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Creating and Assigning Roles For Animal Husbandry and Medical modules.

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1 Creating and Assigning Roles For Animal Husbandry and Medical modules

2 Animal Husbandry Roles The Local Admin at each institution is responsible for adding Staff members and assigning ZIMS Roles. You cannot have a Role assigned until you have been added as a ZIMS Staff member. If you select one of the ISIS Template Roles (top) you cannot edit them. If you create a custom Role you can base it off of an ISIS Template or start from scratch. Custom Roles are completely editable (bottom). As new functionality is deployed the ISIS Roles will be updated as appropriate. You are responsible for updating any custom Roles as new functionality becomes available.

3 Medical Admin Role Medical Roles are added, edited and assigned in the Animal Husbandry module under My Institution, just as other Roles are found. As the default, your institution will not have any Medical Roles. The ISIS Global Administrator will give one person at your institution a Medical Admin Role two weeks before your Go Live! deployment date for ZIMS For Medical. Local Admins cannot assign this Role. Usually this is your Local Admin but let your ISIS representative know what staff member will be managing the Medical Roles at your institution so they can assign them this Role. Once the Medical Admin Role has been assigned, you will see the Medical Roles grid.

4 Medical Admin Role Once you have been given a Medical Role the medical module will also appear in the Start menu. Medical Admin has all rights to all functionality of the ZIMS For Medical module. It does not, however, provide any access to the Animal Husbandry ZIMS module. Medical Admin is an ISIS Template Role so it cannot be edited and is greyed out.

5 Medical Admin Assigns Other Medical Roles The Medical Admin will then assign other staff members appropriate Medical Roles. It is important to note that a Medical Role cannot be assigned to a staff member who does not have any ZIMS access. In this example Kendra Keeper does not have any access to ZIMS, so View/Assign Medical Roles is greyed out and cannot be selected for her. At minimum, an Eye On ZIMS Role should be assigned.

6 Custom Medical Roles There are two ISIS Medical Roles – Medical Admin and Veterinarian. In addition, just as in the Animal Husbandry module, you can create custom Medical Roles. Below we created a custom Role for our Veterinary Technicians. When creating custom Roles DO NOT use the Medical Admin Role as a template as this will allow the ability to add and assign other Medical Roles. When creating custom Roles start without a template or select the ISIS Veterinarian template or a custom Role you have already created.

7 New Veterinarian Role Added to Animal Husbandry module A new Animal Husbandry Role of Vet - Husbandry was added with the release of ZIMS For Medical if you want to use that for your Animal Husbandry Veterinary Role

8 The End Roles for all your medical care staff

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