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Symon Perriman Program Manager Microsoft Corporation WSV310.

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2 Symon Perriman Program Manager Microsoft Corporation WSV310

3 Failover Clustering with R2 Drive low cost solutions into the entire market Simplify everything Deployment, configuration, management The foundation of the dynamic datacenter Developed 2 of the R2 major value propositions Cluster Shared Volumes Live Migration 64+ Core Support Branch Cache Direct Access

4 Failover Clustering Feature Roadmap Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Management Resources Supportability Hyper-V, Live Migration and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

5 Mix and Match Hardware You can use any hardware configuration if Each component has a Windows Server 2008 / R2 logo Servers, Storage, HBAs, MPIO, etc… It passes Validate It’s that simple! Connect your Windows Server 2008 / R2 logo’d hardware Pass every test in Validate It is now supported! If you make a change, just run Validate again Details:

6 FCCP Failover Cluster Configuration Program Windows Server 2008 / R2 Buy validated solutions “Validated by Microsoft Failover Cluster Configuration Program” Not required for Microsoft support, must be logo’d More information: clustering-program.aspx clustering-program.aspx

7 Enhanced Validation Run before, during or after cluster deployment Includes additional “best practices” tests Quorum configuration Status of cluster resources Network Name settings in a multi-site cluster Offers prescriptive guidance to achieve higher availability Collects information about the configuration for supportability and documentation

8 Cluster Validation

9 Migration – Our Upgrade Path Built-in Migration Wizard Supports most networking configurations IPv4, IPv6, IPv6 tunnel, DHCP IPs, Static IPs, different subnets Reuse storage or copy data and use new storage Migrate resource groups between clusters Enhanced Pre- and Post- migration reports Guide: 2003 2008 R2 2008 2008 R2

10 Migration Migrate every in-box workload DFS-N, DHCP, DTC, File Server, Generic Application, Generic Script, Generic Service, iSNS, MSMQ, NFS, Other Server, Remote Desktop, WINS All other workloads have their own cluster- aware upgrade process DFS-R Exchange Hyper-V Print SQL Every workload now has a cluster-aware upgrade path!

11 Failover Clustering Feature Roadmap Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Management Resources Supportability Hyper-V, Live Migration and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

12 Datacenter Management SCVMM Cluster support with Hyper-V Live Migration Intelligent Placement for VMs Performance & Resource Optimization (PRO) SCOM/MOM Cluster Management Packs System Center Operations Manager 2007 Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

13 PowerShell Support Command line, scripting language, and programmatic interface Improved manageability Run Validate Easily create clusters & HA roles Manage Hyper-V and CSV Generate dependency reports Server Core, Hyper-V Server 2008 R2, & RSAT Client Replaces cluster.exe as the cluster CLI tool

14 PowerShell

15 Read-Only Cluster Access Cluster API read-only access Reduced privileges View the cluster No action Minimizes risk Improved security Useful for 1st tier support, cross-team collaboration, admins and investigation Supported by PowerShell

16 Failover Clustering Feature Roadmap Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Management Resources Supportability Hyper-V, Live Migration and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

17 HA Roles and Features New for R2 DFS-Replication Remote Desktop Common Hyper-V Exchange File Server Print SQL Third Party Many different roles Other DFS-Namespace DHCP DTC iSNS MSMQ NFS WINS Generic Containers Generic Application Generic Script Generic Service Other Server

18 DFS-Replication Multi-Master Replication Engine Any replication group member can form its own cluster All members can be clustered Cluster Shared Local

19 Remote Desktop Connection Broker Keep clients connected in server farms Local VHD location TS / RDS Sessions Load Balancing

20 Remote Desktop Connection Broker Connection Broker VHD ClientHost A3 B6 C1 D5 E2 …… Failover Cluster Redundant Connection Broker Server Farm

21 Print Server Drivers and processors isolated from spooler process Configurable granularity for drivers Periodic recycling of sandboxes Key Takeaway: Single bad driver no longer takes down the entire print server! Key Takeaway: Single bad driver no longer takes down the entire print server!

22 SQL Server 2008 Rolling upgrade/patch support for SQL Server Integrated setup health checks Failover Cluster SQL Server Distributed setup on each node No remote execution Cluster Validation tool integration IPv6 and DHCP support Up to 16-nodes

23 Failover Clustering Feature Roadmap Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Management Resources Supportability Hyper-V, Live Migration and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

24 Performance Counters Troubleshoot Performance Problems Monitor & Optimize Cluster Performance Resources Groups CSV API Calls Handles Service Cluster DB Network More …

25 Enhanced Logging Capture UI pop-ups and Messages Even before cluster creation New debug logging channels Disabled by default Enabled for advanced troubleshooting Cluster.log converted to an ETW channel, now also appears in Event Viewer Tip: Click on View  Show Analytic and Debug Logs

26 Monitoring Events Consolidated view of events from all nodes Save event query results as EVTX files

27 Cluster Supportability Enhancements

28 Windows Server 2008 SP2 Just released to manufacturing (RTM)! us/windowsserver/dd727510.aspx Issues reported from Server 2008 fixed Enhanced VM integration WMI resiliency Validation catches more issues Improved disjoint namespace support

29 Failover Clustering Feature Roadmap Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Management Resources Supportability Hyper-V, Live Migration and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)

30 The Dynamic Datacenter Vision Virtualize your workloads Consolidate Servers Reduce Costs Space/facilities Cooling Physical Hardware Maintenance Smaller OS footprint Easier Management HW Flexibility Quicker Installations & Deployments Run Legacy OSs & Apps Incompatible Apps on same server

31 Hyper-V Live Migration Move a running VM from one host to another host with no downtime Client is not aware of the migration Maintain open TCP connections of the guest OS Clients stay connected Planned failover Failover Clustering still recovers VM from a disk in an unplanned failover

32 Live Migration Entire VM memory copied Memory content is copied to new server Live Migrate May be additional incremental data copies until data on both nodes is essentially identical VHD

33 Live Migration Session state is maintained No reconnections necessary Clients stay connected to “live” VM VHD Client directed to new host ARP issued to point routing devices to new node Old VM deleted after success

34 Cluster Shared Volumes Distributed file access solution for Hyper-V Concurrent access to disk from any node VMs do not know their host VMs no longer bound to storage VMs can share a CSV disk to reduce LUNs VMs remain online during live migration Zero downtime!

35 Cluster Shared Volumes Overview Data over any network VHD Coordinator Node 1 LUN, Many VMs Distributed File Access for Hyper-V

36 CSV Compatibility No special hardware requirements Same requirements as standard cluster disk iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS No directory structure or depth limitations No proprietary file system Standard NTFS Support Hyper-V Workload It Just Works!

37 CSV Benefits Simplify Storage Management Consolidate VMs on a CSV disk Individual VMs on a shared LUN can failover Reduces client’s final transition time during a live migration Improves Reliability Dynamic I/O Redirection Node Fault Tolerance Network Fault Tolerance SAN Fault Tolerance Network Prioritization CSV gives your cluster Higher Availability 99% 99.9% 99.99% 99.999% Availability

38 Michael Bilancieri Senior Director of Products Marathon Technologies

39 Developing high availability and fault tolerant solutions since 1993 Partnership with Microsoft to add system-level fault tolerance to Hyper-V Today’s solutions provide fault tolerance to Windows-based applications

40 Hyper-V, Failover Clusters, everRun Integrated with Microsoft Failover Clusters and Hyper-V to offer customers extended availability options and protection levels Most highly protected virtual server solution Hyper-V Consolidated systems and management Failover Clusters Application Protection everRun System Fault Tolerance

41 everRun Architecture

42 everRun Availability Solutions Providing Fault Tolerance for Critical Applications

43 Marathon Summary Developing system-level fault tolerance for Hyper-V virtual machines Enables consolidation of broader range of applications onto Hyper-V Existing solutions deliver system-level fault tolerance for critical Windows-based applications (non-Hyper-V based)

44 NLB Enhancements Full PowerShell support Create/destroy clusters Add/remove/control cluster nodes Add/edit/remove cluster VIPs and node DIPs Replacing NLB.exe as the command line tool NLB support for Direct Access servers Health Awareness Extended Affinity

45 Session Summary Windows Server 2008 R2 is delivering substantial value Hyper-V deployments will want to upgrade immediately Expanded support for several new roles No special requirements – it just works Cluster Shared Volumes Live Migration DFS-Replication Remote Desktop Connection Broker Innovation PowerShell Read-only APIs Migration Improved integration with Cluster Management UI ManageabilitySupportability Improved Logging Enhanced Validation Performance Counters

46 Passion for High Availability? Become a Cluster MVP!


48 Sessions On-Demand & Community Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers Microsoft Certification and Training Resources Microsoft Certification & Training Resources Resources

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50 Track Resources Cluster Team Blog: Cluster Information Portal: Clustering Technical Resources: Clustering Forum (2008): Clustering Forum (2008 R2): US/windowsserver2008r2highavailability/threads/ US/windowsserver2008r2highavailability/threads/ US/windowsserver2008r2highavailability/threads/ Clustering Newsgroup: us/default.aspx? us/default.aspx? us/default.aspx? Failover Clustering Deployment Guide: TechNet: Configure a Service or Application for High Availability: TechNet: Installing a Failover Cluster: TechNet: Creating a Failover Cluster: Webcast (2008 R2): Introduction to Failover Clustering: Webcast (2008 R2): HA Basics with Hyper-V: Webcast (2008 R2): Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV):

51 Windows Server Resources Make sure you pick up your copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 RC from the Materials Distribution Counter Learn More about Windows Server 2008 R2: Technical Learning Center (Orange Section): Highlighting Windows Server 2008 and R2 technologies Over 15 booths and experts from Microsoft and our partners Over 15 booths and experts from Microsoft and our partners

52 Complete an evaluation on CommNet and enter to win!

53 © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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