 3-2-1 Rule 3 Locations for Data 2 Types of Media 1 Off-site Server 123 1 2 1

35 Proprietary and Confidential35© 2014 Physical / Virtual Machines SystemFiles & Folders Exchange Databases Exchange Mailboxes Single-Pass Backup Backup entire system in one pass OS Applications Databases Files Physical & Virtual Easy to use Complete backup Safe Recovery of Any Data Whole System Single File Database

36 Proprietary and Confidential36© 2014 Acronis Incremental and Differential Backup F F F F I I F D D D Full backup - independent backup files Complete and safe option Incremental backup - chain of backup files. Contains the changes from previous backup. Save time and space on storage Differential backups, non-chain backup file. Each differential file contains changes since the full backup. Get the best of both worlds

37 Proprietary and Confidential37© 2014 Ultimate Flexibility Fits the Business Schedule No blackouts No limitations Scheduling Backup Time-driven –Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Event-driven –Logon/Logoff –Startup/Shutdown –Windows Event Log event –Every or First Event in a day

38 Proprietary and Confidential38© 2014 Backup Schemes GFS Tower of Hanoi Custom Grandfather-Father-Son scheme Custom Daily/Weekly/Monthly backup retention Best Practice Flexible Retention Scheme Long Retention with efficient Storage Usage Multiple Schedules Schedule Conditions Ultimate Flexibility

39 Proprietary and Confidential39© 2014 Encryption Industrial-grade encryption options –Any Backup: AES Encryption at-source –Deduplication: SSL and Storage-side Encryption –Acronis Cloud: SSL and Private Key Encryption Reliable Encryption for Any Scenario Source machine Backup STORAGE CompressEncrypt Compressed and Encrypted Data

40 Proprietary and Confidential40© 2014 Compression Save Storage Space Reduce Network Traffic Flexible Compression Levels LevelSpeedCompressionBest For NoneFastestN/A Hardware Dedup or WAN Acceleration NormalFastAverageDefault Setting HighAverageSignificant Fast CPU busy network / storage MaximumSlowestHighestOptical Media, WAN

41 Proprietary and Confidential41© 2014 E-mail Server File server 1 Deduplication Eliminates redundant data File & Block Level Reduces storage by up to 90% Backup ACDE Acronis Storage Node ABCD ED Included with License B File server 2 ADEC DEDUPLICATION BENEFITS Reduce Backup Window Reduce escalating Storage Costs Reduce need for Energy & Cooling Reduce unnecessary Network Traffic

42 Proprietary and Confidential42© 2014 Ensure 24/7 Production Processes get more CPU Speed up the Backup in non-production hours CPU Throttling Affects the CPU time distribution by OS Same process priority as in Task Manager Actual CPU usage depends on hardware, OS load and applications running Protected Machine CPU Time Low Normal High Acronis Backup Priority Other Applications 0% 100%

43 Proprietary and Confidential43© 2014 Network Throttling LAN Bandwidth Acronis Backup Limits bandwidth for Backup –Dynamic (%) –Static (kb/second) Backup of live 24/7 servers Source machine Avoid Network Congestion Control Shared Resources Improve User Experience Storage

44 Proprietary and Confidential44© 2014 Validation Acronis Backup File MD5 Checksum Read and Calculate MD5 Compare Easy No Complex “Virtual Labs” or “Sandboxes” No Separate Validation Tasks/Plans Complete Full image, not just bootable parts Safe Ensure success of future Disaster Recovery Read backup and check MD5 checksum –Image is readable and media is good Compare MD5 Checksum with original –No corruption of image Schedule to run periodically

45 Proprietary and Confidential45© 2014 Virtual and Migration Features Acronis Backup Advanced

46 Proprietary and Confidential46© 2014 Physical Computer Dissimilar Hardware Hyper-V VM VMware VM RHEV VM / KVM Oracle VM / XenServer VM Any-to-Any Migration Physical-To-Physical (P2P) Physical-To-Virtual (P2V) Virtual-To-Virtual (V2V) Virtual-To-Physical (V2P) Reliable Disaster Recovery Easy Virtualization Straightforward System Upgrade or Replacement Acronis Backup Advanced for VMware, Hyper-V, RHEV, KVM, Oracle and Xen include unlimited number of migrations to the licensed Virtual Host

47 Proprietary and Confidential47© 2014 Acronis Backup supports 6 most popular virtualization platforms: VMware ® vSphere™/ESX/ESXi Microsoft ® Hyper-V™ Agentless and Agent-based Backup Agent-based Backup Virtual Machine Backup Citrix ® XenServer RHEVLinux ® KVMOracle ® VM 6 Acronis Exclusive

48 Proprietary and Confidential48© 2014 Agent for VMware vSphere Agent-less image backup of VMware vSphere VMs Unified Backup Format Appliance automatically deployed and managed centrally Backup Tasks are automatically assigned ESX(i) Agent for vSphere Virtual appliance VM ESX(i) Agent for vSphere Virtual appliance VM Acronis Management Server

49 Proprietary and Confidential49© 2014 Hyper-V (Windows) Agent for Hyper-V VM Hyper-V (Windows) Agent for Hyper-V VM Acronis Management Server Agent for Hyper-V Agentless backup of Microsoft Hyper-V VMs and Host Unified Backup Format Support for Hyper-V clusters Centrally Managed

50 Proprietary and Confidential50© 2014 Storage Acronis Instant Restore ESX/ESXi Hypervisor VM Archive Storage Net Share VM FilesArchive Part of Backup Plan Incremental restore to a VM Scheduled conversion available How it Works Complete Virtual Machine on VMware vSphere/Microsoft Hyper-V Easy to implement Near-zero RTO VMware Hyper-V Set of VM files (vmdk, vhd, etc.) Saved to disk or a network share Extra Flexibility VM files Instant recovery of Physical and Virtual machines to Virtual Infrastructure

51 Proprietary and Confidential51© 2014 Application Support Acronis Backup Advanced

52 Proprietary and Confidential52© 2014 Microsoft Exchange Separate Exchange Backup Granular Recovery up to emails, contacts, tasks Truncate logs Microsoft SQL Single-Pass Backup Granular Recovery up to databases Truncate logs Microsoft SharePoint Single-pass Backup Granular Recovery up to documents via SharePoint Explorer tool Microsoft Active Directory Single-Pass Backup Granular Recovery up to databases and SYSVOL SINGLE-PASS BACKUPAPPLICATION SUPPORT BY ACRONIS BACKUP ADVANCED Application Support

53 Proprietary and Confidential53© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange Unified interface for backup, management and recovery OS and Exchange Data Catalog for Exchange data Search DB, Mailboxes and E-mails Storage Support Acronis Storage node (Exchange deduplication) Disks and tapes Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting Exchange-specific Disaster recovery plans Microsoft Exchange Protect Company Email Improve user productivity with quick mailbox recovery Enhance service with E-mail catalog search and recovery Reduce Recovery Time with whole Server DR

54 Proprietary and Confidential54© 2014 Exchange Granular Recovery Built-in Exchange catalog & search Browse Exchange databases, mailboxes and emails Recover mailboxes or email from DB Backup Supports Calendar items, Notes, Tasks, etc. Recover directly to mailbox or to PST No Recovery Storage Group required Easy Catalog for fast lookups Find Mailboxes and E-mails quickly No Recovery of whole DB needed Complete Calendar items Notes Tasks Etc. Safe No reconfiguration of Exchange

55 Proprietary and Confidential55© 2014 Exchange Key Features Database and Mailbox backup Express Full Backup Granular Recovery Intelligent Exchange Cluster Support Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Data cataloging Restore to Exchange, Disk, PST Support of Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Most comprehensive Exchange Data Protection in the Market

56 Proprietary and Confidential56© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced for SQL Unified interface for backup, management and recovery OS and SQL Databases Catalog and Search for SQL DBs Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting SQL Transaction Log Truncation Advanced SQL DB Recovery –Mounting from Backup –Active Restore Microsoft SQL Simplify the data protection with Single Pass Backup Get flexible recovery with server, files or databases recovery Reduce risk of low disk space with built-in log truncation

57 Proprietary and Confidential57© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced for SharePoint Unified interface for backup, management and recovery SharePoint Servers and Farms Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting SharePoint SQL DB Protection Granular Recovery of Items and Documents Microsoft SharePoint Simplify the data protection with Single Pass Backup Improve User productivity with granular recovery of documents Reduce Recovery Time with whole Server DR

58 Proprietary and Confidential58© 2014 Acronis Backup Advanced for Active Directory Unified interface for backup, management and recovery of Active Directory Domain Controllers Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting AD DB and SYSVOL Recovery Authoritative and Non-Authoritative Restore Microsoft Active Directory Simplify the data protection with Single Pass Backup Reduce Recovery Time with Server DR and support of authoritative and non- authoritative restore

59 Proprietary and Confidential59© 2014 Storage Support Acronis Backup Advanced

60 Proprietary and Confidential60© 2014 Unified Format.TIB File Agent for Linux Agent for Windows Agent for VMware Agent for Hyper-V Back up Physical Restore to ESX Back up ESX Restore to Hyper-V Back up Hyper-V Restore to Physical Recover to Any Platform – Physical and Virtual Migrate in Any-to-Any – P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P Reduce Disaster Recovery times and risks Improve Data Centers without nasty surprises Effortless Upgrade of Production Systems Unified Backup Format

61 Proprietary and Confidential61© 2014 Backup Storage options Local hard disks Acronis Secure Zone USB hard disk NAS - SMB / CIFS Private Cloud - FTP/SFTP Tape –Drives, Autoloaders, Libraries Optical media –CD/RW, DVD/RW) Acronis Cloud Storage Improve RTO and RPO with flexible storage combinations Reduce costs by choosing storage right for your business Implement reliable off-site backup with Cloud or Tape

62 Proprietary and Confidential62© 2014 Acronis Secure Zone Easy Created by Acronis Backup Automatic existing partitions resizing Complete All operations - Backup, Restore, Explore, Mount Safe Special Hidden Partition Not accessible by Windows, Applications, Users

63 Proprietary and Confidential63© 2014 Acronis Cloud Storage Easy to use Cloud Storage –Integrated into Acronis Backup Complete Data Protection –File backup –Disk image backup –Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Extremely Safe and Reliable –AES-256 encryption at source and in transit –Tier 3+ Data Centers Easiest way to implement Off-Site backup for Disaster Recovery

64 Proprietary and Confidential64© 2014 Recovery Acronis Backup Advanced

65 Proprietary and Confidential65© 2014 Recovery Online (in Operating System) –Files and Application Data (Granular) –Easy and quick Offline (using Bootable Media) –Bare-Metal Recovery –Recovery to dissimilar hardware with Acronis Universal Restore –Remote recovery using Bootable Agent –Complete and reliable Acronis Active Restore –Start in Bootable Media –Continue in Operating System –Best of both worlds

66 Proprietary and Confidential66© 2014 Bare Metal Recovery Bare Metal - computer with empty hard disk (no OS) Rebuilding system from Bare Metal to full operation Starting from empty hard disk – no OS or data

67 Proprietary and Confidential67© 2014 Acronis Universal Restore 67% of companies are running at least one hypervisor other than vSphere or Hyper-V IDC DR Survey 2014, sponsored by Acronis Anywhere to Anywhere migration Complete flexibility with Acronis –P2V, V2V, V2P, P2P –BIOS->UEFI/UEFI->BIOS, 32bit->64bit 50+ supported operating systems –Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 –Windows XP/Vista/8/8.1 –RHEL/Ubuntu/SLES/CentOS/other VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, RHEL/KVM, Oracle VM migrations

68 Proprietary and Confidential68© 2014 Acronis Universal Restore in Numbers Thousands of FUBAR situations saved per year Support for all major file systems –FAT16/FAT32/NTFS –ReFS/Ext2,3,4/ReiserFS/XFS/JFS/other 50+ supported operating systems –Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 –Windows XP/Vista/8/8.1 –RHEL/Ubuntu/SLES/CentOS/other Dozens of supported migrations –P2V/V2P/V2V/P2P –BIOS->UEFI/UEFI->BIOS –32bit->64bit Support for any driver –Windows drivers in system folders –Linux drivers in modules folders –Custom driver location

69 Proprietary and Confidential69© 2014 Acronis Active Restore Restore critical Windows files first Boot Windows in about 40 seconds –Acronis AnyData Engine will substitute missing data from Backup All Services will work as normal during Recovery Get near-hot RTO with cost of cold backup Time Recovery Boot Standard Recovery Time Recovery Boot Active Restore 40 sec

70 Proprietary and Confidential70© 2014 Browsing Images with Windows Explorer Easiest Recovery! –Simply Double-Click in Windows Explorer on Backup File: –See Backup Timeline –Choose Partitions or disks –Recover Folders and Files Use familiar Explorer actions –Copy/Paste –Open

71 Proprietary and Confidential71© 2014 Mounting Images as Virtual Drives Easy browsing of the backup Flexible use of any Application –See drive letter in Windows (i.e. F:\) –Protect the data by Mounting drive Read-Only Clear the Viruses from infected machines –Mount the Image in Read-Write mode –Changes will be saved to the Incremental Backup, leaving original Backup intact READ MOUNT CHANGES Backup Image Virtual Drive WRITE Operating System Incremental Backup

72 Proprietary and Confidential72© 2014 Recovering Files From Disk Image on Tape Unique in the Market Restore files from sector-level disk image backup stored on tape Also includes cataloging with search Recover: Backup on DiskBackup on Tape Files from file backup Yes Files from image backup Yes

73 Proprietary and Confidential73© 2014 Disaster Recovery Plan –Simple step-by-step instructions on how to perform recovery –Bringing automated enterprise best practices to SMBs

74 Proprietary and Confidential74© 2014 Management Features Acronis Backup Advanced

75 Proprietary and Confidential75© 2014 Remote Installation Source machineTarget Machine(s) Network Acronis Backup Management Console Microsoft Installer (MSI) Remote Installation ADMIN$ Share Reduce management effort with Easy installation of Remote machines Protect complete environment with Mass Installations Leverage safe Microsoft MSI remote installation procedure

76 Proprietary and Confidential76© 2014 Centralized Management Easy and Scalable –Central Backup Scheduling –Central Backup Plans –Central backup catalog and search. Complete Picture –Infrastructure dashboard –Global alerts, monitoring and reporting Improved efficiency –Central management of storage

77 Proprietary and Confidential77© 2014 Reliable Migration to Different HDD Easy HDD Upgrade Faster System Performance Migrate to SSD or Hybrid HDD Acronis Disk Cloning Transfer all the Data –Expanding System Volume –New System Layout –Predicted Hardware Failure Target Hard Drive No Backup is Created Source Hard Drive

78 Proprietary and Confidential78© 2014 Licensing Acronis Backup Advanced

79 Proprietary and Confidential79© 2014 Licensing: Per Physical Machine Protected PCs License per PC Protected Servers License Per Physical Server/Host Unmanaged Storage: File Servers, NAS, SAN No License Required Acronis Storage Node Included NETWORK Management Server Included Management Console Included Acronis Backup Advanced:..for Windows Server 1x..for Linux Server 1x..for VMware 1x..for PC 3x Or..Universal License6x Easy and Affordable No Add-ons, tiers, surcharges No CPU Sockets No per-VM, per-OS licenses Protect your investment with Universal License Scale your environment easily

80 Proprietary and Confidential80© 2014 Use Cases Acronis Backup Advanced

81 Proprietary and Confidential81© 2014 USE CASE 1: Data Protection in a Hybrid Environment Problem Physical and Virtual Environment –Data Backup approach differs Backup Complexity –Traditional Platforms are heavy –Separate Tools difficult to manage Escalating Costs and Risks Solution Acronis Backup Advanced –Reduced Complexity –Reduced Costs –Reduced Risks Complete protection –Windows and Linux –Servers and PCs –Physical and virtual Easy recovery of entire servers or individual documents

82 Proprietary and Confidential82© 2014 USE CASE 2: Server Consolidation and Disaster Recovery Problem Hypervisor Choice –Different Costs, Licensing Migration Risks –Standard tools are limited Escalating Costs Unpredictable Outcomes Backup & DR Complexity Solution Acronis Backup Advanced –Fast and reliable Any-to-Any migration –Agentless backup of VMs –Near-zero RTO with Instant Restore™ The only Solution to protect 6 hypervisors: –VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Citrix XenServer, Linux KVM, Oracle VM Server Reduced Complexity with one blended solution Reduced Risks with Acronis Universal Restore Reduced Costs with choice of right Hypervisor

83 Proprietary and Confidential83© 2014 USE CASE 3: Data Retention for Compliance and Audit Problem Multiple Compliance Regulations –SoX, FATCA, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI Internal and External Audits 100% Data Preservation required –Costs –Complexity –High Risks Solution Acronis Backup Advanced –Unified Disaster Recovery and Data Protection solution –100% data backup with Disk Imaging –Restore Any Data with catalog and search –Built-in affordable off-site backup to Acronis Cloud Reduced Costs Scalability in rapidly changing IT Risk control

84 Proprietary and Confidential84© 2014 USE CASE 4: Remote Office, Branch Office (ROBO) Problem Limited Resources No IT Personnel in ROBO Data is Business-Critical Increased Data Loss Risks Inconsistent Data Protection Impossible to use Complex Data Center- oriented Solution Solution Acronis Backup Advanced –Unified Protection of local and ROBO systems –Single console –Reduced downtime with remote recovery –Acronis Cloud Storage for secure off-site backup, even from ROBO Consistent Backup Experience Consistent Corporate Policies Reduced Risks without Complexity Full protection without high Costs

85 Proprietary and Confidential85© 2014 USE CASE 5: Recovery of Applications (e.g. Exchange) Problem Application Backup –Application-specific features needed Resource Overload –Traditional Backups heavy –Point Tools not scalable –Built-in Tools limited Escalating Costs Risks –Inability to Restore Data –User Productivity affected Solution Acronis Backup Advanced –Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory –Single Pass Backup, CDP, Express Full Backup –Transaction Log Backup and Truncation –Individual mailbox, folder, e-mail Recovery –Searchable Catalog Improve User & IT Productivity Reduce Risks with reliable Data Protection Achieve faster RTO –Recover entire Server to dissimilar hardware

86 Proprietary and Confidential86© 2014 Appendix Extra details

87 Proprietary and Confidential87© 2014 Protecting Applications: Using Microsoft VSS OS: Windows 2003/R2 Windows 2008/R2 Windows 2012/R2 Windows Vista,7,8,8.1 DBs: MS SQL Exchange SharePoint Oracle 10g+ Backup Start Acronis Backup Advanced VSS-Aware Database Engine Microsoft VSS Framework Start Backup FREEZE Save transactions Suspend Activity FROZEN Take Snapshot (Activate SnapAPI) THAW Resume Normal Operations Backup Less than 1 second No disconnection of users

88 Proprietary and Confidential88© 2014 Protecting Applications: Scripting Backup Start Acronis Backup Advanced Database Engine Operating System Start Backup Suspend Take Snapshot (Activate SnapAPI) Resume Normal Operations Backup Execute Before Capture Script or Command Change Mode Stop Execute After Capture Resume Script or Command Change Mode Start Pure Downtime Less than 1 second Total Downtime Up to several minutes

89 Proprietary and Confidential89© 2014 Multi-volume Snapshot Backup Snapshot Disabled More efficient Faster Not for complex Databases Snapshot all partitions simultaneously Backup of complex Databases Default Setting Backup Enabled

90 Proprietary and Confidential90© 2014 Exchange Express Full Backup Enabled by Acronis Storage Node Send modified data only –Typically <5% of the database size daily Benefits: –Quick backup of large databases –No impact of Backup during business hours –Reliable Protection with backup over WAN Full Backup Express Full Exchange Database Backup

91 Proprietary and Confidential91© 2014 Exchange Cluster Support Transparent support of Exchange Cluster Cluster recognition, automatic agent installation Single Cluster view in Management Console Cluster-aware configuration Performance-optimized backup of passive (replica) servers Automatic re-configuration on cluster events (failovers, switchovers) “Set and forget” configuration Replication Single Copy Cluster (2003, 2007) Cluster Continuous Replication (2007) Database Availability Group (2010)

92 Proprietary and Confidential92© 2014 Local Hard Disk Strengths Convenient –no connectivity/password/firewall issues Fast No impact to shared resources (e.g. network) Mobile Caution Same machine as production Does not protect from major disasters 1-to-1 management

93 Proprietary and Confidential93© 2014 External Hard Disk (USB) Strengths Convenient –no connectivity/password/firewall issues Fast No impact to shared resources Mobile Caution Does not cover major disasters 1-to-1 management

94 Proprietary and Confidential94© 2014 Network Storage Strengths Relatively Fast Covers hardware failure Centrally managed Caution Uses Shared Resource, like LAN Not mobile

95 Proprietary and Confidential95© 2014 Tape and Optical Media Strengths Covers hardware failure Mobile Acronis One-Click restore from CD/DVD Caution Lower performance

96 Proprietary and Confidential96© 2014 Acronis Cloud Storage Strengths Reliable Off-premise location Tier-3+ Data Center Accessible from Anywhere Centrally managed Caution Performance depends on Internet Connectivity

97 Proprietary and Confidential97© 2014 Bootable media Bootable CD, DVD, ISO file, Flash Drive, PXE Server –Can be created by user anytime Standalone Acronis Backup –Does not require pre-installed OS Contains Drivers –SAN, NAS, SCSI, RAID, USB, IEEE1394, Network Universal (generic) –Works on any hardware - no individual disks for each machine Supports All major operations –Backup, Recovery, Cloning, Disk Management Flexible Base –Linux – Default media created in Acronis Backup –Windows – Created with Windows PE

98 Proprietary and Confidential98© 2014 Supported OS - Windows Windows 8.1 –except RT Windows 8 –except RT Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP Professional –SP2+ Windows 2000 SP4 –except Datacenter Edition Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2012 Essentials Windows Server 2012 Foundation Windows MultiPoint Server 2010/2011 Windows Small Business Server 2011 Windows Small Business Server 2008 Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Windows Small Business Server 2003 Any Windows x86/x64 MBR/UEFI

99 Proprietary and Confidential99© 2014 Supported OS - Linux Linux with kernel 2.4.20 or later (including 3.x kernels) and glibc 2.3.2 or later Various 32-bit and 64-bit Linux distributions, including:  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x, 5.x and 6.x  Ubuntu 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04  Fedora 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11  Debian 4, 5, 6  CentOS 5.x, 6.x  Oracle Linux 5.x, 6.x – both Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and Red Hat Compatible Kernel Any Linux x86/x64 MBR/UEFI

100 Proprietary and Confidential100© 2014 Complete Linux Support Disk Image Backup File Backup Universal Restore Disaster Recovery X Window Management Console Disk, Tape, Cloud Storage

101 Proprietary and Confidential101© 2014 Supported VMware vSphere (Global) Agent for ESX(i) VMware ESX Infrastructure 3.5 Update 2+ VMware vSphere 4.0 (ESX/ESXi) VMware vSphere 4.1 (ESX/ESXi) VMware vSphere 5.0 (ESXi) VMware vSphere 5.1 (ESXi) VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi) *) Free VMware Hypervisor is supported only for Agent-Based Backup

102 Proprietary and Confidential102© 2014 Supported VMware vSphere (NAM) Agent for ESXi VMware vSphere 5.0 (ESXi) VMware vSphere 5.1 (ESXi) VMware vSphere 5.5 (ESXi) *) Free VMware Hypervisor is supported only for Agent-Based Backup

103 Proprietary and Confidential103© 2014 Supported Microsoft Hyper-V Hyper-V 2.0 Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V 3.0 Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

104 Proprietary and Confidential104© 2014 Supported Microsoft Applications MS Exchange Server: 2003 SP2+, 2007, 2010, 2013 MS SQL Server: 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 MS SharePoint: 3.0 SP2, 2007 SP2, 2010 SP1, 2013

105 Proprietary and Confidential105© 2014 Component Interaction PCs to be backed up Acronis Backup Advanced (for PC) Servers to be backed up Acronis Backup Advanced Unmanaged Storage: File Server, NAS, SAN No Acronis components Administrator‘s PC Acronis Backup Advanced Management Console Acronis Management Server Managed Storage (Deduplication, Server-side Retention) Acronis Storage Node Network

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