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Requisition Processing

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1 Requisition Processing
IMSP R2.1 Functionality There will be active IMSP Spiral 2 functionality affecting current EBS users/business prior to NSY roll-outs. Summary of active functionality with IMSP R2.1 IOC: Functionality IMSP Release 2.1 Level Setting IPO enhancements – Automation of the optimize process, resolution of retail dual channel history mapping* Enhanced criteria for virtual SKU activation/deactivation* DSS Levels interface - Utilization of expiration dates and record types* Disposals DLA managed excess will be determined by DORRA AAO, ERL, and PRS values and executed systemically or manually in EBS via Supply Planner Workflow Fill/kill of disposal orders and denials Requisition Processing Do not fill orders from local stock if previous AF maintenance requisition denied by DSS* Expedited requisition processing time report updates* Enable configurable business rules for item category determination* Due-ins Include dummy ODN on due-in to DSS to facilitate real-time solution for “Dual Channel” receiving issues (DSS logic to be active with release 11.1) * Local Purchase Further enable configurable business rules for retail emergency determination* Workflow button text updates to accommodate SRM transition* Material Master New material type available for Non-DLA managed items New Disposal fields: Agg MinSS, Agg MaxOH, retail switch, total Min Protect, Potential Reutilization Stock New Navy IA site fields visible SO/PR/PO Fields New RA doc number field used for AF reference doc number related to DSS denials* New Spiral 2 fields visible *ALC site (Spiral 1) Impacts

2 IMSP R2.2 Functionality Functionality IMSP Release 2.2
Navy Demand Planning Navy will provide Gross Demand Plan based on a master schedule and bill of materials. The GDP will be brought into EBS through Demand Collaboration monthly and will be used in conjunction with the statistical forecast  to drive replenishments. * EBS Statistical Forecast and Consensus Forecast DLA will generate statistical forecast for DLA managed and non-DLA managed FRC and NSY items.  Enriched forecast will be developed considering both the statistical forecast and GDP input via various collaboration rules and thresholds.* Order Management & Issue Order The Navy will send DLA both unfunded requisitions (Requisition Alerts) and funded requisitions (Issue Orders).  DLA is responsible for fulfilling all orders, including orders for Non-DLA Managed NSNs, Local Stock Numbers, and materials at a less than unit of issue.  Material received for Requisition Alerts will be protected until the funded requisition is received.  For Non-DLA Managed materials, DLA will now procure items directly from the other Source of Supply and be responsible for performing all requisition maintenance transactions with the other Service. *FRC Specific Logic not active until FRC rollouts

3 IMSP R2.2 Functionality (cont’d) Time Phased Inventory Plan
IMSP Release 2.2 Time Phased Inventory Plan Incorporating FRC plans and intelligence through DLA enterprise collaboration and demand planning processes which will drive time phase replenishments* Statistical forecast will drive NSY replenishments FRC and NSY demand signals will be managed within EBS SAP for stock fencing. Consensus Supply Plan Consensus supply plan encompasses building SKU’s/Sourcing, calculating levels, protection based on net demand signals/JML’s and utilizing S&OP practices to develop enriched replenishment plans Material Procurement The Navy will send DLA both unfunded requisitions (Requisition Alerts) and funded requisitions (Issue Orders).  DLA is responsible for fulfilling the requisitions for both DLA and non-DLA Managed NSNs through standard and local procurement processes.  DLA will set the parameters and make the order emergency determination in order to correctly perform workload assignment of requisitions. *FRC Specific Logic not active until FRC rollouts

4 IMSP R2.2 Functionality (cont’d)
IMSP Release 2.2 Inventory Management and Material Returns All Non-DLA Managed items returned will receive credit based on the credit provided by the managing service (Navy, Air Force) to DLA. DORRA Disposal Process to be enhanced by the previously existing Disposal Candidate Program in SAP. Inventory balances in Navy, EBS, and DSS systems must be kept in synch.  DLA will now perform Inventory Reconciliation for Non-DLA Managed NSNs and LSNs.  DLA will also send the Navy current on hand inventory balances. Material Master Record IMSP will provide functionality to ensure all Navy-specific NSNs and LSNs are available in EBS to support demand planning and order fulfillment functions. EBS will provide two way communications with Navy systems (MAT/MRPII) when stock numbers are updated EBS. Some Navy-specific material elements and Navy “unit of use” will be incorporated into the EBS material master. Manage Discrepancies/Deficiencies DLA is taking ownership of the physical inventory and most supply chain functions of the Shipyards and FRCs. Quality Assurance functions performed in Navy Systems (PDREP/JDRS) will be integrated with DSS and EBS to support facility level inventory management, demand planning, and order fulfillment. *FRC Specific Logic not active until FRC rollouts

5 IMSP R2.2 ADC 381 *FRC Specific Logic not active until FRC rollouts

6 IMSP R2.2 ADC 381 (cont’d) *FRC Specific Logic not active until FRC rollouts

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