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What's New in Hyper-v 2012 R2 JIM RATSCH DMVMUG Reston, VA

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1 What's New in Hyper-v 2012 R2 JIM RATSCH DMVMUG Reston, VA

2  Session Objectives:  Learn about the new features in the latest release of Hyper-V  Hyper-V for Private Cloud is just getting better  Increasing virtual machine up-time is always a priority  Listening to customers and refining features  Innovating in virtualization Session Objectives And Takeaways

3  Focused on delivering Private Cloud solutions  Incredibly well received – some key highlights:  Hyper-V Replica  Shared Nothing & Simultaneous Live Migrations  Storage Migration  Support for virtual machines on SMB 3.0  Full PowerShell Support – more than 160 cmdlets  VHDX format  Online disk merging  Increased scalability – VMs 1TB memory & 64 vprocs!  Dynamic memory enhancements – minimum memory, smart paging  Virtual Fibre Channel (virtual HBAs)  …more Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012

4 Windows Azure IaaS  Windows Azure uses the same Hyper-V virtualization service built-into Windows Server 2012  Complete virtual machine compatibility between on premise Hyper-V and Azure IaaS


6 Moving Virtualization Forward

7 New Generation Of Virtual Machines Generation 2 virtual machines  Legacy free  UEFI based (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)  Many emulated devices removed  Boots from virtual SCSI or synthetic network adapters  Enables UEFI secure boot standard  Supported guest operating systems:  64-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012  64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

8 Demo: Generation 1 vs generation2

9 Generation 2 Virtual Machine Hardware Legacy Devices RemovedReplacement DevicesEnhancements IDE ControllerVirtual SCSI ControllerBoot from VHDx ( 64TB max size, online resize) IDE CD-ROMVirtual SCSI CD-ROMHot add/remove Legacy BIOSUEFI firmwareSecure Boot Legacy NICSynthetic NICNetwork boot with IPv4 & IPv6 Floppy & DMA ControllerNo floppy support UART (COM Ports)Optional UART for debuggingFaster and more reliable i8042 keyboard controllerSoftware based inputNo emulation – reduced resources PS/2 keyboardSoftware based keyboardNo emulation – reduced resources PS/2 mouseSoftware based mouseNo emulation – reduced resources S3 videoSoftware based videoNo emulation – reduced resources PCI BusVMBus Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)No longer required Programmable Interrupt Timer (PIT)No longer required Super I/O deviceNo longer required

10 Automatic Activation  Zero touch activation of virtual machines  Virtual machines automatically activated according to the hosting environment  Reduces configuration for hosters / enterprises

11 Enhanced VM connect Remote Desktop over VMBus  Full remote desktop capabilities  Shared clipboard  Audio redirection  Enhanced login  Smart card integration  USB support  Enabled even when the network is down  Integrated into Hyper-V Management experience

12 Demo: enhanced vm connect

13 legacy Virtual Machine Control

14 Existing Virtual Machine Control






20 Enhanced Virtual Machine Control







27 Zero-downtime upgrade  Cross version compatibility - Compatibility In Windows Server 2012 R2 from Windows Server 2012  Live migration  Saved states  Checkpoints (aka Snapshots)  Includes shared nothing live migration

28 Faster Live Migration  Compression  Significantly faster live migration times  No hardware changes are required  Enabled by default  SMB Direct  Utilizes existing and new high-end networks  Enables super high-speed live migrations  Supports SMB Multichannel to leverage multiple interfaces

29 Faster Live Migration  Simple guidance:  If your live migration network is….  10 Gbit or less – use compression  Over 10 Gbit – use SMB / SMB Direct

30 Demo: live migrations

31 Online VHDX resize  Increase AND decrease the size of virtual hard disks – while the virtual machine is running!

32 Demo: online vhdx resize

33 Live virtual machine export / clone While the virtual machine is running…  Export a complete copy – including memory state  Export any snapshot of a virtual machine

34 Continuing Linux Guest Support  Full dynamic memory  Online backup  Online VHDX resize  New video driver

35 File Based Storage Block Storage Guest clustering with shared virtual disks VHDX Guest Clustering Guest Clustering with commodity storage Sharing VHDX files provides shared storage for Hyper-V Failover Clustering Maintains separation between infrastructure and tenants Virtual SAS VM presented a shared virtual SAS disk Appears as shared SAS disk to VM Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) on block storage Scale-Out File Server for file based storage

36 Storage QoS  Enables constant SLA delivery  Dynamically configurable while the virtual machine is running  Can restrict disk throughput for overactive / disruptive virtual machines

37 Hyper-V Replica  Extended replication  Finer grained control of replication  More…

38 Demo: hyper-v replica

39 Summary  Hyper-V for Private Cloud is just getting better  Increasing virtual machine up-time is always a priority  Listening to customers and refining features  Innovating in virtualization

40  DMVMUG Event March 8 – Reston, VA   Bi-monthly meetings at the Microsoft Store in Tysons Corner Mall  PASS DC (SQL Server User Group) Monthly Meetings here in the Microsoft offices in Chevy Chase, MD   Next Meeting is March 13, 2014  Reston SharePoint User Group   Next Meeting is Monday March 10, 2014 (Microsoft Reston Office) Stay Connected -

41  Get Certified – Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Test-Fest! Coming Summer 2014!  Come Back for IT Pro Camp 2015 - February 2015! Stay Connected -

42  Visit the sponsor booths – get your raffle card stamped  Hang out for the end of the day raffle! Thank Our Sponsors!

43 Email: Need more information on DMVMUG Visit Need more information on DMVMUG Visit

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