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Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

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1 Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

2 Introduction Exaquantum/PIMS R2.60 represents the 11th significant upgrade since Exaquantum was first released in 2000 as Yokogawa’s Data Historian & Plant Information Management System We have added a number of significant new features requested by our Customers which add considerable value to an already rich and powerful Historian Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

3 Enhanced Security Model Graphic Import Enhancement
Key Enhancements Enhanced OS support Enhanced Security Model Graphic Import Enhancement Trend annotation enhancement Archiving Enhancements Excel add-in enhancements Integration with OSI PI Historian Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

4 EXA and OS system support
Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit (32-bit WoW64 emulation for Exaquantum) Windows 7 64-bit (32-bit WoW64 emulation for Exaquantum/Explorer) SQL Server 2008 SP1 Exaopc R3.60 OPC DA, A&E, HDA, HAE and Batch server for CENTUM VP Support for Windows Server 2003 SP1 has been withdrawn – Windows Server 2003 SP2 is still supported. Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

5 Enhanced IT Security Support
Further enhancements to IT security Reduced risk of attack or security weakness through standardized Yokogawa security methodology Yokogawa has developed a standard security model for its suite of products. This development will mean that Exaquantum will conform to this standard. This includes the Small Business Server on XP SP3. Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

6 Graphics import tool extended to support Centum/VP Importing into:
Graphic Import Graphics import tool extended to support Centum/VP Importing into: Exaquantum Explorer Exaquantum Web Data binding support Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

7 Annotation of Trends Enhancement
The Explorer Trend Control was enhanced in R2.60 to include the ability to add notes to a trend. This has been further enhanced, by allowing the notes to use a hyperlink. The following file types are supported from the hyperlink: Executables (exe) Office Documents (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, pdf) Web pages (htm,html, asp, aspx, php) Images (jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png) Exaquantum Explorer Documents (.pxd) Hyperlinked trend annotations now available Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

8 Archive files to a specified device
Archive Enhancement The archive functionality has been enhanced by allowing back-ups to a specified file. Previously archives could only be created to a SQL defined backup device. This is for manually created archives only Archive files to a specified device Individual files can now be created for each back-up Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

9 Data filtering in Excel-Add-in
A filter type drop down is provided which contains the following parameters: • No Filters • Filter1 • Filter1 AND Filter2 • Filter1 OR Filter2 Depending on the selection from this list up to a maximum of 2 data value filters are displayed which can be configured. Each filter rule contains an operation drop down which contains the following parameters • = (Equal) • <> (Not Equal) • < (Less than) • > (Greater than) • <= (Less than or Equal) • >= (Greater than or Equal) And a value input box, which allows input of numerical characters. Note: Value filters will not be applied to string tags Removed unwanted data for export to Excel Filtering by Quality and by Value Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

10 PI OPC Server Connection
Some customers with Exaquantum systems also deploy OSIsoft PI systems for their end users. These users wish to be able to access data from Exaquantum. The data includes both DA and AE data. In addition, tools will be provided in order to assist with the configuration and management of such connections. Transfer Tag and A&E date to PI servers Exaquantum Tags information passed to PI via a Configuration Builder Exaquantum R2.60 Enhancements

11 Thank you very much for your attention
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