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2014: Securing External/International Research Grants Lee Chew Tin UTM International Inspiring Creative & Innovative Minds 1.

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1 2014: Securing External/International Research Grants Lee Chew Tin UTM International Inspiring Creative & Innovative Minds 1

2 2014: The Challenge Reduced RUG allocation Where does the budget gone to? Likely to MOE External grants: ERGS, PRGS, KTP, … Requirement for External Grant: must involve external stakeholders Eg. Science Fund (MOSTI): must involve RIs Eg. KTP-Industry: must involve SMEs/industry Eg. KTP-Community: must involve community/Gov Agency/NGOs Many International Grants also engage SMEs, industry..

3 Engaging External Stakeholders Relevance Contribution to Nation economy generation Impact to society

4 TPU KFA-Securing International Grant : Small International Grant (RM300-400K+ per annum 2008-2011) Lack of networking with Donors Winning Proposal IN TIME Lack of sharing platform in UTM to put forward Winning Proposal IN TIME - Delayed Information for Proposal Calls - Mismatch of Research focus (not follow specific thematic areas) - Lack of contact to National Contact Points - Lack of Know-How & Awareness - Deter by Tedious Application & Low rate of success The Issue at Hand:

5 Project Objective: Propose Short- & Long-term Strategy Plans to increase International Funding Setting KAIs for the Balance Score Cards Providing Supports to increase productivity of RAs and CoEs -Workshop for Grant Application -Seminar & Info Sharing Creation of one- stop Online Portal to facilitate all International Grants application process

6 Balance Score Card & KAI (overall project): SO: Internal Process PerspectiveKAIs P4: Outstanding Leadership and Contribution in R&I P4.2 Quantity and Quality Research ( RU marks - Section C: Total amount of international fundings ) P6:Strong National & International Linkages P6.1 No. active national/international MoU/MoA/Lol/LoA and with industry P6.2 No. of International PG students enrolled through external sponsorships SO: Resource PerspectiveKAIs R2: Diversified Income BaseR2.1 Income generated from training courses-mil. R2.2 Income generated from consultancy (excluding contract research)-mil. R2.3 Gifts ( money, equipment, research materials, etc. ) (worth> 3,000.00) R2.4 Endowment

7 Strengthening UTM Capacity Building for Raising External & International Funds THE NEEDS World Ranking- THE, WUR World Ranking- THE, WUR

8 UTM Capacity Building Following TNCPI KFA Taskforce Project: Securing International Grant Each RA to nominate 1-2 committee members Priority: Staff with PhD graduated from EU countries (Germany/France/..)

9 EU Fund 2014-2020 Horizon 2020 Erasmus+ HORIZON 2020 (previously as Framework Program, FP) ERASMUS+ Total Fund:€960Bil Research Fund: €70Bil Mobility scholarships:€15Bil 3 Priorities: 1.Excellent Sciences 2.Industrial Leadership 3.Societal Challenges Education, Training, Youth, Sport Deadline: based on projectDeadline: early March To start: join via Linkedin – Horizon2020 group To start: join via Twitter, Facebook n2020/pdf/press/horizon2020- presentation.pdf NEWHO T

10 Strategy #1. Find Connections and Proposal Call via Linkedin for Horizon2020 Example of post obtained from Linkedin: LOOKING FOR PARTNERS AND CONSORTIUMS FOR WASTE-2-2014 callJakub JohnCEO & Chairman of the management board of VIA ALTA a.s.We are looking for partners and/or consortiums to join in the WASTE-2-2014 call. We are Czech SME specialized of biowaste and food waste treatment and technology. Please contact through LinkedIn or on

11 Start yourself Join Linkedin – many groups available for Erasmus + and Horizon2020 (1) For horizon2020, Click the link below: 731775&trk=my_groups-b-grp-v (2) Then, click the yellow "JOIN GROUP" button Deadlines 

12 More Proposal calls… LOOKING FOR PARTNERS FOR A H2020 FUNDING CALL (WASTE-3-2014) ON RECYCLING OF RAW MATERIALS FROM PRODUCTS AND BUILDINGS OR (NMP-18-2014) ON MATERIALS SOLUTIONS FOR USE IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY SECTORMihalis Iraklis PanagiotidisProfessor of Nutrition & Toxicology and Department Head of Human Health, Heriot Watt University, School of Life SciencesTop ContributorWe are a multidisciplinary team of academics based at Heriot Watt University aiming to develop a proposal in the area of “Sustainable eco-innovation towards zero waste economy in the built environment”. In general, the construction and demolition (C&D) sector is the largest contributor of waste globally and, in the UK alone, as it is responsible for generating 120 million tonnes of waste every year. In addition, given the global resource constraints, recovery and re-use of raw C&D waste materials (minerals, metals and organic materials) are increasingly emerging as factors of utmost importance in providing the best overall environmental, economic and societal outcomes. The vision of this project will be to foster economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for the re-use of raw materials in the built environment. The strategies we will bring to fore underpin cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness by minimising the need for bulk waste/material shipment and promoting near-zero waste in the C&D sector. This is achieved by delivering eco-innovation for the on-site closed- loop re-processing of C&D waste into new building materials. For these reasons, a range of R&D and international co- operation activities pertaining to the theme of re-using mineral resources from C&D waste in the built environment will be planned and structured around a case study involving earth construction. Thus, we would like to bring together a cross-disciplinary consortium that will address the proposed eco-technology in its entirety, including: (1) resolving engineering challenges, (2) ensuring public and on-site health and safety issues, (3) investigating societal, psychological and marketing aspects and (4) delivering viable construction management, business and regulatory models. Ultimately, our proposal will aim to (i) assimilate best practices and disseminate latest advances in C&D waste re-use to academic industrial and governmental/regulatory bodies, (ii) act as a point of reference in promoting the establishment of standards and legislation for the re-use of recycled C&D waste into new building materials and processes and (iii) establish an international pool of cross-trained pioneers with the necessary interdisciplinary expertise and global perspective required to lead the adoption of sustainable eco-innovation in the built environment globally. If such opportunity is of interest to you, I would greatly appreciate letting me know as to how would your group and/or Company be able to contributing in this project. You can contact me directly at

13 -13- Getting Started “Registration onto ECAS & Expert ProFILE” Dr. Nadia Adrus, FKK

14 14 ECAS European Commission Authentication Service

15 ECAS Registration 1. vices/pador/register_en.htm 2.Click continue

16 3.Fill in your particular 4.Click sign up

17 Successful Login

18 18 ECAS EXPERT 4. esktop/en/experts/index.html 5.Click LOGIN

19 19 Register as EXPERT 6.Clic k

20 20 7.Fill in your particular

21 (Cont.) 21

22 (Cont.) 22 Complete your profile in each tab below: Once completed, your status is now valid

23 Login to PADOR "Potential Applicant Data Online Registration” (Online Registration for grant's applicants) /index_en.htm UTM PIC NO: 953932242 VAT No. PU(A)86/1972 23

24 Manual 24 ECAS Expert Accessing+the+Registration+Service Horizon 2020 guide/index_en.htm

25 Securing International Grants Taskforce More are welcomed for Capacity Building Preferbly every RA/CoE send 1-2 representative Contact: More are welcomed for Capacity Building Preferbly every RA/CoE send 1-2 representative Contact:

26 Thank you 26

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