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ShoreWare CSTA – Remote Call Control Integration wit LCS, OCS & OCS R2

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1 ShoreWare CSTA – Remote Call Control Integration wit LCS, OCS & OCS R2
ShoreTel Sales training Hello and welcome. The objective of today’s presentation is to introduce our company <partner name>, give you an overview of ShoreTel as well as examine the different architectural approaches to VoIP. Let me first introduce myself <sell yourself first>. I represent <partner name> <sell your company second include the story why your company choose to pick up the ShoreTel product line>. Now let me introduce ShoreTel <sell the product third> . . . Jerome Joanny. Sr. Product Manager 02/01/2009

2 Agenda ShoreTel UC strategy Microsoft Unified Communication
Description Integration layers ShoreWare CSTA server What is CSTA & Remote Call Control ? Product Features End user Benefits Positioning Product Logistics SKU & pricing System engineering & deployment options Supported platforms ShoreKeep your text message concise, at 24 pts. to ensure readability Place additional information in your notes section Sentence case in all text layouts except proper nouns title case Second Indent text is 20 pt with grey hyphen Third Indent goes here, 18 pt

3 ShoreTel UC strategy : Dual Approach Strategy
Future will see Commoditization of the software desktop clients ShoreTel Cooperates with Major Software UC vendors ( Microsoft, IBM ) by leveraging Open Standards SIMPLE CSTA SIP… ShoreTel Enhances its architecture by distributing the Application Professional Call Manager ( IM, Presence, Video ) Conference Bridge next generation Bringing reliability by distributing more ( Application, Database, … ) 3 3

4 Microsoft Unified Communications Portfolio Description
Three Main groups of servers Management: Active directory IM/Presence +collaboration: LCS 2005 ( Live Communication Server 2005 ) OCS (Office Communication Server & 2007 R2) Unified Messaging: Exchange 2007 Three separate clients Management: Management consoles IM/Presence + collaboration: Communicator for LCS/ OCS (aka MOC) Unified Messaging: Outlook 2007, OWA 2007, Outlook mobile 4 4

5 Microsoft Unified Communication Multi Layer integration
Exchange 2007: Voice connectivity via SIP Requires third party hardware Gateway Application note available Fax reception leveraging T38 Leverage Gateway for SIP LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Instant Messaging integration via SIMPLE Professional Call Manager in ShoreTel 8.1 Voice integration via SIP Require third party hardware Gateway Application note just released CTI integration via SIP CSTA ShoreWare CSTA server 5 5

6 ShoreWare CSTA Overview
© 2008 ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. 6

7 CSTA & Remote Call Control
Computer Supported Telephony Application – CSTA Open Standard protocol Created & managed by the ECMA for Computer Telephony Integration Phase I released in 1992 – Currently Phase III, 7th edition released in 2006 Enhanced for Web applications via XML ( ECMA 323 ) Carried into “SIP envelopes” – uaCSTA or TR87 Remote Call Control or Third Party Call Control Fancy Name for Computer Telephony Integration ( CTI ) Ability to control a communication device from an external application Typically the most complex & yet most common type of CTI

8 ShoreWare CSTA server Pure Software Solution
Installed separately from the Core ShoreTel Software Requires ShoreTel Telephony Service Provider ( TAPI server or DVM ) Add three supplementary Windows Services visible in Quicklook Performs TAPI to CSTA translation Expose multiple open CTI interfaces for Remote Call Control CSTA ASN.1 ( legacy CSTA ) CSTA XML uaCSTA ( TR 87 or SIP-CSTA )* CSTA web services * : Only this interface is released at first – Other API Availability will follow thru DeVnet

9 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Features
Remote Call Control - Microsoft Communicator controls the ShoreTel phone Does not require ShoreTel Call Manager on desktop 100% CSTA controls available from Microsoft Supported by ShoreWare CSTA server Symmetrical integration between Phone & Communicator User interface Telephony Presence (in or out of a call) – ShoreTel Telephony Presence in LCS or OCS Telephony Presence Override IM presence in Communicator ( single presence ) Automatically integrate with All office applications ShoreTel actively engaged with OCS 2007 private beta program since November 2006 Phase I: SIP/ CSTA gateway for TAPI<—>CSTA translation Remote Call Control : Microsoft Communicator drive ShoreTel phone ( all seventeen call features currently supported by Communicator 2005) Phone Presence (in or out of a call) propagated to Communicator Will work with LCS & OCS ShoreTel Converged Conference bridge interoperability Allow Microsoft Communicator 2005 to create and manage multi party conferences on ShoreTel Converged Conferencing 7.1 Phase II: SIP voice support with OCS/Communicator 2007 for 2008 Communicator acts as a Softphone ( PC to PC, PC to phone/PSTN, Phone/PSTN to PC ) Integration with OCS Multiparty conference unit (MCU)

10 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Remote Call Control features
Live Communication Server 2005 Office Communication Server 2007 Office Communication Server 2007 Release 2 Make Call Receive Call (1) Caller ID Call Waiting(2) Call Hold(3) Call Retrieve Alternate Call Single Step transfer Consultative transfer Conference(4)(7) DTMF digits generation(5) Call Forward / Call Redirect Call Forward based on location (7) Do Not Disturb (6)(7) Missed Call notification Reply With IM Escalation to Video (1) The RCC enabled user can receive call using MOC. Remember, the user can’t talk through MOC. The RCC enabled user can accept the call through MOC and PBX or IP PBX phone will go off-hook and the speaker phone capabilities will be activated on the PBX phone. (2) The RCC enabled user gets pop up saying a new call is coming (3) The RCC enabled user can handle multiple calls at a time. Every call is represented by a different communication window. The user can place any communication on hold during the conversation period. (4)  the RCC enabled user can perform a multi party conference call ( 3-6 ) initiated & managed from the MOC interface- Not supported by OCS 2007 & OCS 2007 R2 (5) MOC has option to send the DTMF digit over trunk calls (6) the ShoreTel phone may be set to do not disturb mode from the MOC interface or automatically when the end user goes into full screen mode with any application – Setting the phone in DND will not be reflected in the MOC as LCS does not support the Get DND status CSTA message. (7) only available with Live Communication server 2005 – these particular CSTA controls were removed by Microsoft in OCS 2007 & OCS 2007 R2.

11 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Remote Call Control -Comparing PCM versus MOC MOC Missing Important Telephony Features Pickup Intercom Silent monitor Barge in Whisper Record Dial mailbox Transfer to mailbox Bridged call appearance No Office Anywhere 3pty conference ( OCS & OCS R2 ) MOC User Interface Bad for multiple calls ( LCS & OCS ) Unacceptable to assistants, receptionists, operators, agents Every call is another pop-up window

12 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Remote Call Control – integration to the desktop Click to dial / Missed call in Outlook Place a call directly from the header Click on the missed call link to call back Click to dial from Office application via Smart tags Word, Excel, SharePoint Enrich All other UC function of LCS, OCS or OCS R2 Escalation to Video Call Escalate an IM to Voice Reply to incoming call with IM

13 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Telephony Presence – integration to the desktop Native telephony Presence integration in outlook Telephony Presence integration via MS office Smart Tags technology Telephony Presence Alert out of the box

14 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 End user Benefits
Office Communicator Leverage Microsoft Investment Enrich the IM & Presence functionalities of LCS/OCS Enable Selection of Right Application for Users Requirements Knowledge Worker ( MOC or Call Manager ) Workgroup Agent ( Workgroup Call Managers ) Front Desk Operator ( Operator Call Manager ) Efficiency and Productivity gain Eliminate the application silos by telephony enabling office applications No More Phone or Tags with true presence Call Manager Shared Presence Between Clients Instant Message Between Clients IT is in full control of their convergence technologies strategy 14 14

15 ShoreWare CSTA server integration with LCS, OCS & OCS R2 Positioning the product
Microsoft UC brings huge opportunities to ShoreTel partners Approach the Microsoft partners in your region, they need you more than you need them Every sale of OCS is an opportunity – be there to help !! Path to penetrate larger customer base: OCS bundled into every Enterprise agreement When MOC is considered for the Desktop interface Complement the LCS /OCS Feature sets Enrich the overall Microsoft office experience

16 Product Logistics & deployment
© 2008 ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. 16

17 ShoreWare CSTA server: System Engineering
Prerequisites: Live Communication or Office Communication server already deployed & running with office communicator 2005 or 2007 ShoreTel system already deployed with at one dedicated DVM or ShoreWare TAPI server ( existing or new ) ShoreWare CSTA server Software + CSTA clients licenses ( 1licence require /Connection) System engineering : IP networking available between OCS & DVM OCS + MOC remote call control configurations requires OCS administrator rights Can managed up to 1000 CSTA endpoints per server ( identical to PCM limitations per server ) If existing DVM , Max capacity of PCM + CSTA clients cannot exceed 1000 PSTN ShoreWare Server ShoreGear Voice Switches Microsoft Office Communicator Server Communicator CSTA Server Running on Dedicated DVM SIP/CSTA TAPI

18 Availability, Pricing & Ordering Information
General Availability on QMS : 3/15 Official Public Launch : VoiceCon Spring Orlando SKU Description List Price Regular License & Software 30064 License, ShoreWare CSTA for Microsoft Integration One required per CSTA Connection (Software license) $80 30066 Server, ShoreWare CSTA Requires at least 2 ShoreWare CSTA licenses for Microsoft Integration Includes Documentation (Software on CD ) $0 Evaluation License 30067 License, Evaluation, ShoreWare CSTA for Microsoft Integration 60 days validity (Software and Hardware) © ShoreTel, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

19 Installation / Deployment : two Types of scenario
By ShoreTel Partners Microsoft & specifically LCS or OCS skills are required For Customers without On-net Dialing By ShoreTel Implementation Services For Partner who lack the Microsoft UC experience or Skills For Customers with On-net Dialing Regular ShoreTel IS pricing & processes

20 Supported Platforms Microsoft Communication server ShoreTel Releases
Live Communication Server 2005 SP1 Office Communication Server 2007 Office Communication Server 2007 Release 2 ShoreTel Releases ShoreTel 7.5 ShoreTel 8.1 ( minimal release required for IM in PCM ) ShoreTel 9 & above

21 FAQ Is the CSTA license per user or per connection ?
Each MOC controlling a ShoreTel Phone will require a CSTA license for establishing the CSTA connection. So what do I need to order for this Solution ? ShoreWare CSTA server CD & CSTA licenses A shoreWare TAPI licence or DVM licence if one such server is not already in place Implementation services SOW + quote if/when required What About the IBM integration I heard of ? The upcoming IBM Sametime integration leverages ShoreWare CSTA as well but requires supplementary pieces of Software on the IBM infrastructure which will be released at a later stage. Can I use MOC as a softphone with CSTA ? No – the integration using CSTA is purely CTI & does not enable the MOC to place voice call thru the ShoreTel system.

22 Need More information Marketing Material available at GA on Partner web site: Product Datasheet for the ShoreWare CSTA server Solution Brief for Remote Call Control integration with OCS Partner program guide Customer references Tech docs ( MOC client configurations, LCS/OCS RCC configuration, CSTA server installation + configuration, Advanced troubleshooting guide ) Additional Information on ShoreWare CSTA server & Microsoft UC Jerome Joanny, Sr. Product Manager

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