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New iTools In Brief New ISID R2 from Action (not FSC)

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1 New iTools In Brief New ISID R2 from Action (not FSC)
NEW IMIB (7” screen) New ICOM Changes inside ISIS: No more IBase1 + IBase2 Only Diagnosis Server and Programming Server High programming capacity No more ISSS R5 + R6 Versions still can be used to enlarge Programming capacity, R2,3,4 out of contract

2 New iTools The new ISID R2 will be supplied by ACTIA.

3 New iTools Contractual details for the ISID R2.
Properties Device level Ordered Volume: 5.000 ISID R2 +/- 25% Contract Timeframe: 12/2011 – 06/2016 Rollout Start Q1/2012 (country specific => dependent to certification process) Delivery Time: 90% of all ordered ISID R2 will be delivered within 2 weeks. Remaining 10% will be delivered within 4 weeks. Warranty: 6 years warranty included (max. warranty period; Battery: 6 month (standard for batteries in commodity devices) Warranty starts latest 6 months after delivery to BMW AG Service: 3 leg Service Model Still in RFQ phase and not yet contractual fixed.

4 New iTools ISID R2 System Specification.
Properties Device level Processor Intel® Core i7 2610UE (2x1,5GHz) Harddisk 250 GB Battery Runtime ~ 6 hours Memory 4 GB RAM Display 1280x800 LED Backlight (13,3“) Display Brightness > 700 Cd/m² Wireless Module (WLAN + BT) Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6230 Protection Class (IP) IP54 (MIL STD-810G) Country Specific Models Worldwide „One for All“.

5 New iTools ICOM A2 (Housing Update).
DRAFT Motivation changing the ICOM design: - Higher usage availability due to less malfunction (fan, housing, articulated joint) - Improve the usage and the connectivity (available space) in the car

6 New iTools ISPI Release 3.0 consequences for ISIS.
With the introduction of ISPI Release 3.0 in Q1/2012 the ISIS software architecture will change: ISIS – Integrated Service Information Server ISPS – Integrated Service Programming Server Additional programming capacity in workshops will be provided through additional ISIS server units (ISPS). There are no hardware changes necessary for existing ISIS with one ISPS. There is a maximum of 3 ISPS per ISIS Rack possible. It is strictly recommended to check UPS batteries before upgrading ISIS with additional ISPS.

7 ISPI Release 3.0 Key facts and consequences for ISSS.
ISSS R2-R4 will be out of service end Q1/2012. ISSS R6 is still available for ordering until Q1/2012. There will be no successor for the ISSS R6. Still supported: ISSS R5 and ISSS R6.

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