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IT Roundtable – 9/17/2013 Presented by Bob Miller, Micah Howard, Doug Whiteley.

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2 IT Roundtable – 9/17/2013 Presented by Bob Miller, Micah Howard, Doug Whiteley

3 Agenda Upgrading: The $10,000 Question What’s New? Interactive Live Server 2012 Demo Interactive Server 2012 R2 VM Demo

4 Upgrade: When is the time right? Have you upgraded yet? If not, how will you know when? Nobody wants to get burnt! Typically people wait for SP1 Let somebody else pay the dues What is your upgrade path? In Place Vs. Direct Upgrade

5 Introducing Server 2012 What’s new in Windows Server 2012? First big step to the cloud for Windows Server Datacenter / Standard/ Essentials 25 / Foundation (OEM) 15 What’s improved in Windows Server 2012? Actually it’s more like what has not been improved October 18 GA, November 1 st Purchasing Pricing updates…? 28% ?!? Really?!? At least the CALs are the same

6 What’s New? Start with the big ones Windows PowerShell Cmdlets for Active Directory Replication and Topology More cmdlets, approximatly 2,400 -- enough said. GUI for Recycle Bin Microsoft introduced the Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2008 R2, but it was limited by its Windows PowerShell-only exposure. This time it gets a GUI. UI for Fine-Grained Password Policies Also gaining a GUI are fine-grained password policies. Windows PowerShell History Viewer You see the Windows PowerShell commands that correspond to actions you perform in the Active Directory Administrative Center UI. Active Directory-Based Activation (ADBA) The good: ADBA eliminates the need for a Key Management Service server. The bad: Only forthcoming Windows 8 computers can leverage ADBA. Seriously, Microsoft? Flexible Authentication Secure Tunneling (FAST) The nickname for FAST is "Kerberos armoring," if that tells you anything. It isn't enabled by default and requires clients that support it. Think you'll be using it anytime soon?

7 What’s New from Technet Users and GroupsThe following functionalities are new in users and groups management: User groups management Office 365 distribution groups management You can now create user groups and add user accounts to them. User account permissions can be managed through their user group memberships. If your server is integrated with Office 365, you can manage your Office 365 distribution groups from the dashboard.

8 What’s New from Technet Server StorageThe following functionalities are new in Server Storage: Folder management on a second server in a Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Preview network. Server Folder quota. You can create shared folders on a secondary server while keeping the same Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path prefix. You can specify a space quota for a Server Folder. You receive an alert, when a Server Folder size grows beyond its defined quota.

9 What’s New from Technet Office 365 IntegrationThe following functionalities are new in Office 365 integration with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials Preview: SharePoint Libraries management Office 365 Distribution groups management If your server is integrated with Office 365, you can: manage your Office 365 SharePoint Libraries from the dashboard. manage your Office 365 distribution groups from the dashboard.

10 What’s New from Technet Client Full System RestoreClient Full System Restore is supported by Windows Deployment Services. You can create client restore service using the Set up Client Restore Service task and perform client full system restore over the network instead of using an image saved on a DVD.

11 What’s New from Technet Mobile DevicesMobile Devices management can be done through the dashboard. If your server is integrated with Office 365, you can manage your mobile devices using the Exchange Active Sync functionalities, such as define email access from a mobile device, set up password policies, and remote wipe of the mobile device.

12 What’s Improved from Technet Virtual Snapshot and Cloning Support Active Directory and hypervisor snapshots didn't mix before. Now they do, if your hypervisor supports VM Generation ID. ADPREP Integrated into DC Promotion Can't recall the proper steps to promote a member server to a DC? No worries, it's in there. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Now In-Box Adding ADFS no longer requires a separate installation. ADFS also gains multiple improvements. Watch this space, because you'll be seeing and using more ADFS in the years to come. Domain Join via DirectAccess One word: Nifty! Nine words: Computers can now be domain-joined over the Internet. You'll need DirectAccess first. Trust me: You'll want it. Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD) Across Domains Another of those capabilities you've probably never used, but probably will in the future. KCD was first introduced in Windows Server 2003. Now it can span domains. Group Managed Service Accounts (GMSAs) MSAs in Windows Server 2008 R2 made administering service accounts easier. GMSAs in this version extend their support to clustered and load-balanced services.

13 Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Shared VHDX for VM CSV Clustering Increase AND decrease VHDX size live Live Migration Compression / SMB Direction (RDMA + 10gb) 2012 to 2012 R2 Migration New VM Version (2.0 for Win8/2012 R2) Live Exports / Cloning Extended Replica (3 rd tier) + Replica Frequency Support (30/5/15) Better Linux Support + Dynamic Memory Automatic VM Activation Storage QoS

14 Server 2012 R2 ReFS (Resilient File System) Introduced in 2012 Subset of NTFS Crazy data limits 16Exabyte Files 1Yottabyte volume size (one quadrillion GB) CHKDSK no longer needed (on the fly repair) It writes data to a new area of the disk, one the write is confirmed successful it can free the old space “Storage Spaces and ReFS complement each other. When coupled with a mirrored Storage Space, duplicate copies of data will automatically be leveraged by ReFS. With this configuration, if corruption were to be encountered, ReFS can immediately leverage redundant data within Storage Spaces to expediently address the issue” Does not support Deduplication natively like NTFS

15 ReFS - Continued

16 Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services Under the hood improvements for RDS Centralized publishing for RemoteApp Big upgrades to RemoteFX DX11.1 support, more virtual screens Better hardware acceleration Session Shadowing has returned for R2 Allows for Deduplication of collection VHD

17 Server 2012 / R2 Group Policy Remote Policy Updates Invoke-GPUpdate More detailed RSOP reports Faster Boot via hibernation IE 10 support Policy Caching is new in R2 IPv6 is supported in R2 better (about time right?)

18 Server 2012 R2 SMB 3.0 Introduced in Server 2012 SMB Transparent Failover Seamless failover without client interaction Requires client and server to support SMB 3.0 SMB Scale Out Server Active/Active connectivity Mostly Hyper-V VSS for SMB File Shares

19 Server 2012 R2 Active Directory Virtual AD DS Domain Controller cloning (Hyper-V) With or without configuration file Simplified deployment and upgrade Remotely prep domain and forest from 2012 Server GUI Adprep built in to GUI AD recycle bin GUI (server 2008 R2 functional level)

20 Server 2012 R2 Failover Clustering Cluster-Aware Updating Apply windows updates with no cluster downtime Cluster migration from 2008 R2 to Server 2012 VM drain (migrate VM’s from one node to another)

21 Server 2012 R2 PowerShell 4.0 Desired State Configuration!! Enabling or disabling server roles and features Managing groups and user accounts Managing files and directories Managing registry settings Several hundred bug fixes

22 Server 2012 Demo Hyper-V and more

23 Server 2012 R2 Demo RTM VM

24 Links Resilient FS When should I use it? -server-2012-does-refs-replace-ntfs-when-should-i-use-it.aspx Server 2012 R2 What’s New Server 2012 What's New

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