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PDI 2010 Presented by Jason Huitt, ACNS.  Scenario A – “Technician in the Field”  Scenario B – “Lab Management”  Image Management ◦ PDI Interruption.

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1 PDI 2010 Presented by Jason Huitt, ACNS

2  Scenario A – “Technician in the Field”  Scenario B – “Lab Management”  Image Management ◦ PDI Interruption Policy : Stop me at any time!

3  Welcome to the Windows Pre-installation Environment (WinPE) ◦ Replaces the ubiquitous Win98 boot disk ◦ Includes a GUI with Notepad, Task Manager ◦ Includes a full network stack  Built-in support for a plethora of network cards ◦ Version 3.0 includes Win7 / R2 code base ◦ Included in the Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 (aka WAIK 2.0)  39C26D3B3B34&displaylang=en 39C26D3B3B34&displaylang=en

4  Imagex – Microsoft’s Ghost Buster ◦ Creates and deploys file-based images of entire drive partitions  Unlike sector-based images (CD, DVD, GHO) ◦ Images stored in Windows Image Format (WIM) ◦ Uses single-instance file storage ◦ Supports three levels of compression ◦ Utility also mounts and manipulates WIM files

5  Demo ◦ Booting into WinPE from flash drive ◦ Capturing an image  imagex /capture c: x:\image.wim 1 “description” ◦ Managing partitions with Diskpart ◦ Deploying an image  imagex /apply x:\image.wim 1 c:

6 First, create a bootable flash drive: ◦ Execute diskpart from an elevated command prompt  list disk  select disk x  clean  create partition primary  active  format quick fs=fat32  exit See the following blog post for details: ◦ Flash-Drive-with-WinPE-and-Windows-Vista.aspx Flash-Drive-with-WinPE-and-Windows-Vista.aspx

7  Full details on creating a custom WinPE image available here:  Scratch.aspx Scratch.aspx ◦ Create a WinPE build workspace ◦ Mount the WinPE boot image file (boot.wim) ◦ Copy Imagex and any other tools you like into the boot.wim ◦ Inject any NIC or storage drivers into the boot.wim ◦ Unmount the boot image ◦ Copy the contents of the ISO folder in the build workspace to your flash drive  OR ◦ Build an ISO image, and burn that to a CD or DVD

8  Imaging from and to a network location will be significantly faster than from a large flash drive  Using Imagex to capture images is the ACNS- preferred method of performing litigation holds for individual user workstation HDs  Windows Setup = WinPE + Imagex + install.wim ◦ Imagex /capture c: x:\image.wim 1 “description”

9  No DHCP? Not a problem! ◦ Netsh int tcp set address “local area connection” static x.y x.1  WinPE requires a working storage driver ◦ But, WinPE drivers can be loaded “on the fly”  WinPE & Imagex fully compatible with XP, Server 2003, Vista, 2008, Win7 & R2

10  How can we scale this process up for managing larger numbers of workstations?  Answer: Windows Deployment Services ◦ Supports remote boot of clients (requires DHCP) ◦ Ability to deploy “clean OS builds” as well as custom images ◦ Multicast functionality is built-in  Supports splitting clients into multiple speed groups  Make sure to use x.y for multicasting!!!! ◦ Supported as a Role on Server 2008 and 2008 R2

11  To enable PXE boot:  DHCP Option 066 = FQDN of WDS server  DHCP Option 067 = boot\x86\  First upload a WinPE boot image  Next, upload a Windows 7 or Server 2008/R2 boot image from installation media  Finally upload installation & custom images  Great step-by-step configuration guide here:  us/library/cc766320(WS.10).aspx us/library/cc766320(WS.10).aspx

12  WDS will only be capable of deploying to computers with NICs that are recognized by Win7 & 2008/R2 installation media  If your DHCP server serves multiple distinct subnets or VLANs, additional router configuration may be required

13  Windows Deployment Services demo ◦ Booting into WinPE from WDS ◦ Quick overview of WDS MMC  Multicast session creation ◦ Multicasting using WDS

14  Sysprep ◦ Improved in Windows Vista & 7 ◦ Still necessary!  Storing multiple “images” in the same image file provides advantages

15  Deployment Image Servicing & Management Tool ◦ Part of WAIK 7 ◦ One-stop shop for image maintenance  Add, remove & enumerate software packages  Add, remove & enumerate drivers  Enable or disable Windows features  Services 32 & 64-bit platforms

16  Replaces Business Desktop Deployment 2007  Billed as Microsoft “Best Practice”  “Light-Touch” and “Zero-Touch”  End-to-end image creation and maintenance  Oemsetup.inf/Unattend.inf on steroids  Supports XP SP3, Vista, 2008, Win7 & R2  Nicely integrates with SCCM 2007 

17  Keep in mind the new default partition scheme in Windows 7 and 2008 R2 setup ◦ For Bitlocker compatibility, Windows Setup will by default create a 100MB boot partition for system files, and a larger partition for the OS and application files  To avoid this, create a small partition manually, and use the Extend feature to expand the partition to the desired size

18  Windows 7 Resource Kit – Deployment ◦ 88A9-43B3-95BC-7E962F0B6030&displaylang=en 88A9-43B3-95BC-7E962F0B6030&displaylang=en ◦ 332 pages of goodness from the Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine

19 Thanks for attending today! Feel free to questions about deployment or anything Windows to

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